Jobs airline Nordavia
Jobs airline Nordavia

Jobs airline Nordavia


Airline "Nordavia"Was established in the early 2009 years based on the company" Aeroflot-Nord ". It is located in the city of Arkhangelsk and belongs to the company "Norilsk Nickel". The main kind of activity - is the transportation of passengers scheduled and charter flights in Russia and abroad. The company owns 9 airliners type Boeing 737. In addition to passengers, "Nordavia" and engaged in the transport of cargo to different distances.

The company and its staff are working efficiently to ensure the safety and comfort during the flight. Developed online services for faster passenger service.

Fleet and quality selection of personnel allow the airline "Nordavia" connect more than 30 the world's airports. The most active, this company is on the northwest territory of our state. In this region, it is - a leader in air transport. To maintain a high level of service, the company has a large permanent staff with appropriate education and skills. Experts meet all the norms and standards of quality in the service of both aircraft and passengers.

Representative offices are working in Russian cities 7 and 12 representative there who are engaged in the implementation of assistance. For deployment of aircraft used in the airport's biggest cities, namely Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Norilsk, Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk and Syktyvkar.

Jobs airline Nordavia

"Nordavia" offers its employees a stable and decent wages, full benefits package in accordance with the requirements of the Labour Code. It is also possible to provide an additional social package of JSC "Nordavia". Not less important is the possibility of further career growth and development in the industry.

Requirements for professionals who need companies "Nordavia"

Due to the active development of the company and the opening of new directions for flights, experts are required to be second pilots for Boeing-737 aircraft. The company is primarily interested in employees who are ready to begin almost immediately to fulfill their duties. It is possible and retraining of pilots, but the advantage is the pilots working on the machines "Boeing-737". The pilot must have the skills to work on the most popular modifications of these airliners. The second pilot of Nordavia is responsible for carrying out air transportation of passengers and cargo in accordance with the rules for the operation of this type of aircraft. During the flights it is necessary to adhere to the provisions of the FAP and the requirements of the PFD of this airline.

Requirements for the position of co-pilot

  • The presence of all admissions to the management of the company's aircraft.

  • Have access to flights under unusual weather conditions.

  • Availability navigation skills and work with the on-board equipment.

  • Provide a certificate by a medical committee to airworthiness.

  • Resolution on the transport of dangerous goods.

  • The certificate, which indicates the passage of courses such as ASP and CRM.

  • Provision of protocol, which indicates the level of English, and most importantly, that the level was not lower than the III to the ICAO scale.

In taking the post of co-pilot in the airline "Nordavia" experience is a big advantage. Flight experience on the aircraft type «Boeing» 737-300, 400 500 or should not be less than 300 flying hours. When hiring candidates are still the input control. Its complex included psychological testing to determine the future of professional pilots and mental image. After all this, interviews with company management, which is further defined by the quality of skills in the industry and knowledge of English.

Jobs airline Nordavia

By the selection of the flight attendants "Nordavia" also fits quite demanding. Set of wires to work on flights in the middle of the country and abroad.

Requirements for the position of flight attendant:

  • Work experience in the industry or in the service sector.

  • We must provide a valid VLEK.

  • Provide evidence of a flight attendant.

  • Requires admission to work on the aircraft type "Boeing-737».

  • Requires a certificate confirming the admission to the transport of dangerous goods on airplanes.

  • Confirmation of passing courses on rescue crew training for the above aircraft.

  • Education should not be lower than the average, higher education offers advantages.

  • Parameters for men: wear a size of up to 46 54 and 170 growth by up to 185 centimeters.

  • Options for Women: clothes size by up to 42 46 and 160 growth by up to 175 centimeters.

  • Required knowledge of English is not lower than the level of Intermediate.

  • Sociability, stress, responsibility for own work and teamwork.

  • This work requires good looks, set it correctly and competently, and of course, good manners.

Upon receipt of the post in the airline "Nordavia" employees must provide full security and comfort of passengers during the flight. In turn, the airline provides its employees social benefits and decent wages, which shall be issued without delay.

Do you have a vacancy of a flight attendant in St. Petersburg?

Date of birth: 22 December 1997 years (20 years)
Height: 160 Weight: 54 Clothing size: 44
Address: KhMAO-Yugra, Nizhnevartovsk
Actual address: St. Petersburg
Phone: 8 (950) 525 - 22 - 86
Relationship status: Single

Personal qualities:
Active and motivated;
Always results oriented;
I am sociable, I easily get new acquaintances;
I am able to work in a team;
I have organizational skills, business communication skills, drafting of project documentation and personnel management.

Desired salary: from 40 000 руб.
Ready to move to another city and frequent business trips.
Recommendations: ready to provide on demand.

Name: Meleshenko Lilia Gennadievna
Born 24.10.1978g.
Height - 173, weight - 52 kg, r.o. - 42 / 44
Languages: German, English
From 2003 to 2013: BP in a / k "Donbassaero", Donetsk
With 2003 - according to 2006: BP YAK-42
With 2006-by 2013: BP A-318,319,320,321
Total plaque:. 4933ch, 36 minutes
Marital status: Married
With 2014: Russian citizen (SPB)
valid passport
17.08.18. passed the attestation commission in Moscow on Boeing-737NG. Within a week should receive a certificate of the BP and the supporting documents of my retraining.
Phone: + 7 (906) 2601867

Hello! My name is Larionova Lyudmila, I would really like to work at your Airline.
I'm 29 years old, without bad habits, hardworking, positive, friendly, sociable.
My height 166, weight 55, clothing size 42, education-secondary special. I do not have scars, tattoos, scars.
City of residence Orsk.
Номер телефона:8-919-860-58-81

Hello! My name is Artem Olegovich Filippov, I would really like to work in your Airline-flight attendant. I 25 years, no experience, knowledge of the English language is satisfactory, without bad habits, hardworking, positive, affable. my height 172, weight 73, clothing size 48, education-secondary special. NUMBER: 89871367410,

Good afternoon! I want to work for your airline Nordavia, I'm 20 years old. Growth 166, clothing size 44, weight 59 89319755255

Hello! I really want to work in the airline "NORDAVIA"
I have a current flight attendant certificate, a certificate from VLEK, ready to start work tomorrow, Growth 187 weight 63 kg. clothing size 44 / 46 age 21 year. I have an economic education. There are no bad habits, scars, tattoos. Phone for 8922-541-0031

I want to work for you, skinte please.

Hello! I have a great desire to work as a flight attendant in the "Nordavia" company. Height: 165 cm.Weight: 56 kg. Clothing size: 44r. Age: 25 years old. Higher education in economics. Experience in regional administration and pension fund, leading specialist. No bad habits. Phone: 8-902-195-77-15

Good afternoon, I want to get into your company flight attendant.
Height: 167
Weight: 67
Clothing size: 44 / 46
Age: 19
I receive higher education (educator) and secondary (nurse)
No bad habits

Hello. Do you recruit candidates without the flight attendant experience?

Looking for a job pilota.obschy plaque 4500, on A 320-2700 8-905-764-87-83.

Where to find out where to send mail CV?

Hello my name is Vyacheslav me, I 32 2 years now not fly I can tell from the evidence of past due to get you to the airline 757 767 320

Good evening! I have the experience attendant, English bazovyy.Dopusk on A-319 / 320 / 321.

Good afternoon, I have experienced flight attendant, speak conversational English yazykom.Imeyu tolerances Boeing 737 BC Classic / NG; 757 / 200; 767 / 300 (retrain without admission); TU-204 / 300; A-319 / 320 / 321; A-310.
Land / Water ":
Susha757 / 200: valid until 26.05.2016g.
Land: 767 / 300: valid until 29.06.2016g.
Water: valid until 30.05.2017 of

Good afternoon! I would like to work flight attendant in your company.
growth 175
Age 27
Sizing 42
There is experience in the service sector: 5 years. Basic English, German start.

Who contacted directly about summer job?

I want you to work the flight attendants