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Jobs airlines Orenburg Airlines

Jobs airlines Orenburg airlines


The airline "Orenburg Airlines" offers its services to all citizens of the Russian Federation. It is wholly owned by the corporation "Aeroflot". The main focus of work are the transportation of passengers on scheduled and charter routes. This airline and its aircraft are based mainly on the ground in the cities of Orenburg and Moscow.

As for the air fleet, it consists of a rather large number of foreign-made aircraft, namely 24 machines such as Boeing-737 and three Boeing-777 class vehicles. The airline is developing quite actively, it can be traced through the statistics of passenger transportation in recent years. Due to the large passenger turnover, the company has a significant profit, which allows to improve the quality of service and invite more experienced employees to work or purchase new airliners. All these achievements could not be accomplished without experienced management and well-coordinated staff of the company.

The main task of the personnel of "Orenburg airlines" is to ensure the maximum safety of all customers on flights. To achieve this, Management is a very careful selection of candidates for all open jobs. Implementing a program to improve the qualification of employees.

Orenburg Airlines job

To get a position in the airline, applicants must meet all the requirements of leadership. First of all, you need to have the necessary knowledge of the position and be responsible for their work. Since this company is owned by "Aeroflot", and the requirements for employees are practically identical. Candidate need to send your resume to the company, which selected the most worthy and experienced specialists.

The pilot's position in the "Orenburg Airlines" provides for a higher education and an excellent command of English at least level 3 in the international system. The candidate must have a valid pilot's certificate and have at least 500 hours of flight experience on Boeing aircraft. The more experience, the more chances to take this vacancy in the company "Orenburg Airlines." It is possible to retrain pilots or increase their qualification level. As for the candidate himself, he must have an age not older than 50 years. The pilot's position provides for the organization of safe transportation of passengers on airliners, in addition, it is necessary to maintain aviation documentation. Also, the pilot must navigate while flying.

Orenburg Airlines job

In turn, the airline is obliged to provide its pilots with timely and decent wages, full benefits package. The company has a lot of rewards and bonuses for all employees. "Orenburg airlines" is a company that provides real conditions for further career growth in the aviation industry.

The most popular profession is a flight attendant. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • have the nationality of the Russian Federation and Belarus;

  • education should be not lower than the average, higher education is an advantage in obtaining this position;

  • must be of legal age, but not older than 26 years. Flight attendants with experience can take this job to 35 years, with the need to provide a valid certificate of admission to the flight attendants and flight;

  • Girls should have to rise from the 160 185 centimeters, young men - from the 170 185 to centimeters;

  • employees do not have to be overweight and tendency to gain weight;

  • and a special requirement is fluency in English not less than Intermediate International Classification;

  • military service must also provide documents on military registration;

  • possess communication skills, responsibility and teamwork.


Since the company "Orenburg airlines" is a well-developed and reliable, it is very value their reputation in the domestic market. That is why it tends to pick up a reliable and professional staff to better serve customers. The airline offers all employees excellent working conditions and decent wages.

Good afternoon.
Please consider me as a candidate.
Galina. 25Y (full) 25.06.1993 year
A citizen of the Russian Federation, I live in Orenburg.
Single. No children. I have two educations. Secondary professional - Medical. Medical College. And the first higher education, the Academy of State Service of the Russian Academy of Science and Technology. Specialty is a state municipal employee in the sphere of management. Personal skills: purposeful, rigorist, benevolent, tactful. Experience in the field of medicine in its various forms, 5. Experience in providing first aid. Experience in the sphere of transportation of people in the sphere of security. I speak intermediate English, I study Latin and French. Native Russian, speech without defects. I really want to fly and devote my life to the sky. Please reply to my comment and contact me: E-mail: [email protected] contact number: + 79877982384

Hello, are you considering another vacancy for a flight conductor? *

I want to nominate myself as a flight attendant, a dream since childhood,

Date of birth: 22 December 1997 years (20 years)
Height: 160; Weight: 54; clothing size: 44
Address: KhMAO-Yugra, Nizhnevartovsk
Actual address: St. Petersburg
Phone: 8 (950) 525 - 22 - 86
Relationship status: Single
Email: [email protected]

Work experience: waiter, trainer-teacher on jumping on a trampoline, chairman of a sports club, courier.

Personal qualities:
Active and motivated;
Always results oriented;
I am sociable, I easily get new acquaintances;
I am able to work in a team;
I have organizational skills, business communication skills, drafting of project documentation and personnel management.

Desired salary: from 40 000 руб.
Ready to move to another city and frequent business trips.
Recommendations: ready to provide on demand.

Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant. Date of birth: 22.07.1993. (25year)
Phone: 89677773233
Mail:[email protected]
Citizenship / residence of the Russian Federation
Orenburg region
Higher education start 2011. End of 2018.
Educational institution
Orenburg State Pedagogical University

Faculty of Foreign Languages
Specialty Teacher 1 in. yaz. (fr) and 2 in. yaz. (English) (Bachelor)

Work period
01.2017 - up to now. Company Videochat "Pelikam"
Position Moderator of site, copywriter
- monitoring the implementation of video chat rules by users;
- tracking and verifying the user's content;
- assessment of the severity of violations and the application of appropriate measures;
- help in the support and development of video chat;
- drawing up of the daily report, etc.
Work period
09.2016. - 01.2017. German site for pet products Hundeland.de
Position Moderator, site copywriter
- updating of the goods;
- making changes to the list of goods in the store;
- sorting of goods;
- advising users of the online store;
- compilation of a daily report, etc.
Work period
09.2015. -07.2016. LLC Life-Style, Beauty and Health Salon
Admin position
Obligations - receiving calls and recording customers;
- meeting clients at the reception and advising on all issues;
- solution of organizational issues;
- compilation of a daily report, work in 1S, etc.

information • There is experience in translating foreign websites, an award in the competition for the translation of foreign articles, conducted within the university.
• June 2017. -Linguistic camp at the Gymnasium № 2 (Orenburg), teaching 2 languages ​​(French and English).
• Relationship status: Single
• the presence of children is not
• Growth of 160 see
• Weight 50 kg.
• Clothing size: 42.
• Bad habits: no.
• Criminal record: no
• level of possession of the PC-advanced user, knowledge of the programs Word, Excel, Fhotoshop, Publisher, Wordpress, PHP, 1С- Bitrix
• knowledge of foreign languages ​​- English (colloquial, technical translation), French (colloquial, technical translation)
• driver's license - category B, there is no personal car
• professional achievements - ability to make responsible decisions, organizational skills, conflict resolution, identification of needs of clients.
• personal qualities - perseverance, stress-resistance, responsibility, learning.

Dear Applicants, Orenair has ceased to exist since 2016 !!

Yemelyanov Yevgeny Vladimirovich
Date of birth: 18.05.1994, Kazan
Actual residence: Kazan, ready to relocate
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Phone: 89033050778, 89872075455
height 165 cm, weight 61 kg
Service in the army: Ch M F senior commander 2015-2016 g
E-mail - [email protected]
Marital status - not married, no children
2014g Institute of Economics and Law of Kazan specialty: manager-logist
Additional education:
Private educational institution "MIG Training Center" private security guard 4 category
CHP DPO "Flight Attendant School" with 24.01.2018 according to 19.04.2018 d, flight attendant's certificate from 19.04.2018, operating HLEC
2016-2017 g CHOP AB Dynamo guarding
Advanced: Confident Use of PC Master of Sports in football is not judged (reference available)
Personal qualities:
- active life position;
- Literacy, high trainability, constant work on yourself;
- High level of responsibility, punctuality, efficiency;
- Fond of travel, there is a need to constantly expand your horizons;
- No bad habits (do not smoke).

10.03.1984 gr, education Orenburg State University, qualification manager. Growth 170, weight 58, knowledge of French.

Vacancy: flight attendant
89198562482, [email protected]
167sm, 48kg
Not married, no children
Harmful habits are absent
Registration address: Orenburg, ul. Shevchenko, 251, kv46
Residence address: Orenburg, Victory Avenue, 149 / 1, kv45
Education: Secondary special. 2014-2017. Orenburg accounting and financial technical school. Specialty: Law and social security organization. Qualification: lawyer
2017g- Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Faculty: philological. Profile: Russian language and literature. Extramural.
English, level: basic
Work experience: 2014 (July-September) a waiter in the summer veranda of the Kosmos restaurant in the Fortress
2017 (October) -2018 (March) is an English teacher (younger group, children from 4 to 6 years); tutor in Social Studies and History for 11 class.
2017 (December) - up to the present time, animator at the Fidget Center
No criminal record (reference available)
Desired workplace city Orenburg

Hello, I ask you to consider my application for the position of flight attendant of your company.
1) Age - 33 years.
2) 164 cm, 70 kg, 48 clothing size.
3) Higher Education (Pedagogical College - English Teacher, ISGZ - Lawyer).
4) Knowledge of English is good - Intermediate.
5) Work experience in construction, land cadastre.
6) About: Responsible, stress-resistant, communicative, punctual.
7) Why do I want to work in your company?
Dream of childhood - stewardess. I love the sky.
I can find a common language with people.
I will be glad to see your candidacy!
9) [email protected]
10) + 79063309141

Hello, I ask you to consider my application for the position of flight attendant of your company.
1) Maria-20 years old.
2) 178cm, 56 kg, 42-44 clothing size.
3) Secondary-prof. Education (Pedagogical College named after NK Kalugin - teacher of primary classes).
4) Knowledge of English is good, at the level of conversation.
5) Work experience in trade (direct sales), public catering.
6) About: Responsible, friendly, stress-resistant, kind, punctual.
7) Why do I want to work in your company?
From the very childhood I dreamed of becoming either a teacher or a flight attendant, one dream came true, I follow the second. I love the sky and I want it to be a part of my life.
Also, pretty attractive and pretty girl. I can find a common language with people and exit from conflict situations.
I will be glad to see your candidacy!
9) [email protected]
10) + 79123413913

Hello. Please consider my candidacy for a flight attendant.
About Me: -29 лет
Height / weight: -170 / 65
Education: OGIM (accounting), MSU (teacher Izo)
Experience :
2014-2016- Flight attendant in a / k, Ural Airlines ,,
2009-2014- Scheduled Manager in OGIM
Characteristics: benevolent, I know the specifics of the work, there is an admission to VS-A319 / 320 / 321. Knowledge of English. Readiness for business trips.
Phone: 89697468777
Mail:[email protected]

Good day! Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant.
About Me
Name: Ignashina Valentina Vitalevna
Age: 22 years
Height: 169 see
Weight: 59 kg
Education: higher, specialty "Linguist-translator", graduated from SUSU
Languages: English at Advanced level, German level at B2
Marital status: single, no children
Qualities: benevolent, tolerant, easily adaptable and trained
Phone: 89198521749
Email: [email protected]
Thank you in advance.
Sincerely, Ignashina V.V.

Hello, I ask you to consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
Filippov Artem Olegovich
89871367410, e-mail: [email protected]
06.02.1992- date of birth, height-172, weight-73;
Marital status is single;
bad habits, no; Republic of Bashkortostan Sterlitamak;
initial professional, ending-2011, State Educational Institution of Initial Professional Education Professional Lyceum No. 15.
German-удов., англ.-удовл;
work experience from 11.04.2013 to 18.10.2017, LLC "NTS-LEADER" - operator of machine tools with programmed control.
relatives working in your organization-no
served as 2011-2012- junior sergeant, commander of the secondary tanks division
previous conviction-absent
about myself: purposeful, friendly, able to work in a team, honest, ready to learn to strive for the best!

Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for the post: flight attendant. 21year education is a secondary special-management. Height 167cm clothing size 42. Stress-resistant, sociable, responsible, easily trained, not married, no children. I am ready for various business trips. + 79228877036
Mail:[email protected]

Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for the post of stewardess. I am 20 years old, height 176 cm, weight 63 kg, clothing size 44. Education "Secondary special". She graduated from the Mining College. Marital status - not married, no children. Citizenship - RF. Personal qualities: Responsible, sociable, purposeful, stress-resistant, benevolent. Phone number: +7 (922) 540-46-04; email address mail: [email protected]

Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant. My name is Nazgul, 24 years. I live in Orenburg. Height 164 cm, weight 61 kg.
Education: Adamov Agricultural Technical College, specialty: Accountant
Orenburg State Agrarian University, specialty Bachelor in Economics
English at the basic level, but I continue to actively study.
Personal qualities: responsibility, communication skills, determination, focus on results
Marital status: single, no children
Телефон: 8-932-558-75-96
Mail: [email protected]

Please consider my candidacy as flight attendant.
About Me
Name Sukhoplechenko Oleg Nikolaevich
Date of birth: 29.04.1989. (28 years)
Height, weight: 172 / 60
Higher education
Service in the Armed Forces did not serve. Restricted is good (I do not appeal for peace calls)
Experience: JSC Tander Commodity expert (administrator) of the store
Personal qualities: sociable, punctual, communicative, determined.
C / T 89534555796
Mail: [email protected]

Good day, I ask you to consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. This vacancy is very attracted by the numerous opportunities that the company provides to its employees. I recently turned 27 years old, height 160 cm, weight 57 kg, clothing size 42-44. Higher education: "Psychologist. Teacher of Psychology". Graduated from Orenburg State University. The level of English is fluent. Marital status - not married, no children. Citizenship - RF. Personal qualities: Responsible, sociable, purposeful, stress-resistant, benevolent. Phone number: +7 (986) 799-17-16; email address mail: [email protected]

Hello, my name is Daria.
I live in Orenburg.
26.02.1997 year of birth.
I study at the correspondence course in Orenburg State University at the Faculty of Foreign Language. Possession of English - Intermediate.
Full years 20. The growth of 165. Weight 60. Size of clothes 44.
About yourself: коммуникабельная, пунктуальная, стрессоустойчивая. I will begin to start training and work immediately.
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Elena. I live in Orenburg. Graduated 11 classes. I have an incomplete higher education in the Faculty of Economics of the full-time faculty (for the time 2 years) of the Full Years 19. Growth 175 weight 73 kg. I know English at the basic level, but I continue its active study. Smart, responsible, even through the chur. Resolute. [email protected]

Hello, I want to set up your company, it's easy to train! Very polite, Elijah 25 years. Scattering Medium-special, not finished higher, while studying in absentia, do not know much English, I will be very happy! If you take me to my studies, I dreamed of this profession with my grandfathers! That's decided as a friend!)

Khodataev Vladislav Viktorovich I ask you to consider my candidacy as a flight attendant or to that position where I can go. Date of birth: 19.11.1988. (28). Height, weight: 163 / 70. Higher education. Service in the RF Armed Forces: 2006-2009. Experience: Metro Cash-and-Kerry Ltd. to this day. Personal qualities: sociable, punctual, cheerful cheerful person as I always said better once to see than hear a hundred times. C / T 89877903750.

Mikhailov Nikolay Vladimirovich
Please consider my candidacy as flight attendant.
About Me
Date of birth: 02.10.1994. (23 years)
Height, weight: 175 / 75
Education: secondary vocational
Service in the RF Armed Forces: 2012-2013
Work experience: ooo "banquetprof" waiter, cook, bartender, administrator
LLC CB Renaissance Credit Credit Expert
LLC "Tinkoff Bank" bank representative

Personal qualities: sociable, punctual, communicative, determined.

C / T 89994307522
Mail: [email protected]

Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
24 year, single. Growth 165, weight 58, representative appearance.
Education is secondary, knowledge of English, literate speech. It is stress-resistant, punctual, responsible. Experience in sales and customer relations 4 year (in one organization)
I live in Orenburg
Ready to start working and learning immediately.

I live in the city of Orsk. Orenburg region.
24 years
Ros 165, weight 53 kg
I'm studying at the Chelyabinsk State University. Extramural. Department of Economics.
There is an experience of working with people. In the sphere of trade.
She graduated from school board explorers sky jet.
I am sociable, I can work in a team, I quickly mobilize.
If I approach you, please contact me:
Tel. 89867821589
Email: [email protected]

Good afternoon! There is a great desire to work as a flight attendant! I 29 years, the growth of 164, the weight of 54, is stressful, active, the experience of the waitress is, the higher education of the OSU is full-time, an optimist for life[email protected]

Good afternoon!
Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
I 25 years.
Height: 172 cm.
Weight: 60 kg.
Dress size: 44-46
Education: higher economic
Knowledge of English: basic
There are no bad habits.
Additional information: stress-resistant, sociable, hard-working, honest.
If you are interested in me, please contact me by phone number: 8-919-155-98-16 or by e-mail. address: [email protected]

Hello, I ask you to consider me as flight attendant. 1) To me 23 years; 2) Growth-173; 3) Weight-58kg; 4) Education-higher. Specialty-Veterinary Medicine. 5) Knowledge of English-intermediate level.Ispansky-initial.6) I play sports.7) I have a driving license of category B. 8) Hard-working, sociable, stress-resistant, I can provide first aid. by me at 9 or by e-mail [email protected]

Good afternoon, I would very much like to work in your airline. Briefly about yourself: higher education, growth 167, weight 53, full years 26, hardworking, responsible, stress-resistant. Experience in a restaurant, honey. institution, hotel business administrator. If you are interested in me, please contact me by phone

Hello! Education: Higher School of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism, Department of Foreign Languages. Knowledge of English and German is average. I'm 23 years old. Height 163 cm, weight 56 kg. There is an experience of working with clients. Stress-resistant, responsible, easy-to-learn, attractive appearance. If you are interested in me, please contact me at 89058410179.

Hello! I would really like to work with you. I'm 24 years old, education is incomplete higher OGPU fact of foreign languages, knowledge of English is average, worked as a conductor of a passenger car, sociable, stress-resistant, conflict-free, compromises, easily trained, ready for a new post of duty. If I'm interested in you, please call me here on This number is 89058176334, I'll wait for an answer.

Good afternoon! Two higher educations of the OSU, I work in the field of logistics, I have a lot of experience in communication with both suppliers and customers, I also took courses in dealing with customers from a cold call ending with a personal meeting and concluding contracts. Passage of military service to the strategic missile forces 2014-2015. Sociable, sociable, calm. Growth 189 weight 80 kg. I do sports in my spare time, no bad habits! Tel: 89872029394

Good afternoon! Education higher OMGUU them. Stolypin, Worked in a bank, a high level of stress resistance.
The ability to withdraw from conflict situations.
Ability to find a common language with people. Height 165, weight 58 winner of the competition "Pearl of Siberia" tel. 89058930280

Good day!
Purpose: To find an interesting work that will make it possible to use all my skills, including English, in practice. Therefore, despite the 4-year experience in the field of education, I decided to radically change my profession and try myself as a flight attendant.
Personal qualities: Stress-resistant, responsible, sociable person. I perform any tasks at the maximum of my capabilities. I constantly improve my knowledge. Interested in sport.
Education: Orenburg State University. Specialty "History"
Height: 166 cm.
Weight: 52 kg.
Contact details: E_mail: [email protected], Tel. 89878685423

Stangeeva Olga Leonidovna

X.Donkovtseva street 5 / 1, sq. 25


Education: Aktyubinsk Pedagogical College
English teacher
Pedagogical University named after K. Zhubanov
Orenburg State University
Psychologist. Teaching of psychology.

Place of birth: Aktyubinsk

Date of Birth: 09.03.1979

Russian nationality


Relationship status: Single

Work experience: 6 years in school from elementary to senior level, English teacher, head of English language English 4, 2 category

Advanced training courses: Regional Center for Advanced Training of Educators "Modern Educational and Information Technologies in the Teaching and Educational Process of the School", certificate, 2012; Participation in the regional scientific and practical conference on the early learning of the English language, certificate, 2012; Institute for Advanced Studies "Orleu" 2014., "Teaching and Professional Development-Integrating ICT and Web Technologies into the Classroom", certificate, 2013. Courses of the third basic level (Cambridge), the Institute of Advanced Training "Orleu", certificate, 2014. Diplomas and letters of thanks for many years of work, education of the younger generation, for the excellent preparation of students for the delivery of a single national test ... ..

Computer skills: Word, Excel, Internet, Photoshop, Power Point

Personal qualities: responsibility, working capacity, ability to work in a team, sociability, tact, purposefulness.

Good afternoon. very interested in the vacancy flight attendant is in your company.
It has experience in a managerial position in the restaurant industry.
3 finish the course at OSU (combining work no problems, as there are free entrance).
I 21 year (07.04.1996).
Growth 164, 50 kg weight.
Knowledge of English at Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate.
Statement: attractive appearance, ability to approach different people in conflict situations, responsibility and acquire knowledge in the shortest possible time.
I was born and live in Orenburg.
Contact details: [email protected], 89198409453 phone (to call at any time).
I would be very happy to get this position because confident that it can handle all 100%.

Desired position: attendant.
Work experience: no. Only the restaurant business.
Education: 11 2 Klassov.srednee professional education course (. Absentia session closed.)
Employment: permanent
Foreign languages: English (basic)
Statement: High levels of stress.
The ability to withdraw from conflict situations.
The ability to find common language with people.
Details: Height-187, Weight-82, athletic physique
No harmful habits. I live in the city of Ufa.
Phone Number: + 7 (917) 414-95-26

Welcome interested in this position.
Statement: Man, year 21, 188-height, weight-94 kg, athletic build (do in the gym, I have a qualification in this field)
Education: Bachelor in direction: engineer in the field of extraction and processing of oil and gas. Extras. qualification: translator engineering documentation.
Knowledge of English: Pre-Intermediate-Intermediate.
Ready to grow, learn and discover new horizons.

Hello! Quite a long time interest in this vacancy. A dream since childhood, as banal as it may sound! Statement: 20 years, 165 growth, 55 weight; knowledge of English pre intermediate. Orenburg.
Contact details: [email protected] ; 89225564741

Welcome interested in the position of flight attendant.
Statement: 25let, 160sm height, weight 45kg.
Knowledge of English - basic. She worked in the beauty industry, has its interior. Stress, I know how to solve conflict situations, easily trainable.
Contact details: [email protected] + 7 (913) - 777- 95- 38

Good day, please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant. The choice of your company is associated with many positive reviews. Statement: 18 full years, the growth of 162 cm, weight 57 kg, spelled out and live in the city of Dmitrov (Moscow Region), has experience in the restaurant business (waiter, administrator), I am able to solve conflict situations, polite, stress, English baseline , without experience flight attendant, but with a great desire and the desire to learn the profession)
My contact details are: [email protected]; + 79264837508

Hi, would love to get it into your airline, I studied at the School of flight attendants in Krasnodar, I year 21, 170 height, weight 55kg. Are registered in Krasnodar, I live in Orenburg.

find a job airman
He studied in the Krasnodar military flight school.
He served in the Air Force Southern Yemena.Zhivu in Aden
22.10.1972 year of birth
2500 hours raids on Article A-39, 22-Su, Zilina, pilot-instructor
+967 738 574 584
[email protected]

Russian, Arabic, English

Good day, I would love to work in your airline. Briefly about myself: higher education, level of English pre intermediate, 170 growth, weight 57, 29 full years, hardworking, responsible, stress. Experience in the catering trade.

Good day, I would love to work in your airline. Briefly about myself: higher education, level of English pre intermediate, 170 growth, weight 57, 29 full years, hardworking, responsible, stress. Experience in the catering trade.

Good day! I'd like to get the flight attendant.)) I 36, weight increase, and external data correspond to the requirements. Age - is a strong obstacle?

Hello! Very much I would like to get the flight attendant! Please tell me when it will be set and whether it is possible to work with a basic level of English language at least at first?


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