Jobs airlines Donavia
Jobs airlines Donavia

Jobs airlines Donavia


The airline "Donavia" It is a subsidiary of the well-known in the Russian airline "Aeroflot". The company is engaged in transportation of passengers on the territory of our country, but most actively carried out flights from Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar to other cities of the Russian Federation. The company uses to be carried on board their aircraft the name "Aeroflot". Airliners of "Donavia" are located in the airports of cities such as Krasnodar, Rostov and Sochi.

The main focus of the company is to carry out regular flights on the territory of our country and to provide charter flights abroad. In addition to passengers, "Donavia" engaged in transportation of cargo and mail. Recently, the company has a rapid development, which shows an increase in traffic. Thus, in 2013, the aircraft "Donavia" moved more than 1,3 2312 million passengers and tons of cargo.

Jobs airlines Donavia

In order to transport are of good quality, the company has a very large staff of permanent skilled employees, who work on safety and comfort of all flights. In early spring 2015, the fleet consisted of companies such as Airbus airliners 10 A319. For their service needs sootvetstujushchie employees. That is why "Donavia" often holds casting to recruit staff for some jobs. Most often, like other airlines, is a set of flight attendants.

To ensure the flight attendants themselves the company is recruiting girls and boys for the course, after which a certificate is provided and guaranteed employment in the company. For each type of passenger aircraft company conducts separate training.

Peculiarities of training of flight attendants on planes "Boeing-737"and Airbus A319

First of all, each candidate must meet the following requirements. He must be a citizen of the Russian Federation, who has already turned 18 years old, but not older than 26 years. Important for this profession are physical data. In order to take a vacant place in the company "Donavia", girls should have a clothing size of no more than 46, and at the same time growth from 165 and up to 175 centimeters. As for the guys, then their clothing size should be no more than 52, and the growth should range from 175 and up to 185 centimeters. Candidates should not be inclined to fullness and have visible physical defects. Tattooers, burns, large moles or scars on open areas of the body are not allowed at the cabin crew.

Jobs airlines Donavia

An important is the clarity of diction and literate speech. With regard to education, the candidates must have a university degree or at least special secondary. Prerequisite for working on airplanes - it is necessary to know English at a conversational level. Knowledge of other languages ​​is welcome. Nowadays, almost all job airlines include communication skills, discipline and responsibility of the personnel.

When selecting a flight attendant for Donavia, the candidate must fill out a questionnaire and send it by e-mail. After that, the company's management reviews the questionnaires and invites the most suitable personnel to work or study. Selected candidates must submit personal documents on education and identity documents. After the interview, anyone wishing to take up a vacancy in the airline "Donavia" must undergo a medical and flight commission in the city of Rostov. "Donavia" provides its future employees with a loan for training, after which the candidate will be employed in this airline.

All training for the position of flight attendant for "Donavia" takes 2,5 months. During the program, students receive a stipend from the company. After the successful graduation of the candidate recruit, the first time it passes a paid internship. The entire amount that the company paid for the training of young flight attendant, is deducted from his salary for ten months of operation.

Besides all this, the airline "Donavia" is recruiting specialists and other vacancies, it is mainly based on the casting. Recruitment rather massively implemented with the opening of new lines of flight.

Hello, my name is Anastasia, 24 years old, not married, no children.
Secondary vocational education, economic. Speech is literate, clear. Basic knowledge of English.
External data:
Height 170cm, weight 59kg. The body is slim, there are no tattoos or piercings.

* Golovko Daria Ivanovna;
* contacts 89132147067 [email protected];
* date of birth 17.10.99;
* height 165, weight 48;
* no tattoos;
* not married, no children;
* no bad habits;
* Secondary specialized education. Specialty designer. AltGu College. At the moment I am getting higher education;
* Intermediate English. She graduated from high school with a focus on English;
* have the ability and desire to work in a team;
* competent speech and clear pronunciation;
* there is a great desire to study and build a career as a flight attendant.

Shiriev Amrah Nazar oglu
Date of birth: 05.03.1994. 26 years.
growth 1.69
60 kg weight
I have a foreign passport.
Mail: [email protected]
Education: specialized secondary,
Rostov College of Advertising, Service and Tourism Sokrat.
Knowledge of languages: Turkish fluency, Azerbaijani fluency, Uzbek fluency, Kazakh elementary, Kyrgyz fluent, Lezgin elementary, Türkmen elementary English elementary / study.
Personal qualities: work on oneself, an optimistic outlook on life, Diligence, no bad habits

Vyskrebentseva Anna Stepanovna
Date of birth: 23.04. 1988
growth 1.65
Weight 58
A passport is available.
Mail: [email protected]
Tel. 89895098969
Education: secondary special RRC,
Higher, SFedU University of Tourism Department.
Spoken English, learning with a native speaker.

Have experience in the service industry (waitress)
Personal qualities:
active life position, work on oneself, stress resistance, sociability responsibility, punctuality, working capacity.
Bad habits do not have.
Always dreamed of working on an aircraft.

Interested in training for the flight attendant with subsequent employment.
Age: 32 Mar 23.03.88, XNUMX.
Height: 1.65
Weight: 58
English speaking
I have experience in a team.

stress resistance
Always interested in working on an aircraft. Ready to develop in this area.

About me: girl - 21 year, height -1,67, weight- 48 kg. She graduated from the Southern Federal University, direction - foreign philology (English and Spanish). I am sociable, sociable, stress-resistant, I have experience in business communication with people, both in Russian and in English.
I want to work as a flight attendant, because I always wanted to travel and see the world.
Contacts: [email protected]

Good evening. Interested in a job steward. About me: age 20 years, height 167, weight 56, knowledge of English-spoken, partially written. Nice appearance, stress-resistant, non-conflict, punctual. I love communication with people. I would be glad to work in your airline.
[email protected]

I was interested in studying for a flight attendant with subsequent employment.
06.02.1989 (29 years), I study in absentia on the economic.
Parameters: 159cm, 44kg, clothing size 40
I have a huge experience in working with people.
City of residence-Rostov-on-Don (ready to move)
To me are peculiar:
grammatically correct speech
stress resistance
I am ready to develop in this area.
[email protected] Tel. + 79515046676

Hello! Considering the vacancy - flight attendant.
Surname: Loseva Sofia Sergeevna
29 years, date of birth 13 June 1989
Growth 160cm, weight 46
Citizenship of the Russian Federation, Novocherkassk
The level of English is spoken
Education: higher graphic design
I have no harmful habits, responsible, stress-resistant, attentive, ready to learn and to learn new
Relationship status: Single
I love sports
7 years of living and working in Singapore, held a position so those as a sales consultant, waiter, photographer.
I was very interested in the flight attendant's profession.
Mail address: [email protected]
Phone: + 79001387765
Sincerely, Sofia.

Hello! I want to work as a stewardess.
Born 01.07.1992
Education is an average full of 11 classes.
Knowledge of the English intermediate.
Before that, she worked as a call center operator, a marketer.
Height 160 cm, weight 40 kg, clothing size 40-42, athletic build.

Good afternoon! This vacancy-cabin attendant.
Full name: Alexandra Petrovna Dubakova
24 years
Growth-167 cm, weight-54
Citizenship-RF, Rostov-on-Don
Level of English-Beginner
Not married, no children
Education-secondary special. Accountant . Worked in the specialty.
About me: I do not have any bad habits, stress-resistant, friendly, I have leadership qualities. Pleasant appearance, no defects.
Tel: 89198995865
Corporate email-login [email protected]
Best regards, Alexandra.

I want to work as a guide, because I like to fly, travel, communicate with different people. As a result of communication with other people, I expand my knowledge horizon. After all, all people are different and interesting to talk to each of them. So this work is very responsible and therefore I like it even more.
In short, I told you my reason for choosing this profession. Then it's up to you to take me or not.
Here is my data:
flight attendant
Dementiev Dmitry Andreevich (Dementiev Dmitry Andreevich)
Date of birth: 01.02.1998
Citizenship: Russian Federation
The actual address of residence: Ekaterinburg
phone: + 79505499335
height 171 cm, weight 64 clothing size 46

Education: complete secondary
Foreign languages: English (Intermediate),
Personal qualities:
- active life position;
- Literacy, high trainability, constant work on yourself;
- High level of responsibility, punctuality, efficiency;
- Fond of travel, there is a need to constantly expand your horizons;
- No bad habits.

I was interested in the flight attendant profession.
F.I.-Kovaleva Dayana Vladimirovna.
Contact Information-79001309102
G. Rostov-on the Don.
[email protected]
Age-20 years
Weight - 51
Clothing size - 42
Citizenship -РФ
Knowledge of English is the beginning.
Also Turkish-free.
Relationship status: Single .
Education -Healthier by profession. Hairdresser.
About me: Вредных привычек нет. Stress-resistant, punctual, easy to learn, responsible.
Waiting for your reply
With respect, DAYANA.

I was very interested in the flight attendant profession.
F.I.-Piliptsevich Ekaterina Olegovna
Contact information: Armavir; tel.89094501910;
e-mail- [email protected]
Age-18 years;
Clothing size-42;
Knowledge of English-There is a certificate of training in the additional general educational program "Foreign language (English), but I will raise the level as needed;
Marital status is not married, i.е. ready for business trips and flexible schedule;
Education: Specialized secondary education by profession "Accountant", retraining "Kommersant", there is also a certificate of "Psychological practice";
About me: вредных привычек не имею. Responsible, attentive, stress-resistant, punctual, easily trained, ready to learn and learn new horizons;
Sincerely, Catherine.

A good time of the day! This vacancy is a flight attendant.
Full name: Olga Doroshkevich
24 years
Growth-175cm, weight-57kg
Citizenship-RF, Rostov-on-Don
Level of English-Intermediate
Not married, no children
Education-unfinished higher.Advertising and public relations, Moscow.
About me: I do not have any bad habits, I retain self-control in stressful situations, I have leadership qualities.punctual. I have a nice appearance, I do not have defects. Friendly and smiling.
Corporate email-login [email protected]
Best regards, Olga.

Full name: Alexander V. Putilin
Date of Birth: 08.08.1995
I consider vacancies of flight attendant, as well as a specialist in information technology or information security
Education: incomplete higher education (term of graduation June 2018). According to the diploma, the engineer of communications is a specialist.
Knowledge of English: level - Intermediate
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Clothing size: 48
marital status: Not maried
Children: no
Criminal record: no
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Work experience: waiter, driver
About itself: it is executable, responsible, stress-resistant, it is literate, it is able to resolve conflict situations,
Contact phone: 89996973112
E-mail : [email protected]

Good afternoon. I want to work as a steward. I finished the course last summer. 2 foreign language, linguist, pleasant appearance, sociable, responsible. How to get to you for an interview? Thank you. 89880877707 [email protected]

I want to take courses of a hotel attendant that for this I need

Len.obl. p.Lukashi school 7 square 24
no children
higher education
32 years
165 growth
47 weight
42 clothing size
St. Petersburg State Agrarian University 2002-2007
School flight attendants VA Novokhatskaya in St. Petersburg in 2017 year. there is access to Boeing 737 (600 / 700 / 800 / 900), land certificates, water, fire.
VLEK reference available
12.02.2008-2010 GMZ "Pavlovsk" green farm worker
26.02.2010-2012 LLC "Torrent" sales manager
11.02.2013-2015 florist
22.04.2015 waiter
flight attendant experience
my strengths: purposeful, responsible, sociable, able to work in a team
knowledge of languages: intermedia
can retrain for another type of aircraft
ready to get started anytime. Thanks !!!

Date of Birth: 31.03.1986
Height: 166
Weight: 55
Clothing size: 44 / 46
Knowledge of languages: English-basic translation with a dictionary.
Married. Two children.
About me: responsible, easy to learn, I can work in a team. No bad habits. Attractive appearance. 89885496682.or [email protected]
thankful for the answer.

Full name: Yana Sergeevna Rybintseva
Phone: 89286168884
Date of Birth: 16.12.1993
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Clothing size: 42 / 44
Family status: Divorced.
Children: Son 5.
Criminal record: no
Work experience: store administrator, sales specialist, MFC MFC (state services) leading specialist.
About myself: attractive appearance, stressful, competent speech, ability to resolve conflict situations, is sociable, I easily find a common language even with the most complex clients. Contact for OS 89286168884. With Respect Rybintseva Yana Sergeevna.

Full name: Ksenia Zharikova
Born 19.04.1991g
Height: 178sm
Weight: 59 kg
Clothing size: 42 / 44
Marital status: Married
Children: son 6
Criminal record: no
Citizenship / Residence address: Russia / Rostov-on-Don
Experience: administrator of the restaurant for more than 4 years, hostess 2 year.
About itself: pleasant appearance, competent speech, communicative, sociable, attentive, stress-resistant, non-conflict, ready to develop.
I attend English language courses and psychology. The attitude to work is responsible. I would very much like to work as Flight Attendant

Good afternoon! The vacancy in question is a flight attendant.
Name: Molotova Marina Georgievna.
citizenship - RF. Rostov-on-Don.
Age: 23 full years.
Height - 165 cm, weight - 49,5kg.
Knowledge of English is basic, translation with a dictionary.
Marital status - not married, no children.
Education - higher, bachelor. Graduated from the branch of the Witte Moscow University of Economics and Law, specialty - finance and credit.
About me: I have no bad habits, pleasant appearance without defects, communicative, active, purposeful, stress-resistant, punctual, I know how to work in a team.
Cons: Tattoo on the left hand.
Phone for communication: 8-988-564-96-48.
Sincerely, Marina.

Hello . Name: Yana Viktorovna Perepelchuk! I consider all the airline vacancies.
Телефон: 8-988-537-48-20
22 age of the year.
Height cm 163.
Weight 47 kg.
Knowledge of English is basic, but is ready to raise the level.
Relationship status: Single.
Education is the highest, full-time form of education of YSUHU (NPI) with 2013 in 2017 specialty ": state and municipal government
About me: I do not have any bad habits. Responsible, attentive, sociable, stress-resistant, punctual, easily trained, ready to develop! Contacts for communication: [email protected]тел : +7-988-537-48-20.
Sincerely, Yana Perepelchuk.

Hello . Full name: Demidova Diana Dmitrievna. Interested vacancy is the side of the conductor. 19 years., Growth 170, clothing size 46. Citizenship of the Russian Federation. I study in the medical, the last course. I'm studying at an English school. The phone number is + 7 (989) 720-79-12. Email address: [email protected]

Name LABURETS Anastasiya Nikolaevna; 19 years interested vacancy flight attendant. Growth 168 Size 40-42 weight 50 I study at the Customs Academy in Rostov-on-Don, English at the school level, German conversational; E-mail:[email protected]

Hello, I'm interested in the vacancy of the flight attendant. FOB: LABURETS Anastasiya Nikolaevna 19 years weight 50кг size 40-42; growth of 168; Russian citizenship; I study at the Customs Academy of Rostov-on-Don, English at the school level, German at a conversational level, not married, no bad habits, ready to learn

interested in the vacancy of the conductor.
28 years. Growth 167, weight 50.
Citizenship Russian Federation.
ready for training, for business trips and flexible schedule.
Secretary office manager
Pleasant appearance, stress-resistant, responsible, easy-trained, sociable
Waiting for your reply
Thank you)

I was interested in the vacancy of the flight attendant.
I 31 year, higher education.
Ready for business trips. Ready for training.
Growth 178, weight 80kg
single, not judged
I work in the service sector, massage therapist
Previously served in the Armed Forces under the contract 4.
Basic English
Without bad habbits
Responsible, reliable, communicative, learner.

Interested vacancy flight attendant.
Date of birth: 13.11.1994 years
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Телефон: +7(960)-484-41-07
Higher education
Height: 173
Weight: 53
Knowledge of foreign languages: angiyskiy-base, fluent Greek
Wished to work in your airline.

Interested vacancy flight attendant.
Телефон: 8(953)077-65-67
Full name-Babiy Sofya Maksimovna
Age: 18 years
Date of Birth: 07.11.1999
Height: 156
Weight: 50 kg
Level of English: Intermediate
Relationship status: Single
Education: general secondary
- I finished the initial training in the school. Flight attendants in Krasnodar (November-2017.) All documents (current certificate of the VLEK, sanitary book, flight attendant's certificate, foreign passport, certificate of criminal record) available.
There are no bad habits.
About me: ambitious, stress-resistant, responsible.

Krasnodar city
Mail: [email protected]

The vacancy of the flight attendant was of interest. I hope for your response.
My name is Beloglnazova Nadezhda Igorevna
Телефон: 8-905-456-95-56
24 age of the year.
Height cm 165.
Weight 56 kg.
Knowledge of English is basic.
Marital status: Married.
Education Higher Higher Education by correspondence YURPU (NPI) Specialty: organization of transportation.
No criminal record.
Bad habits do not have.
I conduct a sports way of life.
Stress-resistant, responsible, easy-to-learn.

Good afternoon!
My name is Borisova Olga / tel. 89381050607
Age: 30 years old.
Height: 169 cm.
Weight: 57 kg.
Knowledge of English is basic.
Relationship status: Single
Children: have / son 5 years
Education: higher "North Caucasian Academy of State Service"
- I finished the initial training in the school. Flight attendants in Krasnodar (November-2017.) All documents (current certificate of the VLEK, sanitary book, flight attendant's certificate, foreign passport, certificate of criminal record) available.
About yourself: Внимательна, ответственна, стрессоустойчива.

Citizenship Russia. Education is higher. Passed VLEK. Experience: Aviation and rescue center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, position - on-board conductor. Contacts: 89996900548; mail address: [email protected]

Hello 28.03.1993.Grazhdanka of the Russian Federation. The 170 was born, the weight is 56, the appearance is pleasant, the sense of humor is moderately disciplined, ready for training. The education is medium-special, in 17, entered the Shakhtinsky branch of DGTU, at the correspondence department, Faculty Management staff. Family status is married, there are no children. The contact number is 8-918-560-80-44 if suddenly I'm interested in such a promising company

Good afternoon! I was interested in the vacancy of the flight attendant, I love communication, new acquaintances, and also to be useful. Light of a pleasant appearance of a sporty physique, the growth of 175, the age of 29 full years, without bad habits. Higher education, economic. Work experience is diversified and I have experience both in sales and service, as control, services and other industries. Attentive, responsible, stress-resistant, hardworking. [email protected] , 8 951 848 1 949 (if not available, write sms will call back)

Birthday: 20.06.1997, 20 years
Phone: + 7 (906) 414-70-56 e-mail: [email protected]
height 171 cm, weight 56 kg
Education: Secondary
2017. she graduated from the Shakhtinsky Pedagogical College, majoring in primary school teacher
Additional education:
courses of practical psychology on the basis of ShPK
Extra charges:
- knowledge of the basics of the Korean language, English (elementary level);
- fast learner, interpersonal skills, competent speech;
- Possession of PC, ability to work with documents, with people;
- There is a passport, it is valid up to 07.11.2023
Personal qualities:
-high level of responsibility
- I do not have any bad habits

Hello, I dream of finding a place in your company. I am sending you my resume. Sincerely I hope for your response.

Full name: Evgenia Sergeevna Klymenko
Моб.тел.: 8-960-470-68-06
Email: [email protected]
Date of birth: 09.01.1999.
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Marital status: Married
Children: none
Bad habits: no
Criminal records: no
Address by residence: Russia, Rostov-on-Don, st. Leninakan 43
Actual address: Russia, Rostov-on-Don, per. Dubovsky 9V, paragraph 4, apt. 27
Education: Gymnasium No. 34 with English slant 11 classes (2005-2016),
DSTU, Faculty of Service and Tourism, specialty Hospitality, 2 Distance Learning Course (2016-2020)
Knowledge of foreign languages: English at the intermediate level, Spanish at the basic level
Experience: no, there were internships and part-time work from the institute
About me: Pleasant appearance, competent speech, communicative, sociable, attentive, stress-resistant, non-conflict, ready to develop.
Thank you for taking the time to write my resume. Waiting for your reply.

Good afternoon! My name is Elena, I am 19 years old, height 176 cm, weight 66 kg. I study in absentia on the specialty "Economic security".
I speak English, but I'm ready to improve my level.
Dress size: 44.
The city of residence: Rostov-on-Don.
Desired position: flight attendant
Experience: no experience, ready to learn

- Attractive appearance;
- Ability to find common language with all passengers and a high level of stress resistance;
- A responsibility;
- Ability to get out of conflict situations;
- High level of self-organization;
- Quick learning;
- Skill to work in team;
- Desire to learn new things;
- Lack of bad habits
Email: [email protected]
Mob. phone: + 7 (908) 178 18 73

Doboj day! My name is Maria, 24 years, height 165 cm, weight 53kg. Higher education (RASHiGS under the President of the Russian Federation, specialty: economist, tax specialist). I live in the city of Rostov-on-Don. I studied German at the university. There are no health problems. She is interested in the vacancy of the flight attendant. My coordinates [email protected] tel.89034740797

Hello! My name is Julia, I'm 26 years old. Height 167 cm, weight 50 kg. In 2009 she graduated from the College of Economics, specializing in accountant. From 2010 to 2015 she worked in the service sector as a waiter. About me: no bad habits!
Sizing 40-42
Constitution - sports
Appearance is more than pleasant
Speech literate
Knowledge of English-basic (I will bring up with pleasure)
I'm not afraid of difficulties
My address is: [email protected]: my phone: 8 (900) 134-64-14

Hello! My name is Catherine, 21 year, height 170 cm, weight 58 kg. I have a higher education in the field of tourism (Southern Federal University). English-medium level, Korean-basic. I live in Rostov-on-Don. Single. I have no health problems. I love airplanes and long-distance flights. I am very interested in the vacancy of the stewardess, I want to develop in this direction. My coordinates: [email protected] ; Tel. 8 909 410 27 98

I was interested in studying for a flight attendant with subsequent employment.
27.06.1999 (18 years), I study in absentia on jurisprudence.
Parameters: 160cm, 48kg, clothing size 40
English as a base language
I have a huge experience in working with people.
The city of residence-Perm (ready to move)
To me are peculiar:
grammatically correct speech
stress resistance
I am ready to develop in this area.
[email protected] Tel. + 79028059677

Good afternoon! My name is Catherine! I'm 23 year old, I have higher education. She graduated from the RSTU. My parameters: 173 cm, 56 kg. The size of the clothes 42. I have no bad habits. Sophisticated speech, broad horizons and memory, I speak English on a written level and standard colloquial, I am ready to learn. Since my childhood I dream to become flight attendants, but everyone says that I will not pass. My Em @ il [email protected]

Good afternoon. My name is Svetlana . I am 23 years old (date of birth 01.04.1994) Having worked on the "land" for 4 years at different enterprises, I held positions such as salesman - consultant, secretary - assistant, secretary - clerk and accountant, I made a decision: to use and improve the this time skills are in the "sky". The profession of flight attendant interested me very much. I will say a few words about myself: body parameters - height 170 cm, weight 56 ​​kg, clothing size - 42 (s), I have no bad habits, scars, tattoos on my body and on my face, my health can be estimated at 5 plus, I go in for sports. Education: specialized secondary faculty "Accounting and Economics", I also took courses in office work, knowledge of English in oral and written forms at the conversational level, there is a desire to learn more. I can note that I have a pleasant appearance, always a neat appearance, I also have such qualities as resistance to stress, communication skills, a responsible attitude to my work and to people, punctuality. Marital status: not married, no children. I live in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Contacts for communication: [email protected] тел : +7-928-160-50-70.
Sincerely, Svetlana Volokitina.

Good afternoon! My name is Olga! I 19 years, I have a secondary education. My parameters: 166sm, 51кг. The size of the clothes 42. I have no bad habits. Sophisticated speech, broad horizons and memory, I speak English on a written level and standard colloquial, I'm ready to learn. I live in the Rostov region. I was interested in the flight attendant profession. My Em @ il [email protected]

Good afternoon! Ready to consider the vacancy of the flight attendant. Brunet is a nice looking athletic body, growing 175, age 25 full years, without bad habits. Higher education, economic. Experience in sales and service for 5 years. Attentive, responsible, stressful, hardworking. [email protected] 8-989-700-93-15 Виктор

Hello, My name is Olesya. I want to consider the vacancy of the flight attendant. My data: the weight of 52, the height of 168, the size of the clothes xs / s, nice appearance, athletic build. I do not have bad habits and tattoos. Higher education, master's degree, sociologist. colloquial. Experience of work, including with clients, with 2012. I'm living in Rostov-on-Don. Mail [email protected]

I am ready to consider the vacancy of the flight attendant, the growth of 165, the weight of 40, the brunette, [email protected], Date of birth 22.04.1991


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