USAP - Universal Aviation Security Audit Program


Program USAP (Universal Security Audit Programme) - Universal program audit of aviation safety. In accordance with resolution DRC-1, 33-adopted at the First Assembly of ICAO in October 2001 of the work carried out under this program specially created section Security Audit (Aviation Security Audit Section) Office of Air Transport (Air Transport Bureau) ICAO. The purpose of the program USAP - maintain complete application of the standards of aviation security (Appendix 17 Chicago Convention) worldwide. The program is seen as part of the Action Plan for Aviation Safety (Aviation Security Plan of Action), adopted by the ICAO Council in June, the 2002 and implemented in collaboration and coordination of audit functions of ICAO to Section oversee security audit (Safety Oversight Audit Section ) Air Navigation Bureau (Air Navigation Bureau) ICAO, which is responsible for the implementation of a universal audit program safety surveillance (Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme - USOAP).

The USAP program is mandatory for all ICAO member states and provides for regular audits of the operation of the aviation security system and its regulatory support in the states, as well as audits at the national CAA level and at the level of key airports. The purpose of such inspections is to assess the performance of the state oversight of aviation security in general and at specific airports. This approach provides a mapping of the state of aviation security in the state and determines the development of specific recommendations for its improvement. The main results of the aviation audit Security is communicated to the member states of ICAO. Audit began in June 2002 city, but it is expected that all states - members of the ICAO will take initial audit by the end of 2007

USAP program can be viewed as a component of the monitoring system of aviation activity, which is organized on an international level on common principles in relation to aviation security. It is planned that the program of inspections, which currently is limited to Annex 17 the Chicago Convention, and will be expanded to other applications.