Unique drone on laser energy.
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Unique drone on laser energy.

Unique drone on laser energy.

The idea of ​​a unique unmanned aerial vehicle flying a laser beam energy was proposed by Russian scientists several years ago, however, the purpose of this development was somewhat different, and was intended mainly for space technology.

The essence of the theory is that the energy to the unmanned aerial vehicle is fed by using a laser beam that is sent to the aircraft receiver, which is nothing more than a photo sensor that converts light that enters it into electrical energy giving the power to rotate the propellers of an aircraft Apparatus. According to some assumptions, the losses from energy conversion, as well as from the high density of atmospheric layers, will be of the order of 60-75%, however, the remaining 40-25% should suffice to ensure maintenance of the autonomous flight of UAVs.

Schematic representation of the photoelectric effect

It is possible that subsequently similar aircraft can step into various fields of human activity, ranging from military technologies (photographing, reconnaissance, etc.), and ending in other areas, including obtaining meteorological conditions, tracking fire-hazardous regions, and so on. .d

It should be assumed that the first steps in this direction will be made to 2017 year, however, it is necessary to take into account the fact that in this case a type of unmanned aircraft will be offered a very stringent requirements, in particular:

  • Lightweight construction;
  • Electric propellers;
  • Resistance critical conditions (low temperature, low pressure, etc.).

Among other things, it may cause some concerns also the possibility of constructing the desired flight path of the aircraft, but, in this case, will likely need to resort to the creation of individual stations or towers that can considering the planned flight path for the UAV to transmit the necessary energy.

The current concept can be very effective, especially since, in its essence, the technology is unique and practically has no analogues, while it will allow the flight of the UAV in the air to maintain the 24-30 hours, with the flight altitude up to 15-20 kilometers.

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