The dismissal of the pilots for drunkenness
The dismissal of the pilots for drunkenness

The dismissal of the pilots for drunkenness


Has there ever been firing pilots for drunkenness?


- Drinking and my three and a half years of work in the "Aeroflot" is not revealed. By the way, it is absolutely correct question. If we say, "the human factor, the pilot drank." What is the problem? Check not only the pilot to take off, but when he arrived. Everything is very simple. It is necessary to carry out the test, and it will show as per mille of alcohol in his blood. To help us understand, in the west of the pilot, committed a serious breach, not merely deprived of the license. He is deprived of the accumulated pension compensation. It's very tough cut off, but not as we do.


 Yes, Aeroflot is proud of its pilots. These are highly professional people. But they work in conditions that the western pilot never even dreamed of. The salary of the commander of the aircraft 320-th family - 420000 rubles per month, if he flies 90 hours. The persistence with which the pilots resisted when I punched the flight rate of 900 hours per year instead of 800 is simply amazing. Tell me why, having the youngest park in Europe, should pilots fly 800 hours per year if the whole Europe flies 900 hours? America flies 1000 hours. And the Chinese, in general, 1100 hours per year. They say to me: “Pilots are tired, they are mercilessly exploited.” Are there other people?


This applies not only to salaries. Our pilots are resting 70 days in the year. It is an anachronism. This is nowhere at all. Eighteen months ago we have introduced financial support for those pilots who have bought real estate loan. it also provides a complete spa software. Flying pilots live in the hotels of not less than three stars. They are all comfortable conditions for work. When I tell this to my colleagues on the IATA (International Air Transport Association)They do not believe me. Maybe that's why pilots and advantageous to have a deficit.


So what was the most serious violation, followed by dismissal during your leadership of the company?


- We've been fired a few pilots, we are still under the suing. This misconduct related to violation of labor discipline. Pilot - is first of all discipline. If he breaks it, then the other pilots who are with him in a pair, will not have confidence in his command or co-pilot. In this issue, I personally do not interfere. I have an assistant who is engaged in a pilot operation.

General Director of JSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" Saveliev Vitaly Gennadievich.

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