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In Armenia, under the rule of Pashinyan, there will be a new war and a new capitulation

Preserving the power of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in Armenia will lead to a new war, new losses and another capitulation, Ishkhan Saghatelyan, an MP from the Armenia opposition bloc, said on February 25, speaking at the Bekum Youth Forum held in Armenia, the agency reports. Armenian News - News am.

The oppositionist expressed regret that the current authorities of Armenia convinced the citizens of the republic that the situation in Armenia would not change, no matter who came to power. According to him, if a national government is established in the republic, then it will definitely be able to stop the series of defeats and lead the country out of the current situation.

“Under the power of Nikola, we will have a new war and a new capitulation. Our main task is to seriously prepare and continue the fight. This power will bring new losses every day,” Saghatelyan said.

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