In the sky 'Night Witches »(1981).
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In the sky 'Night Witches »(1981).

In the sky 'Night Witches »(1981).


  • Genre: Drama, War Movie

  • Country: USSR

  • Duration: 77 minutes

  • Director: Eugene Zhigulenko

  • Starring: Valentine`s Grushin, Jana friends Dmitry Zamulin Nina Menshikov, Valery Valeriya Zaklunnaya Tatiana Chernpyatova Elena Astafieva

In the sky 'Night Witches »(1981).

The film is dedicated to the heroism of the Soviet pilots, who during World War II, especially in the dark, bombed the positions of the fascist troops, as well as the communications of the enemy. The pilots were rows and adult women who have already had their children, and young girls from school.

In the sky 'Night Witches »(1981) .2

These pilots opponents at night caused terror and fear, after which they came to be called "Night Witches." Flights are mainly carried out on a redesign bombers have-2. Sami pilots believed that the nickname they had deserved and it was a high assessment of their work and perseverance, and the contribution to the victory.



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