Disposal of aircraft
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Disposal of aircraft

Disposal of aircraft. Case state?


 During my long aviation life, I visited many military and civilian airfields and airports. Here and Monchegorsk airfield co-location. And Pulkovo aeruzel. And the airfield DOSAAF "Gorskoe" near Leningrad. And many other civilian and military airfields. On each of them, there are distant corners, where the planes and helicopters are rotting away. In Monchegorsk, still at the beginning of 80х, in the distant caponier there were unique Yak-28. From somewhere in the north, my friend, brought pictures of Mi-10K standing on the joke.

Throughout the country there are little old An-2, Mi-8Old military aircraft. What will happen to them? What is their fate? They are slowly taken away, "craftsmen" and hunters metals locals on vegetable garden-chalet needs. Many times I have seen and aviation dop.baki as soul and fences sawn helicopter blades and fuselage of An-2 as a shed.


Disposal of aircraft 123

Disposal of aircraft


Who in the country engaged in the disposal of old aircraft?

Is there a government program for dismantling and recycling?

Who decides that this technique is already possible to recycle?


 I came across online information about a tender announced by the Ministry of Defense for the disposal of military aircraft and helicopters. The numbers are different, but on average, these are around 140 helicopters and around 290 airplanes. The information is old, and, most likely, the program is already operational. That's right, military airfields should be cleaned of trash and old equipment. But rather strange is the composition of the equipment included in the list, and to be destroyed.

It came as the rare types of equipment (remaining in a single copy and historic), and types of equipment now facing armed. Also listed types of aircraft, which can not, for this period to be replaced. Just nothing!


Disposal helicopters

Disposal helicopters


   The Ministry allocates up to 40 million rubles for destruction. The plane is not a coffee maker. This is a sophisticated technological product. Consisting of many units, assemblies, kilometers of wires, instruments, equipment, special liquids, various alloys and metals. It is necessary to know the design of the aircraft well in order to competently first disassemble, observing environmental, chemical, and radiation safety. Sort parts and assemblies into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. To isolate the precious metals, which can be on board and hundreds of grams, and even kilograms.


Who decides what destroy?


 It is a pity the old man An-2. Under the knife fall 28 pieces. I understand that there are no replacement engines, it is difficult to get percale and enamel for the repair of planes, but in small aircraft it is still irreplaceable. Machine legend!

Su-24 103 much stuff, Mig-31 (?) - 23 aircraft, about 30 L-39, Mi and Mi-8-24.

In the Tu-95, Tu-22, Tu-22M3 and even Tu-160. Tu-160, the only remaining of the first series, the series-22 "zero". The first Mi-24A, which began with the re-Army Aviation.


Disposal of aircraft 34545

Disposal of aircraft


 Kursoglissadnuyu system of any airfield, you need to calibrate twice a year, eliminating errors in the work. For this purpose, specialized aircraft based on the An-26 were created, and there are only about 10 units in the Air Force. However, this type came under the "distribution".


Scrap metal is more valuable?


 Tu-22 is: 10 tons of ferrous metals, 31 ton of metal color, 700 (!) Gr. gold, 15 kilograms of silver and 160 gr. platinum. And at the same time it is one of the first production samples of this class. What is more valuable?


 Everywhere they put monuments to WWII aircraft. Good thing. So, the time has not yet come for the aircraft of the next epoch of development of supersonic aircraft? Should 60-70 years go by so that we start to remember the glorious pages of our history? Complaining that nothing was preserved in the originals, and creating cheap replicas and replica replicas? Maybe it’s better to start saving your history now and not to exchange it for grams and kilos of gold and silver?


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