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Jobs Aurora Airlines

Jobs Aurora Airlines


Regional airline "Aurora" It is working on the territory of Russia, namely in the area of ​​the Far East. The main cities of domicile can be called Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This company was organized in the autumn of 2013 year through the merger of the two airlines East. The main objective of the airline is air connection cities in Siberia and the Far East. In this area established regular flights, international flights are sometimes carried out in countries such as Japan, China and Korea. "Aurora" has partnered with many foreign airlines.

For air connections 21 airliner company uses all foreign planes and have a fairly large operation period. Even the type of aircraft "Boeing" are replaced by newer and more quality "Airbus 319". The airline "Aurora" is planning to expand its fleet to 40 machines, this amount is planned to buy up to 2018 years.

Airline Aurora Medvedev

Since the company is successful enough, it cherishes its reputation in the airline industry. To maintain the credibility constantly organized training of personnel, regardless of their position. That is why recruitment for various positions held carefully enough and demanding. All open positions in "Aurora" are selected by taking into account a variety of factors.

In order to take a position on the pilot airliners like "Boeing 737", The candidate must go through many stages. In addition, there is provision for casting, at the end of which the most experienced and professional candidate is selected. The main requirement is the availability of access to fly on passenger aircraft, "Boeing 737» model and its modifications. It is also necessary to have a pilot pilot for KBC, a certificate for commercial flights, taking into account the current VLEK. Important knowledge of English is not lower than the 4 level according to the international classification. All additional positive qualities are considered as an advantage over other candidates for this position.

The most common "Aurora", as well as other domestic companies, is recruiting flight attendants. They can say, they are the face of the company, as work directly with clients. Their main task is to ensure the complete safety and comfort of customers during flights. All candidates must meet the requirements, and then just pass the interview with the management of the airline. Particular attention is given to the knowledge of the English language, as this position includes contact with customers of various nationalities.

The company makes most of its traffic to the East, which is why the knowledge of Chinese or Korean language would be an advantage in the selection of staff members who serve passengers. Another advantage is experience in customer service.

Basic requirements for flight attendant job:

  • conversational English;
  • the candidate should be more than 18 years, but less than 35;
  • the presence of foreign passport, which is valid for at least one year;
  • steward or stewardess hand must reach the mark of 212 centimeters;
  • must necessarily be secondary education, higher education is to be welcomed;
  • the candidate must be sociable and resistance to stress in all situations;
  • Also important is the appearance, namely the lack of injuries, scars and tattoos on exposed skin.

In turn, the airline "Aurora" all of its employees to provide timely and competitive salary, benefits package, which includes insurance. Any position of the airline provides further career growth and an increase in their salary.

In the near future, this airline will carry out a set of a large number of employees as it plans to expand the areas of flight operations and the number of aircraft. As a result, you will need a much larger number of employees to quality service all air vehicles and customers.


Hello! There is a great desire to work stewardess in your company! I 32 years 167 growth-cm-51kg.Vneshne weight attractive, skin blemishes and tattoos, do not have.
Education, college.
I had an experience of work in JSC "Biletur" as an agent for registration of transportation documents.
Contacts: 89143368875;

Hello, please tell me when the flight attendants will be set?

Good afternoon, when it will be set ??

Good day, my name is Julia, for 4h years working with people in the catering, I 20 years, vocational education, 166sm height, weight 50 kg, brown hair with good appearance, no tattoos
I realized that I get great pleasure from the flight, so I want to work in your airline

Good evening! I have a great desire to work in your company flight attendant! 28 years. Height cm 167, 57 kg weight. Higher education. Personal qualities: communication skills, stress resistance, ability to work in a team. Experience with people: 6 years 1 month. E-mail address: tel. 89141581128

Good afternoon ! A great desire to work flight attendant .Rost 164, -58 weight, vision otlichnoe.Obrazovanie specialized secondary.
Traits -positive, purposeful, hardworking, polite, honest, disciplined, good-natured man.
I really hope for feedback !!!

Hello. I'm burning a great desire to work in your airline stewardess. Spoken English. Education secondary education (Aviation). Higher unfinished (aviation-absentia). Growth 170-53kg. I look forward to feedback !!!
Phone: + 79098737333

Hello, whether flight attendants being set at this time?

Hello! I pilot B-737 / 800NG and / 400CL Born in Vladivostok. Total plaque 3700, 1900 Boeing enough experience. I would like to get your airline pilot. E-mail: tel: + 79261003950

Interested in working flight attendant in your company. 23 years experience 1 year. She worked as a manager of tourism and tour guide. Higher education, speak three foreign languages ​​(English, Italian, French). The citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Contacts:, + 375298581681.

Hello. I worked as a flight attendant at the Belavia Airlines in Minsk (Belarus). I myself am also a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and live right there. Work experience - 3 years. I would like to know if there is a vacancy, as well as how I can get an interview. I really want to discuss this issue. Contacts:;

Good afternoon! Interested in working flight attendant in your company. Statement: 25 years, 173 growth, 53 weight. Moscow Higher legal education is not complete enomicheskoe and secondary - special. Spoken English. Contacts :

Good afternoon! Specify, please, whether in the near future a new set of flight attendants. I 19let, 167 growth study in Yurga in the correspondence department, experience in the service sector (promoter, hostess, waiter), good knowledge of English, good looks, sociability. I would be very grateful for the feedback. Thank you :)

Good afternoon. Tell us about the immediate recruitment of flight attendants. I have 2 higher education, one of them an interpreter. Growth 167. Pleasant appearance.

already 3 12 and interview of February.

Hello! Notify the nearest set of stewardesses. Thank you.

Hello, when the wait set and where it will take place? 7 years in heaven, really do not want to change professions! Tell me where is your office in Khabarovsk?

Good afternoon! Tell me when to resume set for cabin crew in Vladivostok? I'd like to work for your company to continue its activities steward.

Good den.A pass OLTUGA.omsky flight training and technical kolledzh.po specialty aviation equipment 2 kurse.vozmozhno Do you have an internship ?.
My emayl

There is a desire to work in your company, higher education - psychological. Height 169 see.

I would like to continue its activities in the field of flight attendants in your company

Zdravstvuyte.ya would like to work in your aviakompanii.18let; growth-170;