In the US, decided to surpass the Ka-52
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In the US, decided to surpass the Ka-52

In the US, they decided to surpass the Ka-52, and we will surpass the Mi-24


"The United States, relying on the Russian experience, decided to surpass domestic combat vehicles ...

The helicopters of the future are likely to have a pair of screws of opposite rotation and a rear pushing propeller. This configuration will make the machine faster than their modern counterparts, while maintaining maneuverability and convenience for the flight. Helicopters of this design quickly matured and will begin to enter the service in the US Army in the not too distant future. Reports the edition about it ADBR.

As one of the Sikorsky (USA) managers Richard Kuceravi explained, the United States concluded that helicopters need longer flight range and higher speeds while maintaining their deadly nature in order to conduct future battles. ”.                                                     

We believe that the final model for the rotorcraft will be a fully maneuverable helicopter that flies at a speed above 220 nodes - explained Kuceravi. At the same time, the X-2 demonstrator issued 250 nodes (475km / h). ("The United States decided to surpass the Ka-52", "Military Review").

It is understandable:

“The spectacular incident that occurred not so long ago on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic literally agitated the minds of American officers.

According to Thomas Harisson, a United States soldier, several military people lost hope and were ready to flee, but the surprise helicopter for the Russian Aerospace Forces was a surprise for everyone.

This incident occurred during the operation of Syrian government forces against illegal armed groups. Then support from the air Assad fighters had Russian aviation. At one point, the order was given to redirect our strike force to another location, as the command recognized the offensive in this direction as more promising and the forces were thrown there.

Without the "air shield", the SAR fighters could not provide adequate resistance to the terrorists and were surrounded - panic began in their ranks. The soldiers threw down their weapons and tried to flee. The fighters, in turn, felt militant inspiration and launched a decisive offensive.

The situation was, of course, urgently reported, and all of a sudden for everyone the attack helicopter of the new generation, the Ka-52, of the Alligator Russian Space Force, soared a logical continuation of the legendary Black Shark, soared over the battlefield. The enemy’s ardor was cooled for a few seconds: the militants quickly dug in, and then completely retreated.

The uncovered power of the helicopter gave the Assad fighters strength and raised their morale. Units again went on the offensive.

American journalist Chuck Brosler fell into a stupor, as the actions of just one crew of the Alligator turned the tide of battle almost on the whole front. In conclusion, he admitted that the Russians had reached a completely new level in the development of their army. ”

We should be proud, but the Americans are already overtaking: they have coaxial high-speed helicopters in the gland and are being tested,

Theoretically, in 2015, we should have had an experienced high-speed Ka-92 helicopter. No, no! The general designers of the cost center quickly produced an anti-project for the ninety-second: Mi-X1 and prescribed a speed of 520k / h, versus 460k / h. at the Ka-92. Of course, with such an "advantage" of the Mi-X1-mu from the government of V.V. Putin is the green light! Thus, the real Ka-92 project was pushed aside from finance, and the Mi-X1 project, since it is fake, was only suitable for various exhibitions in a model design, therefore our pilots continue to fly today on the ancient Mi-8 and Mi-24 / 28. But in the information space - Russia in the prime of helicopter progress:  

"The association" Helicopters of Russia "will offer the military department technical solutions to increase the speed of helicopters, reports TASS report of the head of the company Andrey Boginsky" (10 September 2018 Military Review).

I immediately thought that A. Boginsky was referring to the Mi-28NM helicopter, for which, according to the statement of the managing director of the Rostvertol enterprise, Pyotr Motrenko: “... new rotor blades are being created, which will increase the cruising speed of the helicopter by 13%, and the maximum, which is now 340 kilometers per hour, by 10 percent” (04.07.2016 RIA News),

those. 340km / h + 34km / h. (10%) = 374km / h.

This is the speed! Spirit caught! But in life he and 340 / h. will be able to develop only on a steep dive due to too much drag, copied from the Apache, and behind the high speeds, a hefty tail rotor, proudly raised above the tail boom, prevents it from twisting through the high end beam, while not weakly pressing them both to bottom!

But then it turns out that the main helicopter builder, who is far from helicopters in his profession, but close to finance is more important than “flying laboratories” (L.L.): “the work on this topic is systemic and most likely will require the creation of a flying laboratories, ”said A. Boginsky (10 September 2018 Military Review).

What kind of "FLYING LABORATORY" - we know from the Mi-24, which was guaranteed in June 2016 V = 450k / h, but reached only 400 km / h. and again only from the words of the same Most important, although in reality it is up to 390 km / h. is unlikely to hold out. And the Ka-50 has a speed of 390 km / h. - permissible in operational conditions, and on a dive the test pilots reached a speed of 450 km / h. (Ka-50. Wikipedia), which indicates its good modernization potential in terms of speed characteristics, so with the appropriate order from the Ministry of Defense and decent funding, our Ka-52s would already fly at speeds of 400 km / h. and more!

It is safe to assume that if you had funded the Kamov Design Bureau at the proper level, today the Alligator rotor blades would have rigid blades, and the helicopters themselves would have additional propulsion propellers and our combat pilots would not crawl at the speeds of the middle of the last century under the gunmen's sights, but they would sweep over them so that they would not even have time to blink an eye! Let me remind you that with the past speeds of combat helicopters, the peasants of Yugoslavia and Iraq managed to shoot down the Apache with rifles, and here is a recent confirmation of this:

 "2018-09-13 A Mi-8 helicopter was shot down over Syria. According to a source, which is confirmed by the presented photos, an Mi-8 helicopter was shot down in the Syrian province of Hama this afternoon. This is a rotary-winged combat vehicle belonging to the Syrian Air Force, which, according to preliminary data, monitored the positions of militants and armed opposition in the province of Idlib, but was fired upon from automatic weapons " (

“Mi” helicopters have the most vulnerable spot - tail boom, for which you can’t even armor a combat helicopter, and the tail rotor loads are very high: torque at break + torque with vibration load from the same xv. screw, so the militants, starting with the Afghan war, pass a helicopter past and hit the tail boom at the back, helping the tail rotor to break it off the fuselage!

Involuntarily we return to the unique Kamov design bureau, which instead of the Mi-8 in the last century, offered the option of a military transport helicopter:

“In 1969, the Kamovians proposed a fundamentally new project of the B-50 combat helicopter. This machine had to have a longitudinal arrangement of two rotors, which were in the same plane and rotated towards each other, while the synchronization of rotation excluded the overlap of the blades - the estimated speed of the machine was 400 km / h. "

See how clumsily our paratroopers feel when landing in a Mi-8 helicopter.

And compare the landing of paratroopers in a helicopter without a tail rotor.

In a B-50 helicopter, the landing and disembarkation of paratroopers would be similar. Landing in a coaxial Ka-32-10AG helicopter will be no less convenient, and the flight speed of this helicopter is higher than that of the Mi-8, which, together with faster loading of the paratroopers, will speed up assistance to infantrymen waiting for support, and the saved minutes in combat conditions can turn out to be decisive. But “effective” managers are not interested in such “trifles”, because, as it seems to me, their souls are warmed by the Mi helicopters according to Kozma Prutkov: “Although my team is weak, there is plenty in my pocket”! It turns out that the Ministry of Defense, too, “crumples” that equipped soldiers have to hunch over with bent knees in the doors of the G8, and then the flight time is increased, because the Mi-8 is not able to maintain its current speed. And if such shortcomings are somehow bearable, then it certainly does not fit with modernity, when at the moment of landing a gust of wind the Mi-XNUMX helicopter can overwhelm, or even worse - pull into the gorge, as happened this spring in Chechnya:

“TALLINN, 7 Mar - Sputnik. As Kadyrov said, the helicopter dropped to land people. But when the Mi-8 hovered two meters from the ground, there was a sharp gust of wind, which led to a plane crash, which killed six people. ”.

 A coaxial helicopter in such cases, under the influence of the same gust of wind, simply turns around its axis against the wind and the crew confidently lands in the right place!

Chancellor Bismarck: “Only fools learn from their mistakes”! But our Ministry of Defense is apparently not willing to learn from its mistakes, re-issuing orders for combat helicopters to cost center designers who have fallen behind life, and also through intermediaries with the loud name “Russian Helicopters”, where helicopters are managed by people not from aviation, but “cooks” , for which the defense of the State is likely, just a cover for personal enrichment! “Mi” helicopters have become outdated for a long time and with all the crowd: they have a very large frontal resistance, which requires increased fuel consumption, which reduces the flight range and payload; they are very sensitive to the direction and speed of the wind, which sometimes leads, at best, to helicopter crashes; they have a very dangerous tail rotor from takeoff to landing! At the exhibition XNUMHgoda President V.V. Putin, General Designer S.V. Mikheev presented a model of high-speed helicopter Ka-2007, but this project is not funded initially and seems deliberately to give the Americans time to get ahead, which they do!

At the same time, designers of cost centers with “effective” managers try to show themselves very necessary to the State, sticking out the following “modernization” in verbal trembling, as some kind of highest achievement in the perfection of technology:

“However, engineers do not stop as stagnation is the predecessor of regression and continue upgrading their air tanks. For example, recently information has been leaked to the network that Thirty Fifths (Mi-35) were equipped with the Whirlwind system -M ", in which the missile is aimed at the target due to the laser beam. Thus, the" Whirlwind-M "is a kind of"punishing long arm", which makes it possible to disable even the most protected enemy tanks at a distance of about 10 km. (Punishing Hand) Mi-35 /        

This very "Vikhr-M", as an outdated system, on the Ka-52 "is already being replaced with the anti-tank missile" Hermes-A ". She has more armor penetration - up to 1000 mm of armor and twice the firing range - 20 kilometers ...

The "Alligator" will change the detection and targeting system. This will be the radar "Zhuk-AE" (

And modernization is sometimes necessary when this type has not fully utilized capabilities, and there are no new samples in the series yet. All Mi helicopters have long used up all their modernization reserves, so I just can't understand what the Russian paratroopers are guilty of, that in our time they continue to be pushed into very inconvenient and low-speed Mi-8 helicopters, when it was possible for a long time to be launched into a series of more advanced and cheaper Ka-32-10AG helicopters, and then the high-speed Ka-92 and Ka-102. Or Russia is excessively rich when it is possible to waste billions of money through "Horns and Hooves": not a single new model has emerged from the Milians since the 80s of the last century, but they do not skimp on bravura promises in assurances and are not ashamed of projects that are not feasible in advance : first, on a false Mi-X1, reach a speed of 520k / h; then guarantee a cruising speed at the same mythical "Rachel" at 370k / h; then achieve in June 2016 the speed on the Mi-24 "flying platform" = 450k / h, receiving millions and billions of rubles for this:

“Russia will spend about developing a promising high-speed helicopter around 7,5 billion rubles. Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Yury Slyusar said at a press conference. The funds will be allocated from the state budget, the development will also be financed by the Russian Helicopters holding company”. (7,5 billion rubles 15.05.2014 will be allocated for the creation of a high-speed helicopter)

Not a single project has been completed, there is no money, there is no one in the answer.

I consider it necessary and urgently to reinstate the Ministry of Aviation Industry, where the positions should be held by specialists and, accordingly, be responsible to the State for the manufactured products, asking General Designers for projects that must be completed on time and efficiently, and not raw Mi-28Н put into service ex. Defense Minister S. Ivanov, and then Commander-in-Chief of the Space Forces V. Bondarev, these flawed helicopters also sent to the war in Syria.


"Kuram to laugh"

According to A. Boginsky, the holding continues to systematically carry out a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the development of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter (SBV). 

"We are working under a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the choice of concept. The contract is completed at the end of this year, respectively, we are going within the framework of the technical specifications. We will present everything to our customer"- said the head of "Russian Helicopters". 

In November, 2017, A. Boginsky told reporters that in 2018, the holding would introduce the Russian Defense Ministry two concepts of a promising high-speed helicopter.

"Two design bureaus are working on this project, and then the customer will choose the preferred solution," he said. " (25.05.2018

Already in 1969, Kamovtsy proposed a specific project for a high-speed B-50 helicopter, and in 2007, a high-speed coaxial Ka-92 helicopter; among the Americans, modern helicopters are tested only coaxially, and “effective” managers cannot determine the concept, justifying their scam with the fake Mi-X1 project.

The “Kuhkars” from “Russian Helicopters” suggest the real concepts of high-speed Russian helicopters: Ka-92 and Ka-102, because the Mi-X1 project is already at 450k / h. will turn upside down with a further uncontrollable fall. 

 For clarity, we read the short formulas from the scheme of the Syzran VAUL.

On the sides barely noticeable explanations:

Left side: V = 90⁰

W = R + V

Right side: V = 270⁰

W = R– V, where:

W is the total velocity of the incident flow to the blade;

R is the peripheral speed of the blade;

V is the speed of the helicopter flight (speed of the oncoming stream).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“From the formula we see that the force of the blade propeller is a variable variable and depends on the azimuth. The maximum value it acquires in azimuth 90 °, when the value of peripheral speed is added to the flight speed, the minimum value - in azimuth 270 °, when the flight speed is subtracted from the peripheral speed " (from the lecture).

The speed of rotation of the blade tip is ~ 800 km / h, and the flight speed of the helicopter will be taken as promised on "L.L." = 450 km / h. and for Mi-X1 = 520 km / h.

Total: on the left side, the speed of the incident flow to the blade = 800km / h. + 450km / h = 1250km / h, and on the right side, respectively: 800km / h. - 450km / h. = 350km / h. With such a difference of speed flow in the lifting forces of the blades of the right and left sides of the rotor, there will be such a right heeling moment that there is not enough control knob to compensate for it and the helicopter will begin to collapse with a subsequent uncontrolled fall.

Judging by the previously proposed concepts of modern high-speed helicopters, the general cost centers have lost their skills, so the real schemes in our helicopter industry initially and to this day are the Ka-92 coaxial scheme and the Ka-102 longitudinal scheme, and the military should not have any for a long time doubts about the choice of other concepts for high-speed helicopters; But A. Boginsky, a candidate of science in economics, all the more should not earn brain cancer in search of this very concept “within the framework of the technical assignment”: in the Ka-92 project, it is waiting for “its time” from 2007goda! And it is very unfortunate that we practically have no President in the internal politics of the State, and so he would definitely remember about the presented layout of the Ka-92!

And it is time for cost center designers to replace the long-obsolete Mi-26 with a modern, more cost-effective helicopter. They have plenty of opportunities for this and, first of all, financial opportunities, besides after the great M.L. There is a mile and an example of imitation: B-12!

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that Russian Helicopters signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the formation of the concept of a high-speed combat helicopter - their versions of this project are being developed both in the Mil design bureau and Kamova (02.10.2018 / news).

Therefore, I don’t want to see the next illiterate dope of “Mi-X1” type as a reason to freeze the next project of Kamov’s designers as well, the end result of which can only be conniving with Sikorsky!

As for the CONVERTOPLAN, in my opinion, it can be offered to our Air Force only with the aim of undermining the already frail Russian economy! It flies a little faster than the Ka-102, carries several times less, and the price is several times higher! The Milians should have a high-speed project of the Eurocopter X3 type, because this is a purely Russian helicopter scheme and I think that giving it to foreigners is a crime against Russia !!!


Vitalii Belyaev specifically for

In a future war, everything that flies at a speed above 130 km / h will not be needed.

I consider it necessary and urgently to restore the Ministry of Aviation Industry, where the positions should be held by specialists ... And they still remain?

Just as Gorbachev presented the Germans with GAZ31-05.

All right wrote. Since I myself work in this industry