Jobs Airline Icarus
Jobs Airline Icarus

Jobs Airline Icarus


«Icarus"Is another airline, which operates on the territory of Russia. The main center-based aircraft company is the city of Krasnoyarsk, rather Emelyanovo Airport. The main objective of the airline is to carry passengers on regular and charter routes to the resort towns of the world. It should be noted that almost all transportation is carried out for the national tour operator "Pegas Touristik". Besides the main headquarters in the city of Krasnoyarsk, the company has hubs in cities such as Khabarovsk, Irkutsk and Moscow.

The company is rather young, but rapidly growing. This is confirmed by the number of new lines of flight and form additional branches. Thus, in 2013 it was organized by a branch office in Moscow, and in the territory of Sheremetyevo. To increase the amount of work the company is constantly in need of new professional staff, which is why "Icarus" is recruiting employees for open vacancies.

Fleet company is large enough, modern and has six passenger airliners such as "Boeing-757», and for the quality of their operation need a lot of staff with extensive experience and relevant knowledge. In addition, holders of the company's plans assumed modernization of existing machinery and purchase newer.

Jobs Airline Icarus

Aircraft used by the company "Icarus", are the most convenient and safe for passengers to use. Flight attendants trained staff provides maximum comfort and convenience to passengers, as courtesy and professionalism for flight personnel of the company are central to the work. Moreover, the activities of employees appropriate certificates of quality, which are approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

This company began its history since 1993 year, but the current look it has acquired only from 2013 year. Improvements of the company occurred mainly due to the purchase of more modern aircraft, which previously belonged to Nordwind Airlines. Transportation of passengers is carried out according to the orders of the travel company and is directed to the resort cities of the world from Russia. Due to the growth of orders and transportation, the need for more personnel also increases. It is for these reasons that the Ikar airline is practically constantly recruiting new employees for a variety of vacancies. Most often, companies require young, active and educated flight attendants who are responsibly approaching the work.

The main stages of flight attendants to fill a vacancy in "Icarus"

The company is quite popular and reputable among the country's air carriers, so the requirements for personnel are large. Everyone who wants to, first of all, must fill out a questionnaire for consideration by the company's management. The position provides for communication with clients in different languages, so knowledge of English is a must. In addition, language proficiency must be fluent. Experience in this field or in another service area is encouraged.

Candidate for the post of flight attendant must be an adult and have a passport. Appearance and growth of the profession, as we know, are not in last place. Not allowed to have tattoos or injuries in the open areas of the body. Higher education is welcome, but not in cases where enough average. Also, this position requires communication skills and stress resistance.

In addition to the post of steward or stewardess, airline "Icarus" is recruiting employees for other vacancies. Thus, the flight dispatcher must fulfill a number of obligations. Firstly, the plan provides for payment of workers' safety and training documentation for the pre-briefing with the flight crew. In addition, the controller must send all requests for use of air routes both in Russia and abroad, to keep records in the table of posts.

As for the requirements for this employee, they are quite standard. First of all, the candidate must be older than 21 year, regardless of sex. Mandatory is the knowledge of English at the intermediate level, knowledge of other languages ​​is only welcomed. The advantage for taking on this job will be education in the aviation industry. In addition, you need to have the knowledge in air navigation and the creation of flight routes, while taking into account the meteorological situation. You need to be able to read METAR, TAF and NOTAM. As in other posts, nowadays you need to use the computer confidently.

In turn, the airline "Icarus" provides decent wages and working hours by turns at the airport Emelyanovo full benefits package and the opportunity to further career growth.

The flight attendant duties will include ensuring the safety of the flight and passenger service on the airline's flights.
Icarus vacancies: special requirements for candidates. Young people must necessarily have citizenship of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation. Age restrictions range between 19 and 30 years old. If you have experience in a similar position, then the age limit is from 20 to 35 years. Your education must be secondary specialized. 

For girls exhibited the following requirements:

  • - An increase of up to 160 175 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 46-th. 

Requirements for boys:

  • - An increase of up to 170 185 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 54-th.

Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant without experience. English Elementary.
My summary:
growth 165
Weight 57
Sizing 44
Age 27 years (29.06.1989)
Experience: Economist
Education: complete higher education, full-time, banking
Not married, no children
Accommodation: Irkutsk
Punctuality is easy to establish contact with different categories of people.
Contacts: 8 950 126 3680,

Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. No work experience. English upper-intermediate.
My summary:
growth 167
Sizing 44-46
Age 20 (18.06.96)
Work Experience: Marketing Manager, snowboard instructor.
Education: complete general education with honors, I study by correspondence in the direction of "jurisprudence" (higher).
Not married, no children. Stress, sociable, easily trained, easily find a common language. Valid passport.
Tel. + 79617432852 (Viber, WharsUp, Telegram)

Good afternoon. Experience with 201 years. Rost184, 95 weight, age-27. Amphibious types. In-737 / 757, A-319 / 320 / 321 / 330
Contact information: 8-977-936-92-05.

Hello! Join me for an interview, please)))
Height: 160 see
Weight: 50 kg
Dress size: 42
Age: 21 year.
Education: pharmaceutical.
tel. 89373556191.

Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. Experience in this area do not have, but really want to learn and work in this position. Experience in safety. Knowledge of English at the elementary level. It is easy to find common language with people.
Date of Birth: 31.08.1991
Height: 165
Weight: 50
Dress size: 40-42
My contacts: 89006773173,

Hello. Accept please my candidacy for the position of flight attendant aboard
my Account
growth 160
weight 65
age 35
intermediate knowledge of languages ​​English, German, French, Italian - beginner.
experience in large international cruise company
My contacts
Phone + 79788165135 viber, wotsapp

Good afternoon! Experience 1,5 years. Acting VLEK, PDAs. BC Types-757, in-737. Born 15.07.1992g. 172sm Height, weight 50kg.

Good afternoon.
Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. No work experience. School - English spoken. Education Medicine, a paramedic with experience in the ambulance. Born 23.02.1991g. Growth 172, 53 weight, clothing size 42. Not married, no children. Stress, sociable, teachable. It is easy to find a common language both with adults and with children. There is a valid passport. tel: 89147787485. mail

Good day!
Please let us consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant! Experience no work, but have a great desire to learn and work in this post!
Day rozhdeniya09.05.1990. Growth 172 46 clothing size.
Graduate social education. She worked as a conductor in railway and water transport!
The average level of knowledge of English, can izyasnyatsya simple sentences. Have a valid foreign passport! Single, no criminal record.
Hard-working, responsible, tolerant, sociable, do not smoke.
89232875293, e-mail

Good evening! Without experience, 05.06.1988, size 44-46, 180 growth. Ready to learn, basic English, hardworking. 89994486071

Good afternoon!
With so much interest and desire for this profession, I suggest you consider his candidature for the vacant position of flight attendant
Date of Birth: 09.02.1998 (18 years)
Education: the average total
Height: 166
Dress size: 42-44
Graduated from the School of Flight Attendants

Hello. I Titarenko Evgeniy Andreevich.Opyta board no conductor. Ready to learn. Not married. Children do not have. No convictions. Born 06.02.1995 G. registration address - Rostov-on-Don. Ready to move immediately to Krasnoyarsk place there. English base. Ready to travel and business trips. My charac- accurate, chistoploten, disciplined, non-smoker, sociable, stressoustoychiv experience of working with people there. Tell me please, what address to send a resume. Thanks in advance. my number telefona- 89895123806
Mail -
Ready to start the work soon.
growth 183
Sizing -s

Hello! Ya., Chukichev Ilya Sergeevich. Experience of flight attendant 3 year. Not married. Children No, I have. There is no previous conviction. Date of birth 20.07.1988 G. My residence address is St. Petersburg, aviation education. English is basic. I can speak very little English. Type of aircraft at the moment airbus 319, 320,321. Ready to move and business trip. My good sides are neat, disciplined, I do not smoke, I can communicate with people, I have stress resistance, I like helping people in any situation. Negative sides can not cope with monotonous work. Tell me which address to send the resume. Thank you for attention. My contact phone is 89117537304. Ready to start work soon.

Hello! I am Ozolina Irina Vladimirovna. Born on 18.03.1996. My height is 160 cm, my weight is 58 kg. I am not married, I have no children. No criminal record. My address of residence and registration: Krasnodar, Prikubansky district, st. Rymnikskaya 11 kv 65. She studied at the school of flight attendants named after Novokhatskaya in Krasnodar. She finished her studies on November 1, 2016. I know English from foreign languages, basic level. There are no relatives working in aviation. No criminal record. Ready for travel and business trips (if required), but I would like to work from Krasnodar. My good qualities: resistance to stress, friendliness, the ability to communicate and find a "common" language with people of different ages, smileiness, the ability to avoid conflict situations, the ability to listen, I like to help and serve people, determination, politeness. Thanks to the knowledge gained from the training, I can also provide not only passenger service, but also safety and medical care. I think I could join the ranks of your airline's flight attendants! I am sure you will not regret it! My Contacts: phone 89892771341; post office Thank you in advance and look forward to your call or message!

Hello, I would like to work for you in the airline flight attendant, experience has 1 year.
But since you want to be retrained big break.
Тел:. +7-917-743-84-56

Hello, I would like to know whether you now flight attendants are required. No experience, but willing to learn. Year 24, 165 height, clothing size 40-42. Where can I send a resume? My mail tel. 89233573371

Hello, there is a desire to work flight attendant, advise your company. Experience in this field is not present, but is ready to learn. 24 years, higher education, 165 height, clothing size 40-42. Do you need workers right now? My mail

Good day! Tell me what address to send resume ?? I have a valid flight attendant, my tel.89999608486, mail

Hello. Please tell me whether you require flight attendants. And if so then where to send the resume. I have a valid flight attendant. I 32 years 178 cm height., Clothing size 50. Longevity 3 years. Tel. 89670525260. El. mail

Good day! Tell me what address to send resume ?? I have a valid flight attendant, my tel.89114924880, mail

Good afternoon! Tell me, please, to what address to send a resume? My mobile number 89830010159, e-mail Thank you in advance for your response!

Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. I 26 years, higher technical education. Personal qualities: sociable, purposeful, active, responsible, stress. The level of English Intermediate. Growth 160, 40 clothing size. Phone 8-929-355-24-84, e-mail:

Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. Higher technical education, work experience in the banking sector. Personal qualities: sociable, purposeful, active, responsible, stress. English Intermediate. Growth 160, 40 clothing size. Passport is available. phone 8-929-355-24-84, e-mail:

please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. Initial training on types: TU-154, 204, Boeng 737, A318 / 319 / 320 / 321. 89069960432. m500 @ yandex/ ru

Kind time of day! I found out about the vacancy in your airline on the website, I want to apply for the flight attendant's position, unfortunately I do not have any work experience, but I'm ready to learn if there is such an opportunity! My height 160, the weight of 48, the size of 40-42! I have a passport abroad, I fly a lot! Birthday 19.06.1986gr, I have no health problems! I have a higher administrative education! Huge experience of communication with people, since worked 11 years stylist hairdresser. Stress-resistant, friendly, sociable, punctual, able to work in a team! With pleasure I will accept the offer to meet with you and tell you more about myself! You can contact me by tel. + 7 (926) 325-80-92 and by e-mail!
With deepest respect, Julia!

please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant))), I have experience in the aviation industry, including experience in aviation security))) phone for communication - 89533728011)))

Hello, I would like if there pointerisovatsya vacancies for the position of flight attendant? 5let experience!

Prompt e-mail address where to send your resume?

Good afternoon! Prompt, where it is possible for a job?
Higher education, he has experience.
TS 89501189163,

Hello! Prompt please, where you can send your resume to job flight attendant. There is a great desire rabotat.89501189163

Hello! Interested in working in your airline flight attendant.
Experience 6 years
Admission to Boeing 737 / ng / 47 / 67 / 777
Airbus 319 / 320 / 321
Certificate steward of the new sample
The current reference VLEK
Growth 173, 42 clothing size
28 years
Thank you in advance for your response!

Zdravstvuyte.Proshu consider my candidacy for the position of bortprovodnika.26 years experience B737 747 767 777 A320,21 rrj100

Good afternoon. Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. Experience 5,5 years. Admission to the Boeing 737,767,747,777, Tu-214. Growth 160, 42 clothing size.

Good afternoon! Prompt, where it is possible for a job?
Year 23, 177 growth, 44 size. Higher education, he has experience.
TS 89233754672,

Zdravstvuyte.Proshu consider my candidacy for the position of bortprovodnika.Mne 26 years, height: 162 cm, Size: 42.Dva higher education (psychology, legal psychology), with the experience of BP work. There svidetelsvto BP new model, valid documents. Acceptable types B.757 / 767; An 24 / 26 100 B.

tel. 89135531305

With respect to you Eugene.

Hello! I want to ask about the work of flight attendants. Edinstvennoe- pervonachalka unfortunately wean school stewards, 19 years, the weight of 55, 165 growth, live in Moscow very much hope that somehow possible to get you ready for all options for phone number 8 968 996 04 80 mail thanks in advance for your attention!

Hello please consider my candidacy for the position of board work provodnika.Opyt 3 years in the airline company North Wind In my types 757 767 321 320 And, I 32, 42 size, growth 178, 86 weight, I will note that the year 2 has not flown to tell overdue testament can get ?? Sincerely Vyacheslav 89257310267

Good day, please consider my candidacy for the post of attendant.
Experience 2, in a / to the North Wind. Acceptable types B. 737 / 757 / 767 / 777 A.319 / 320 / 321.
Age year 23, 160 growth, 42 size.
Phone 8 967 181 11 33.
Anastasia With regards, thanks in advance!

Good evening! I want to work in your airline flight attendant. 23g., Growth 175, 42 size, have a valid certificate VLEK, higher education. No work experience. Do you go to school, followed by flight attendants device in your carrier? Thank you.

Good afternoon. Consider please my candidacy for the position of conductor board. I finished Sasovo flight school, have evidence of civilian pilots. He served in the army. In absentia I study at the Leningrad Academy of Civil Aviation in the third year. Growth 1.84, sports, tough. English to 3 level. In 4 I was not able to deliver, working on it. I very much want to work in aviation. My phone 89253796067
Sincerely, Ilya Zubkov.

Good afternoon. A great desire to join your company as a flight attendant. Experience goda.rost 3 168, pp clothes 42.29 years. What you need to do? Tel. 8 913 566 10 88. Thank you.

Good day, please consider my candidacy for the post of attendant.
Past job AK Transaero. Tolerances 737 / 767 / 777 / 747. Experience 2 years 180 .Rost, Athletic.
Phone: + 7 (916) 5675673
+ 7 (495) 5983944

Good evening! And where you can send the form?
Please consider me as a candidate as a flight attendant with the current evidence on the types V737 / 777
The current reference VLEK.
contact tel. + 79878654121
Higher education.
Rost163, clothing size 40-42.

Vladimir and flight attendants
Experience 8 years,
aircraft types V737 / 777
Height: 176, p-clothes 46-48

Please consider me as a candidate as a flight attendant with the current evidence on the types V737 / 767 / 777, A319 / 320 / 321.
The current reference VLEK.
Experience 10 years.
Experience as a senior flight attendant 2 goda.kontaktny tel.89257277614
Higher education.
Rost165, clothing size 46.

Worked in a / k Transaero from 2008 years 2010 with senior flight attendant. There tolerances 737,737NG, 767,777,747, TU-214. Today is employed in a / to Russia. Interested in working in your airlines, good experience and the desire to eat. I am waiting for an interview invitation. 8-915-017-60-23.

I have tolerances 737-777 goda.Obschy 2006.Opyt with plaque 4075 chasov.dokumenty deystvuyuschie.89114673815

I would like to work in your company. Graduated from the "sky jet" training school, higher education. Experience in working with people is present. Ready to move. Easy to learn.

Hello! I'm Oksana! Experience in aviation there! Take me to his steward to work! I really want to work for you! My contact number 89149070620

A great desire to work in your Airlines! Certificate BP documents, VLEK, tolerances in the presence of all! Ready to get to work at any time! CV with photo attached!
I would appreciate your answer!

Hello! I very much want to work in your airline with an interesting name :) Three of higher education: 1) in philology (the knowledge of different languages ​​in addition to English), 2) psychological, 3) legal. There is a lot of experience working with people, starting with the work of the Conductor passenger car ... 89832620928