Jobs airline "Aeroflot"
Jobs "Aeroflot" airlines. Cabin Crew. Stewardesses.

Jobs airline "Aeroflot"



Public corporation "aeroflot"It is the largest Russian airline. Due to the constant expansion of the activities of the company is recruiting cabin crew wishing to work. Since the "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" is based at the airport Sheremetyevo, May contact citizens of the Russian Federation with registration in Moscow or Moscow region with experience and without experience in the airline.

Aeroflot vacancies suggest the following requirements for candidates for the position of flight attendant:

  1. complete secondary education;

  2. age limits for candidates with no work experience - from the 18 26 to years for candidates with experience - from the 18 35 years before;

  3. clothing size of females should be between 42 48 to the size and height - from the 160 175 to see;

  4. clothing size males should be between 46 54 to the size, growth - from the 170 185 to see;

  5. good command of the English language (Intermediate level);

  6. military service persons should have the document of the military accounting;

  7. personal qualities, such as the desire to work, responsibility, punctuality, discipline, teamwork, sociability.


Jobs flight attendants airline "Aeroflot"


By the official duties of flight attendants airline "Aeroflot" are security during the flight, both passengers and aircraft crew members, as well as hospitable customer service on board.

"Aeroflot" company offers the following working conditions for candidates job of flight attendants:

  1. stable and decent wages - from thousands to 50 80 thousand rubles a month after the raid necessary standards (80 hours);

  2. the opportunity to work on domestic and international flights;

  3. flexible working hours;

  4. professional development and career growth.


Aeroflot Airlines guarantees a social package to all candidates who have successfully completed training for the vacancies of flight attendants, which includes a vacation for 70 days a year. The package includes the opportunity to purchase preferential air tickets, preferential vouchers for health improvement for the company's employees and their families, medical insurance, the ability to use official vehicles and parking, and pay for kindergarten for the children of the airline employees.

Jobs flight attendants airline "Aeroflot" - A promising opportunity for young people to get an interesting prestigious job in an excellent team great growing company with a decent income.


All vacancies are looking at the official website:

Aeroflot official site

Good afternoon!
Please consider me as a candidate.
My name is Anna Nikolaevna Eremeeva
Date of Birth: 18.07.1997 (23 years)
Height 160 see
55 kg weight
Clothes size: s
Shoe size: 36
Relationship status: Single
Without a criminal record, there are no bad habits.
Basic English proficiency.
personal qualities:
- purposeful;
- responsible;
-fast learner;
City of residence: Tomsk
email : [email protected]
-number of phone 87058542083

Hello! Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant.
I am 22 years old
growth 166
You 60 kg
There are no tattoos.
English pre-intermediate level
Correct speech is literate
Citizenship of the Russian Federation
I have experience as a waiter, event organizer and lawyer
Higher legal education
no Convictions
Not married, no children
Ready to work hard!
My dream is to work for your airline, I look forward to hearing

Hello, I would like to ask a question: where does the stewardess study take place and how long does it take to study?

Good afternoon, I really want to work as a flight attendant. Growth 169, weight 52 kg, clothing size 44-46. I have a secondary medical education, speak English and French, communicative, sociable, not married, no children.

Good afternoon!
I want to work as a stewardess!
Height 167 see
65 kg weight
Size Size: 46
Shoe size: 42
Relationship status: Single
Without bad habbits.
English proficiency basic, ready to learn.
Personal qualities: discipline, responsibility, diligence, responsiveness, quick learner, resistance to stress.
City of residence: Kurgan
-number of phone 89195973416

Good day! I want to build a career onboard a conductor in Aeroflot PJSC, because I can help a passenger in any dangerous situation, provide 1 with honey / help, and of course I love the sky, I feel great in an airplane.
Height: 165
Weight: 53
Dress size: 42-44
Knowledge of English: Beginner
Review my profile, waiting for feedback on alresu: [email protected]

Good afternoon!
I want to work your digging, because it is the best
My name is Soboleva Polina Evgenievna
Born 20.12.1995g
Height 160 see
75 kg weight
Size Size: 42
Shoe size: 35
Relationship status: Single
Without a criminal record, there are no bad habits.
Basic English, attended English courses
personal qualities:
- purposeful;
- responsible;
-fast learner;
City accommodation: BAYKONUR
email : [email protected]
-number of phone 87058542083

Good afternoon!
I want to work as a flight attendant in your airline! My dream is to build a career and be successful!
My name is Nikolai Andreevich Kirillov
Born 24.11.1996g
Height 175 see
Weight 75 kg
Size Size: 48
Shoe size: 42
Marital Status: Single
Without a criminal record, with a military ticket, there are no bad habits.
Fluency in English is basic, but ready to learn.
personal qualities:
- quick learner;
- stress resistant;
City accommodation: Ekaterinburg
email : [email protected]
-number of phone 89326194241

Good evening!
I want to work as a flight attendant in your airline! I dream to fly!
My name is Aleksey
Born 14.12.1995g
Height 175sm
64 kg weight
Size Size: 44-46
Shoe Size: 42-43
Marital status: wife
Without criminal record. tattoo on the shoulder, black and white, no bad habits.
English proficiency basic
personal qualities:
- appropriate
- quick learner
- stress resistant
City accommodation: St. Petersburg
email : [email protected]
- nnmer phone 89215765345

Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. The conversational level of English, she taught by ear, because she lived for a long time in Thailand and Turkey. I have experience of working as a hostess abroad, worked in Turkey in a very prestigious, high-level hotel "Adam & Eve", as a guest relation (in a nutshell, interaction with all hotel services to organize guests everything necessary for their comfortable stay, accommodation of guests, tracking reviews and feedback ...), in Russia she worked in the transport company TransLineEuspress as a logistics manager. I am married, I have a daughter, I am 27 years old. Social psychologist by education. No bad habits. I dream of realizing my old dream and working on an iron bird) please pay attention to me) [email protected]

Good morning!
A great desire to work as a flight attendant in your airline. Love to the sky since childhood, grew up in an air town in the family of the military.
My name is Anna
Date of Birth: 07.06.1988
Weight / height / size: 50kg / 162,5cm / 42
Relationship status: Single
Bad habits: no.
No scars and tattoos
I have an attractive appearance
Education: higher graduated
Languages: basic English
About me: I have extensive experience working with people, worked in PJSC Sberbank of Russia (retail). I also have experience in the field of investment, as a member of the stock market.
The last employment was related to running your own business (coffee shop). Were honored to serve guests from Spain, the base of the Spanish national team was located in Krasnodar, the current coffee shop was located close to tourists.
Stress-stress in any situations. Purposeful, with an active lifestyle, self-sufficient, I learn quickly.
Krasnodar city
+7 928 84 80 551
[email protected]

Good evening!
I want to work flight attendants in your airline! I dream to fly!
My name is Tatyana
Born 14.12.1996g
Height 165sm
Weight 59kg
Size Size: 44-46
Shoe Size: 38-39
Relationship status: Single
Without criminal record. I have no tattoos, no bad habits.
English proficiency basic
personal qualities:
-fast learner
City accommodation: Chelyabinsk
email : [email protected]

Peço que considerem a minha candidatura a Cabin Crew da Companhia Aérea Aeroflot:
Nome: Diana Monteiro
Nacionalidade: Portuguesa
Estado civil: solteira
Escolaridade: ensino secundário
Experiência profissional: reccepcionista e chefe de estação na Ren-a-car Europcar desde 2008 ate ao presente
Línguas: fluente em inglês, português e espanhol
Qualidades: sociável, responsável, assídua e pontual, imensa vontade de trabalhar para um país tão grandioso atraente como a Rússia, experiência em lidar com o público.

Beginner English
Very beautiful, competent speech, banker, I will find any way out of difficult conflict situations. Why do I want to see you? I will answer: "I want to fly all my life!"

Hello, I ask you to consider my candidacy for the position of "flight attendant"
Akhmataeva Natalia Borisovna 18.08.1984 (34).
Contact details: 89178060901 mail [email protected]
Nice appearance (no scars, tattoos, piercings)
Height: 165, weight 53, clothing size 46.
Married: 2 children.
No bad habits. Good vision.
Higher education Legal.
Knowledge of languages: English (basic). Engaged in self-study.
Experience: nurse of trauma center in Nizhnevartovsk.
About me: friendly, responsible, hardworking, good endurance, disciplined.
Ready to move to another city for permanent residence.

Height: 171

Relationship status: Single
Children: no
Bad habits: no
Address: Saratov region., Engels.
Education: secondary special
Engels Mechanical Technological College (Confectioner, computer operator)
English (beginner)
С2013-2014 LLC Volgatorg (seller-cashier)

2014-2014 Bosch payer tools (assembler)

2015-2017 Versailles beauty salon (administrator)

Not served.
No previous conviction.

Good afternoon! I ask to consider my candidacy, for a vacancy board conductor. They call me, Timothy. I'm 23 years old.
Growth 1,77.Yes 68. I am a worthy candidate for your vacancy. I'm non-conflict, stress-resistant, communicative. Always full of energy to earn. I work well and on time, responsibly approach everything. I am able to find a common language with any people. I analyze and find ways to solve any problems. I worked with objections. I plan my time correctly. I passed military service in the army 2013-2014g at / h 22179. I came in the rank of junior sergeant, I got a medal for the time of service. I always showed good results. I go in for sports, I lead an active life. I have a hobby related to motorcycles.
I really want to work in your air company!

Hello, I propose my candidacy for the flight attendant. 26 years, education is medium-special, growth 164 weight 53.Living Krasnoyarsk, tel 89232997909.

Hello, what do I need to get a flight attendant training at your company? (I heard that you need to sign a contract)
I'm a girl, I'm 24 of the year, growth: 167, weight: 53; I have a pleasant appearance; friendly, affable, sympathetic and very much want to become a stewardess)

Hello, I really want to work in this field
I 20 years
growth 180
Secondary vocational education Samgups
I study English and try to study it to perfection
Tel 89534596643

growth 166
Weight 58
City of Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk
Sizing 44
Knowledge of Russian, English (elementary) is ready to teach higher levels
Phone 89237709533

Hello . Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant position. I'm 28 years old. 174's age. 42 clothing size. Higher education (Lawyer). I live in Moscow. I have no bad habits. There is no TV experience on the body. Great experience with people. Attractive appearance, punctuality, stressful , sociable. Criminal liability was not involved.

Good afternoon, my name is Diana. I am 19 years old. I am a third-year student at Petrovsky College (Saint-Petersburg), majoring in hotel service. The curriculum includes two languages: English (+ Business English) and German. My knowledge level is pre-interediate, but I am ready to improve. No bad habits. Height 183. Weight 62. Sports physique. (hobbies: basketball, muay thai, vocals). I would be infinitely glad if you considered my candidacy and accepted me into your family.

Single. No children. Growth 160 see Weight 55 kg. The size of clothes 44.Education higher SPbSU, Oriental faculty. English language-intermediate level. Japanese-base level. I want to start a career with you.

Height: 167
Weight: 63
Dress size: 44

Hello, I'm calling Sabina, to this day I want to fly in the sky, communication with different people.
I 20 years
Height 160 see
45 kg weight
English Pre-intermediate (ready to learn)

Hello, dear Aeroflot! Help make your childhood dream come true. She lived to be 28 years old, but was never able to erase the sky from her heart. Help make your dream come true and join the ranks of true professionals. Best regards, Alina

Hello, my name is Anastasia
I'm 21 year old.
Married, one child.
Without bad habbits
growth 163
Weight 54
English: Beginner
Punctual, friendly, sociable. Master of Sports in Trampoline! There is a title and a crust. And the Candidate of the Master of Sports in artistic gymnastics.
Krasnodar city)

[email protected]

Hello, my name is Tatyana. My dream is to work as a flight attendant. I'm not afraid of being in high places. Responsible. Trudolyubivaya.prozhivayu in Chelyabinsk. Growth 164sm. 57.Size of clothing 44. I study in Ped. Institute (specialty management), the date is the end of 2019. Basic English. [email protected]

Hello, I really want to work with you because I like flying and I'm not afraid of heights. I work for 10 as a teacher an ang yaz. The growth of 165. Weight 50. The size of clothes 42. Responsible, hardworking. [email protected] +79787091698

That's interesting turns out, revered age categories of men! What happens, we are bred in primary schools, etc? So, for example, almost 35, I'm quite attractive, fairly erudite to this profession, (Please do not confuse it with full meaning) But, I'm almost 35)) So, I was not the only one, just robbed ?!

Age: 25
Marital status: single, no children
Education: higher economic (specialty-Marketing)
Height: 170 cm, clothing size: 38-42
Language skills: entry level
Personal qualities: punctuality, honesty, goodwill, easily trained.
Contact phone: + 79506745793.Email: [email protected]

Hello! My name is Zlotina Elena Borisovna
Date of birth: 18.11.1998. (19 years)
Height: 163 see
Weight: 44 kg
Dress size: 42
Marital status: Married, one child
Without bad habbits
Address of residence: Tyumen
Languages: English-with dictionary, Russian-native,
Convictions are absent
I really want to work for your airline!
Phone: + 7 9612074231

Education: Higher, linguist-translator (English), RSSU
Worked: the assistant to the head of LLC "PSP-Farman"
Punctual, friendly, easy to find a common language with any client
Citizenship of the Russian Federation
26 years
Thank you for attention.
Yours faithfully,

Size Clothing-42
Date of Birth-4.09.1986
Phone + 79167751251
Knowledge of English is with a dictionary, but in the near future I will start attending English and Italian courses.
Experience working with people is great
I love to develop and discover a new
I shall be glad to your response

Name: Tumgoev Azamat Bashirovich
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Marital status: not married, no children
Actual residence address: Balashikha city m. Zheleznodorozhnyy Beregovaya str., 5 kv4
Date of birth: 20.10.1996
Phone: 89067420208
E-mail:[email protected]
Purpose: applicant for the position of flight attendant
Height: 178 Weight: 80 Clothing size 48-50
Education: secondary
Additional Information :
Knowledge of languages: Russian, English (learn) Chinese (Beginner)
Interests and hobbies: Fitness
I do not have any bad habits

Surname: Bazhukova Sofya Vladimirovna
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Marital status: single, no children
Actual residence address: Moscow, Balaklavsky Avenue 36к4
Date of birth: 26.08.1999
Phone: 89688872588
E-mail:[email protected]
Purpose: applicant for the position of flight attendant
Height: 168 Weight: 52 Clothing size 42-44
Education: secondary
Work experience: Sakura Blossom Restaurant, position: waiter
Additional Information :
Knowledge of languages: Russian-native, komi-native, English (trained)
Computer skills: A confident PC user, knowledge of office programs, internet, Word, Excel, Power-Point, mail.
-grammatically correct speech
-standard of service standards
-stress resistance, sociability
-skill to work in team
Personal qualities :
Active life position, positive outlook on life, literacy, ability and desire to learn, constant work on oneself and their development, purposefulness, perseverance, goodwill, sociability, diligence, desire for professional development, dream to know the world, love to heaven.
Interests and hobbies :
Sport, Psychology, Philosophy, Traveling, Swimming, Music
I do not have any bad habits
Why decided to work stewardess? Dream of childhood, I love the sky, flying.

Hello! My name is Margarita, I want to work in your company as flight attendant, I like flying! Higher education.
Sincerely, Koliev MV

Date of birth: 10 December 1991 year (26 years)
Marital status: single, no children

Actual residence address: Moscow, ul. Nakhimovsky Avenue, 7 building 1
Телефон: 8-915-058-85-95
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Purpose: the position of flight attendant

Growth of 170 see, weight 54 kg, clothes: 42-44
Education: Altai State Academy of Culture and Arts (2011-2015).
Faculty: artistic creativity
Specialty: Socio-cultural technologist in the leisure industry
Additional education: Altai Industrial and Economic College (2008-2010).
Qualification: Clerk.

Name of organization: 01.04.2017 - I.P. Lubavsky V.V. Ozon
Position: consulting sales assistant - assistant manager
Name of organization: 08.09.2015 - 28.04.2016 - JSC "MC NTT" (PJSC Rostelecom)
Position: contact center specialist (information and technical support)
Name of organization: 2011-2013 - model agency "Glans"
Position: art director
Name of organization: 2010-2011 - Fluger Club
Position: waiter
Name of organization: Vanadzor cafe
Position: waiter

Additional Information:
Knowledge of foreign languages: Russian - native; English - A1 (currently studying)

Possession of computer and programs: confident PC user, knowledge of office programs, Internet, mail, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 1C, CRM, Start IP Start Easy, MPD, TAR ..
Presence of the car and skills: driver's license category B, experience 3 year.
- competent and precise speech;
- I have the skills of telephone conversations;
- good diction;
Personal qualities: active life position, literacy, high learning ability, constant work on oneself, purposefulness, stressfulness, concentration, attentiveness, high level of responsibility, punctuality, efficiency, optimism, commitment, teamwork, discipline, goodwill, perseverance, commitment, sociability, poise, good sense of humor and a positive outlook on life, the desire for professional development.

Interests and hobbies:
Reading, sports, active recreation, traveling - there is a need to constantly expand your horizons.
There are no bad habits (I do not smoke).

Hello. My name is Anna. I'm 30 years old. I want to work in your company because I like to fly, I'm not afraid of heights. Attentive, responsible, accurate, sociable. Higher education. Health is excellent. Married, no children.

IO: Shamsutdinova Ilsiy Mansurovna
Contact phone number: 89372898400
Email Address: [email protected]
Date of Birth: 23.11.83
My height: 175
My weight: 57
Dress size: 44
Marital status: Single, no children.
Bad habits: no.
Address by residence: Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
Higher education
Year of graduation: 2006. Full-time education.
Name of educational institution: Kazan State Technical University (Kazan Aviation Institute named after AN Tupolev)
Specialty: energy supply of organizations
Education: engineer
Year of graduation: 2014. Extramural studies.
Name of educational institution: Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice. Specialty: jurisprudence.
English: an elementary level (school, institute). Since September I have been studying 2017 at the Foreign Language Study Center
Work experience: 12 years. Since 2006 OJSC "Volzhskaya Grid Company". Since 2008 JSC "Tatenergosbyt".
Driving permits: yes, category B, experience of 10 years.
About me: Занимаюсь спортом. I love dancing, yoga, swimming. Regular cycling, horseback riding, skiing, skating, paragliding. I love traveling, I want to see the world. Ready for business trips.
Stress-resistance, diligence, easy learning, vigor, activity, love teamwork, communication with people.
Why did I decide to work as flight attendant in the airline: the childhood dream, I love the height, the flight.

Height: 168sm
Weight: 55kg
Dress size: 42-44
Age: 22 years
Marital status: single, no children
I want to get into the company aeroflot flight attendant. Knowledge of English at the primary level. Education is medical.
Phone number: 89525595508
Mail: [email protected]

● 5years of working experience in the service field.

● 3years of living abroad experience.

● Great communication skills between many cultures.

Height: 161
Weight: 45
Clothing size: 44
Citizenship: South Korea
I strongly believe that I am a well-qualified applicants based on my practical experiences.
I would be grateful if you could conduct an interview with Aeroflot. You can email me at [email protected].
I'm looking forward to talking with you soon.

180 growth. Weight. 62 clothing size 44. 89269459017

Zaletsky Ksenia Alexandrovna
Height: 162
Weight: 44
Dress size: 40-42
Marital status: single, no children
Stress-resistant, accurate, sociable, responsible, without bad habits, a great desire and desire for learning.
Citizenship: Russian
Mail:[email protected]
Stress-resistant, accurate, sociable, responsible, without bad habits, a great desire and desire to learn

I want to work as a flight attendant, will return 27 years, 1,67 growth, 58 weight, 44 clothing size, extensive experience in servicing vip customers, in a developing company

Zdrastvujte my name is Vyacheslav. I'm 24 years old. Weight 70. Russian. I know English at the elementary level. Served in VS.RF.obrazovanie secondary special. There are good skills ppm there is a military ticket. Do not judge and no drives. Not married. No children. Moving is possible. Ready for long business trips. The size of 46-48 clothes without bad habits. I live in Kemerovo! I would like to get to you for an interview! Tel.8-950-895-28-17 [email protected]

Hello! My name is Aigul. I'm 31 year old. Growth 161 cm, weight 47 kg, clothing 42 size. By nationality Tatar. I have a higher education in the specialty methodist instructor Лфк. There is a secondary education in the specialty of a nurse's work experience of 9 years. Knowledge of English at elementary level. At the moment I'm raising my level. I live in Bashkortostan.
Purposeful, conflict-free, hardworking.Tel.89870373320

Hello! There is a desire to work in the sky. To give people comfort and safety. Growth 179 weight 90 size 52. English, Greek speaking. 32 years. Experience in yachts. [email protected]

I have a desire to work as a flight attendant. I'm 28 let.Ne married, no children. Nice appearance, punctual, responsible, good-natured, purposeful. I have a lot of experience working with clients. My growth is 167, weight 52, clothing size xs / s (42 ). I live in Rostov n / a. Phone for communication + 7 961-271-72-61


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