UTS: Sikorsky company's profit increased by 10 2014% for

UTS: Profit of Sikorsky company grew by 10% in 2014


Sikorsky helicopter company produces the bulk of which constitute models designed for army units.

According to the results of the company for 2014 year adjusted operating margin of 10-13%. Other divisions of the company UTS: the company "Pratt and Whitney" UT Aerospace System (UTAS), "Otis Elevator", have higher yields over 15%.

The company "Sikorsky" is a major supplier of military orders, depending on the weapons program the Pentagon, which leads to restriction of the profitability of production compared with commercial companies.

The fundamental indicator for the development of the company is profit, the availability of orders from the military department.

The new leadership of UTS considering a change in the structure of the company Sikorsky to improve the profitability of operations. The decision should be taken before the end of the year 2015. But the changes are dependent on many factors.

Today the company Sikorsky is one of the largest suppliers of military helicopters for the US Army and its allies, which greatly affects the country's defense.

Sikorsky company was founded in 1925, the engineer of Russia Igor Sikorsky. With 1929, the company is a division of United Aircraft Company (United Tichnologus). Since the end of 1930-ies in the company were the development of the helicopter, which met with success creating the first stable single-rotor model P-4? Mass production, which was established in the year 1942.

The company "Sikorsky Aircraft is one of the leaders of the helicopter, producing models for ramie US UH-60« Black Hawk », SH-60 Seahawk.

The production base and headquarters are located in Stratford (CT). The company's plants are located in Shelton and Bridgeport (Connecticut), Fort Worth (Texas), West Palm Beach (FL) and Hantovilli Troy (Alabama).

The company manufactures and other products: Sikorsky Cypher UAV 1, Cypher 2, aircraft vertical takeoff and landing.