In pursuit of hypersonic. Prospects and problems.
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In pursuit of hypersonic. Prospects and problems.

In pursuit of hypersonic. Prospects and problems.


To date, quite often there are news that in various countries of the world, mostly technologically advanced, tests of aircraft capable of carrying out flights at hypersonic speeds are being conducted. Of course, at the moment, we are announcing that during 1-2 years air travel at supersonic speeds will not become a reality, since despite the promising nature of such projects, they have significant shortcomings that do not allow an intensive transition to the use of such aircraft in Less than a decade at least.



The major advantage of the use of aircraft which can carry out flights at hypersonic speeds is of course quick to overcome even long distances, and, at least during a flight, cut into 2 - 2,5 times, however, even 5-fold speed according to experts while continuing to work in this direction sound is not a limit.



However, there are a number of problems preventing the open use of all the possibilities of hypersonic speed. The biggest problem at the moment is economic indicators, and if the creation of the hypersonic aircraft engine itself is not that expensive, then when using fuel, obviously, a number of problems arise. At the moment, the essence boils down to the fact that supersonic aircraft can be operated, but the cost of flights on them will be much higher, which naturally does not attract passengers, and it is quite possible that if it is possible to reduce fuel consumption, then this most important problem will be solved.



Environmental friendliness also introduces nuances in the operation of aircraft moving at hypersonic speeds, and this is due not only to the increased amount of harmful substances emitted, but also to the sound effect, which makes far from favorable adjustments to the environment and human life in particular. At this stage, it is very important to reduce the emission of harmful substances to the permissible level, and experts do not exclude that if we seriously tackle this problem, then it can be solved in just 2-3 years.

It remains very low and the reliability of supersonic aviadvigate5ley, with the main reason for this is the rapid wear of the main components, which naturally does not guarantee a high level of safety in air travel, however, systematic work will at least double the life of the power plants that naturally lead flight safety to satisfactory condition.

Finally, another very serious problem is the factor that most of the airports between which there is the feasibility of air travel at hypersonic speeds, located either directly in the city, a few kilometers, which naturally does not allow efficient use of the aircraft due to the large sound effect . However, given the prospects of development, it is possible that for this purpose can be constructed air hub, allowing to accept aircrafts of this type.


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