In the high-speed future by helicopter from the past
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In the high-speed future by helicopter from the past

In the high-speed future by helicopter from the past

Dust in the eye

"Russian developers have defended the project of high-speed helicopter"

«Russian Helicopters Holding presented the Ministry of Defense of Russia and successfully defended projects of a high-speed combat helicopter capable of speeds up to 400 kilometers per hour. According to RIA Novosti, the military chose for further development a project involving the creation of a high-speed helicopter of the classical scheme with one rotor. This project was proposed by the Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant.

As part of the preliminary design, the aircraft were developed in three schemes: the classical (main and tail rotor), combined (rotary-wing with main rotor, wing and two pulling propellers) and coaxial (two main coaxial counter-rotating propellers and pusher propeller in the tail section). What requirements were imposed by the Russian military to this car, it was not specified.

Details about the draft high-speed combat helicopter, which was chosen by the Russian military, also has not yet been disclosed. Earlier it was reported that in the high-speed helicopter of the Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant it is planned to use the results obtained during the creation of a flying laboratory based on the Mi-24. This helicopter during tests managed to accelerate to 405 kilometers per hour " (Weapons 21 Nov. 2018).

Zero speed task up to 405 / h. completed, and therefore Kamovians to finance projects for high-speed helicopters again issued: "Do not wait"!

The ministerial generals who chose Milevskoye junk for the Army are not hard to understand: they will have to be fought by combatant pilots, but not by ministerial generals. And the Russian pilot - he can endure everything! In the Syrian war without impact from the outside, two Mi-28Н and one Mi-24 lost, which took the lives of four high-profile pilots, and their families were left without fathers and husbands.

The Mi-35 rocket exploded in the area of ​​min. screw ... and a disaster: i.e. two more military officers were deprived of their lives. A coaxial helicopter, after a rocket ruptured at the tail unit, would calmly return to the base, where it would be repaired, and the pilots would then be proudly welcomed at home. But, judging by the results of the "competition", representatives of the Ministry of Defense are not worried about this issue, because girls are already involved in flight service, which means that the reserve is guaranteed!

And common words: “The military chose a project for further development, ...”. This agreement for the development of future military helicopters for the Army according to an outdated classical scheme was not generally accepted by the military, but by specific ministerial generals, and that should be voiced by their military ranks, positions and surnames, and not hidden by the word: "military". Or ordinary people - not supposed to know? A military secret? And where is democratic transparency and awareness? Why do we learn about our WSP from American magazines, but not from ours, i.e. in fact, “military secrecy” is kept from us, but not from enemies - is this the Russian democracy? Lived !!!

Still curious: “Are the Supreme Commander and Minister of Defense of Russia interested in the results of such“ contests ”? After all, their orders will be carried out by combat pilots, piloting these past-age technologies, defending the Motherland and epaulets of generals!

It is no secret that trampling on the spot is equivalent to the destruction of this technique. It was the cessation of work on the Yak-141 vertical take-off aircraft that led to the destruction of our aircraft of this type, but in the USA a fifth-generation F-35 fighter appeared just on the basis of this aircraft.


Apparently, in the future, and with developments in high-speed helicopters of our genius S.V. Mikheeva "effective" managers dream to take advantage of experience with the Yak-141.

Unprofitableness of helicopters of the classical scheme.

1. The looking glass in our country has become the norm and solid finances are allocated not for real projects, but for false projects of generals from a cost center of the type Mi-X1, which are then forgotten. Then the next, then “high-speed” “flying laboratory” appears on the basis of the Mi-24 helicopter, which was outdated during the USSR times.

Helicopters with tail rotors should have long been abandoned altogether, because they are obsolete not so much morally as physically and their further operation at the current cost of fuel is ruinous, as simple arithmetic convinces.

The tail screw is spent up to 15% engine power. It seems to be a bit?

Specify the example of the Mi-8.

The normal take-off weight is = 11100kg,

Total engine power = 3000l.s.

The tail rotor takes power from the engines up to 12%, or 360hp, then the main rotor remains: 3000hp. - 360hp = 2640hp, which gives out thrust = 11100kg.                                                        

Hence the question - how many kg. thrust issues 1l.s: 11100kg. : 2640kg. = 4,2kg.                                  

Further - how many kg. of thrust per 360hp: 4,2kg. x 360hp = 1512kg.

The average load of the Mi-8 is considered = 2000kg. and in the absence of a tail rotor, it could be: 2000kg. + 1512kg. = 3512kg.

Here you have the power loss on the tail screw "only" 12%. Not less damage to the payload brings the weight of the tail boom itself, which keeps on itself the end beam with xB. screw, but more convincing in this sense, the comparison of the Mi-6 and Ka-22.

2. Since the article says about participation in the competition and rotorcraft, here it is appropriate to compare the characteristics of the Mi-6 helicopter and the rotorcraft of the Ka-22 transverse scheme, which are built for the same tasks and with the same engines.                                                                                                                                              

The wingspan of the helicopter Mi-6 = 15,3m, their weight = 800kg.

The tail rotor gives out thrust up to 2600 kg, which is transmitted through the end boom (H = 3m) to the tail boom (L = 6m), as a result of which it receives two power moments at once:

but). Twisting moment: 2600kg. x 3. = 7800kg / m.

b). Break point: 2600kg. x 6. = 15600kg / m.

The heavy loads of both beams correspond to heavy loads!

The Ka-22 rotorcraft has a wingspan of 23,8m, at the ends of which there are motors with gearboxes and two more screws: the main and the pulling (propeller). Pulling propellers differ little in diameter from the tail rotor and it would seem that the Ka-22 should be heavier than the Mi-6, and even the wingspan is 8,5m larger. But no, the Ka-22 is 6kg lighter than the Mi-1400 helicopter. with the same max. takeoff weight 42,5t.          

The performance of the rotary-wing increases compared to the Mi-6 and due to its higher cruising speed.

Here you have the tail rotor, while the Mi-6 spends only 9,6% power on it.

A bit of history

Government assignments: “In 1956, the technical requirements were clarified - the aircraft had to carry cargo weighing up to 5 tons over a distance of about 700 km, and 4 tons - up to 1500 km with a maximum speed of at least 400 km / h. The future Mi-6 helicopter and the Ka-22 helicopter had to meet these requirements. ”

At the exit we received from the Mi-6: Vcr. = 200k / h; for Ka-22: Vcr. = 270k / h, Vmax. = 350k / h.

Max. take-off weight of both = 42,5.

The average load of the Mi-6 helicopter is considered to be = 8т.

The average load of the Ka-22 would be: 8. + 1,4. = 9,4.

During operation of the Mi-6, the trapezoidal rotor blades were replaced with rectangular ones and the speed characteristics increased by 50k / h, i.e. Vcr. increased to 250k / h, Vmax. - up to 300k / h.

For Ka-22, similar blades were also ready, and then he would have: Vcr. = 320k / h, and Vmax = 400k / h, and in test flights it reached the speed of 375k / h with old blades. 

Another article:

“At the same time, the Russian military chose the uniaxial layout of the new high-speed helicopter. On this occasion, the opinion of Igor Blinov, a leading specialist of the Helicopter Industry Association, is noteworthy. In an interview with FBA Economy Today, he spoke about the advantages of this choice and the difficulty of carrying out such a project.

“The development of super-high-speed helicopters is connected with the operational tasks that modern war confronts us,” the expert noted. Blinov said that high speed can significantly help Russian helicopter pilots, "who often have to perform complex combat missions".

At the same time, the expert noted that, despite the practical use of the V-22 Osprey in the US Army, American developers did not manage to eliminate the shortcomings of this convertiplane. Thus, the American concept of creating a “hybrid between a helicopter and an airplane,” he said, proved its inconsistency.

At the same time, Blinov explained that when implementing such projects, the main problem is not to increase the maximum speed: “The main problem here is not speed, but the flight of the helicopter at high speeds.” At the same time, he pointed out the fundamental differences between helicopters and airplanes, for which, to increase speed, it suffices to increase the engine power only ”.

It would not be worthwhile to focus attention on the convertoplane, the insolvency of which has been known for a long time and by all!

"At the same time, he pointed out the fundamental differences between helicopters and airplanes, which, in order to increase speed, it suffices to increase engine power only.

But disingenuous ex-commander!

On the Ka-22 rotary wing, all that is needed is “just increase the engine power” and the speed will increase, and the calculated maximum speed of it = 450k / h. In this matter, the B-50 helicopter with the calculated Vmax = 400 / h and the B-100 attack aircraft (Vmax - 450 / h) is similar, therefore the phrase: “just increase the power” is just a contrived reason, but not an argument for refusal kamovskiy PBB in its development.

The rotations of the rotors of these helicopters with a change in speed are constant, and at later high-speed rotations, the revolutions of N.V. with increasing speed will decrease, but this will make the computer without the participation of the pilot.

And for greater persuasiveness:

Ka-32-10 in piloting is easier than the Mi-8 helicopter and its LTH in all the characteristics above the Eight, but before the series it was not allowed, citing the absence of customers? Nonsense "gray mare": since when did customers begin to abandon the best helicopters, and even cheaper ??? Our operators are free to purchase helicopters according to the principle: "If they do not take, - turn off the gas".

President Vladimir Putin on new types of equipment:

“In a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and enterprises of the military-industrial complex, Vladimir Putin stressed the urgent need to develop new types of weapons, which should be radically different from those that previously existed.

 We need, of course, not the notorious blanks, but smart and high-precision ammunition, which increase the capabilities of both existing and promising weapons systems and, later, pay attention to, significantly save money, ”said Vladimir Putin.

It should be clarified that Russia is actively developing new weapons, in particular, the ARC Dagger, the Avangard complex, the Burevestnik nuclear power plant, the fifth-generation fighter Su-57, etc. can serve as an example.  (November 24 2018 of the year).

So, but everywhere! For helicopters, the Ministry of Defense continues to use the “notorious discs” from the cost centers, but with a different name, say “Night Hunter Modernized”, a Mi-24 “Flying Laboratory” helicopter or something like that in combat work.

I believe that the Ministry of Defense still has enough time to make the right decision on the helicopters of the future, and not only combat ones!


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for

Did you write this nonsense about the sleeves of the whole team of the small-size plant ships, or someone on behalf of the plant? Perhaps that is why Ka-32, equal in class with the Mi-8 and with the same engines, is cheaper than it.

As for the tips, this problem is the same for coaxial helicopters and even worse - for the classical scheme, therefore, coaxial with increasing speed, the screws compensate each other, and the tail rotor helicopter collapses on its side and further - “do not grieve mom”!

The main problem of coaxial systems - the complexity and small resource sleeves. two to three times compared with the sleeves of the classic single-screw systems. Accordingly, the cost of maintenance services. And in the problems of high-speed helicopters, the main one is the output of the rotor tips at supersonic speeds. With all the ensuing smut. Let me remind you - when passing the sound barrier the diffuser becomes confusor. And here the inner part of the blade has a lifting power, and the outer part is negative. On coaxial systems, even with a smaller diameter, this is a monstrously complex problem.

Now "Taburetkin" is engaged in helicopters. He successfully destroyed the Army, and will destroy the helicopter industry.

More details for Timur - Hmm.

"KA-32 are considered the most reliable in civil ...
In 1986, KA-32 helicopters were the first in the country to appear in Murmansk. Our helicopter pilots tested them. Today these machines are considered the most reliable in civil aviation. They enable assembly work to be carried out with a very high degree of precision. KA-32 are also actively used in rescue operations. The bicycle of the future - as aviators jokingly call the helicopter, weighs 7 tons. He easily lifts a load with the same weight into the sky "(State TV and Radio Company" Murman ").
Ka-32-10 is designed with a carrier system from the Ka-32, but VK-2500 engines, i.e. total more powerful on 400l.s. This suggests that if the Ka-32 "lifts the load easily" 7т., Then the Ka-32-10 will lift this weight even easier!
What, what, and such capital things the designer and "Mi" is also required to own!
By the way: Timur and Hmm are one and the same person, but from different computers, which are visible and invisible in the CB of cost centers!

Ka-32 is a good car but not reliable. Gearbox constantly drives chips.

You probably put Ka-32 with Mi-28?

Dear Timur, in practice, we compare the difference in helicopter carrying capacity with the tail rotor Mi-171А2 and without it Ka-32-10AG. The engines are the same and here is the data on the load capacity:
Inside the cargo cabin 4000 kg
On the external suspension 5000 kg


Load capacity: up to 5500 kg inside the cab and up to 7000 kg on the external sling.

Returning to the post from 02 Jan 2019 in 10: 26, in my opinion, the unsubstantiated praise of Ka comes from you. But Timur correctly pointed out to you an error in your own formulas.

Regarding the Ka-32-10AG, I consider the comparison of a paper helicopter and an iron one to be meaningless, who knows what it will turn into when fine-tuning and certification ?!

And the counter question - do you work / work in the marketing department Ka? Here you will not find buyers, there will always be a demand for a good car, for the sake of interest, you can recall the removal from production of the VAZ classic ...

The Ka-32-10 is not paper, but designed on the basis of the Ka-32, even though you are a Mi designer and you think not far!

Dear author, in the first problem that you cite as an example, inaccuracies are found, or rather a violation of the logic of counting, I quote: "Let's clarify on the example of the Mi-8 helicopter.

The normal take-off weight is = 11100kg,

Total engine power = 3000l.s.

The tail screw takes away from the engines of power up to 12%, or 360л.с, then the following remains on the main screw: 3000л.с. - 360l.s = 2640l.s, which gives thrust = 11100kg.

Hence the question - how many kg. thrust issues 1l.s: 11100kg. : 2640kg. = 4,2kg.

Further - how many kg. thrust accounted for 360l.s: 4,2kg. x 360l.s = 1512kg.

The average load of the Mi-8 is considered to be 2000kg. and in the absence of a tail rotor, it could be: 2000kg. + 1512kg. = 3512kg. "
In the final action, you add up the helicopter's average load and kilograms of thrust going to the tail rotor. It turns out that 2640 hp With 11100 kg, 2000 kg is raised, and the addition of the entire 360 hp. (12%) and add to the load capacity about 1500 kg? And is this 75% more from the original?
I think the correct calculation is as follows: 2640 kg of powertrain allow you to raise 2000 kg, the question is: how much will 3000 kg of thrust allow to lift? it turns out - 2273 kg of cargo, the gain in 273 kg, maybe this is significant, I do not know, but this, all the same, is not an increase in load capacity in 1,5 tons (75%)

Milevtsy, when write comments, then write on the case, and then you have some insults someone and general praise "Mi". If you do not agree with the author, prove that a helicopter with a tail propeller is capable of operating at an 400 / h speed. So far, the speed of the single-cab Mi-24 = 400k / h has not been proven, and common phrases from A. Boginsky are not proof! The speed record is reached on a devastated helicopter and is specially prepared for this. For example, on the Mi-6 for a record, the installation angle of the right wing was increased by several degrees. The speed record Mi-24 = 368k / h., With today's engines, the record can be increased by another 5-10k / h. and that’s where the Mi-24’s flight abilities will end. And in a combat situation, it takes off with a full combat load and refueling, and its cruising speed as it was 265к / h, will remain in this limit, but not about 400к / h, which is what the Boginsky noodles hang here!

In our country, so far neither currency nor its bank yet ...

In! Everyone around is fools, one author is smart, he understands everything! I had to read such "opuses" before - either our tanks are worthless, then our nuclear submarines are useless. So - the author did not come up with anything new, only I would like to know - for what purpose? And about the Ka-22: this helicopter "did not go" for one single, but very serious reason, "the difficulty of control in transient modes." And the Milevskaya scheme, that is, the "classical single-screw" is not so bad, it is recognized all over the world and is quite modern. The author is disingenuous - when a rocket explodes near the tail booms of the Kamov machine, fragments will cut through its various vital components and the absence of a tail rotor is not a guarantee of invulnerability. By the way, in Afghanistan there was a case of a Stinger ruptured right at the Mi-24 tail rotor, the blades were soaked, but the helicopter landed safely! I like both Ka-26 and Ka-27 and Ka-226 and of course "Sharks", but let it be better to "Mi" and "Ka" together, and not "instead of"

Dear Alexander Nevsky!

V.V. Putin said: "Who is a name-calling - so called!"

When the "old stuff of Mile" was waited for like manna from heaven in Chechnya and Dagestan, and Yeltsin's generals sawed through the budgets so that there was nothing left for new helicopters, something did not have to read such articles. But now all the heroes! We got languages ​​from a famous place and began to understand everything sharply ... And the pan-headed readers read all this nonsense and believe every word of the next "prophet" ...

That's right, you feel the person understands. Unfortunately, the Kam ,, pinch. All this will affect further

It turns out that one must begin with a critical approach to power, which is in opposition to the working people, to which producers of spiritual and intellectual property belong, of which intellectual property is also a part. The fact is that, as a result of a liberal coup, the government usurped the fifth column, with the support of the cold war that led against us. This coup led to the regime of external control. But the change of priorities led to the fact that if the highest stratum of power came into opposition to the external enemy of the working people for the sake of saving the country and themselves, this gave rise to a complex phenomenon: opposition to the west when the part of the employees of the West opposes is in power, which stands in opposition to the people -worker. And if the first is seen, as they say, with the naked eye - Western sanctions, etc., then the second is in the growth of billionaires and millionaires with poverty of the main part of the working people. And this is understandable: under capitalism, the wealth of some is provided not only by productive labor, but also by the poverty of others. And if under socialism, no matter how bad it was due to distortions, there was a certain level of social justice, now with wild capitalism one cannot even think about it. And this gives rise to the complexity and social inconsistency of power, which, on the one hand, should protect the country from any aggressions, on the other, and who will protect the power if the patience of the working people runs out when it can resist any enemy? And if the past socialism that led to capitalism, and not communism is impossible, which is true, then we must talk about true socialism. And this requires specialists in this case, and not talkers. The last talkers showed their abilities.

Dear Georgy! Comparison of socialism with today's system, in your interpretation, is not correct. The point is that you are comparing the period of "developed socialism" with underdeveloped capitalism. The periods of development of systems are completely different. This is the formal side. Of course, I would like to quickly end this period of greed and low literacy in management. Alas, what is a moment for history, for a person is life.

By the way. Forget about the B-12. The mind also deserves attention.

Good article. Thank you. Putin and Shoigu would read it. And they would make the right decision.

Not the one and not the other is not flogged. That's what they give to the headquarters they will order.

Or maybe those responsible for such decisions are
hillock "work? This is not the first time that our breakthrough technologies slow down here, but they appear THERE. That's when specialists and senior officials from defense enterprises are forbidden to keep money and houses THERE that exceed their real incomes, then something can and will change.

it is necessary to determine the deputies' salary not more than the minimum benefit in the country .. only in this case enthusiasts of public affairs will come to power and only they will be able to impose a rational and fair life for most people .. thieves and scammers will avoid taking part in the elections because of opportunities to steal.