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Jobs airline RusLine

Jobs airlines RusLine


Russian airline "RusLine"Engaged in the carriage of passengers on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Performs both scheduled flights and charter flights, as a rule, they are sent to the resort cities of the world. In addition, transport documents and mail. Aircraft of the company is carried out flights from Moscow airports, namely from Domodedovo and Vnukovo.

Initially, this company is an operator of charter flights. This activity "RusLine" began to engage in early June 1997 years. The company had at the time had its own fleet of aircraft and personnel who osluzhival both ships and passengers. Operator Certificate firm received in 2003 year.


At the beginning of 2007, the company received permission, which allowed using a Bombardier CRJ 100 / 200 aircraft on regional routes. This permission RusLine received the first among all domestic airlines. Since 2009, this company has launched a new strategic policy, through which regional flights have developed. In 2010, the company swallowed up the airline in Yekaterinburg, which was called Volga-Aviaekspress. Due to this and the support of Koltsovo airport, two hubs were created, with the help of which flights were conducted from Ekaterinburg, and also from Volgograd.

Due to the large number of aircraft fleet and routes communications companies need a lot of employees.

To get the position of pilot of aircraft type Bombardier CRJ in this company, you need to meet a lot of requirements. First of all, the candidate must be aged up to 55 years and be a citizen of the Russian Federation or Belarus. It is mandatory that the pilot be certified for airliners of the Bombardier type. Each candidate must be ready to work in the largest cities of our state. As for education, it should be not lower than the average professional, the advantage is higher education in the aviation industry. Required is the knowledge of the English language, which must be at least 4 level in the international ICAO system. There is a need for preparation for the implementation of flights to the International Air Lines and for mandatory medical withdrawal by the VLEC.

In turn, the airline provides the following conditions:

  • timely and decent wages;
  • comprehensive benefits package that meets all the requirements of our state, as provided leave and sick leave, which is paid by the airline;
  • the entire workforce has a career opportunity that will lead to increased experience and salary.

In practice, such demands airline "RusLine" presents to all pilots on the company's ships. The difference can only be tolerance for the respective airplane because airplanes and require a variety of skills and experience.

Most often, as in other companies in this industry, it is required to update the flight attendants, since this profession assumes, apart from education and skills, excellent external data. The flight attendant at RusLine should have an admission to the flight on the appropriate liner. The vacancy of the flight attendant necessarily includes knowledge of English. As for appearance, all candidates should not be inclined to fullness and have the necessary indicators of growth and age. Due to the fact that this profession provides for contact with passengers, all flight attendants and stewards should not have injuries, scars or tattoos on open areas of the body.


The main task of the company's management is to connect even small cities of the Russian Federation with the use of medium-range new-generation aircraft, which are economical and comfortable. They are able to transport people even under difficult meteorological conditions. Such machines can be safely operated on high-altitude runways. According to international organizations, CRJ airliners are considered to be the safest in the world, and a high-quality and comfortable cabin will help make the flight as cozy as possible. In addition, the company has a permanent professional staff.

Airline "RusLine" has affiliated companies and aircraft maintenance to maintain their safety and quality with all the international requirements. One of them is the company with the designation "Rusline technician." It can handle ships and other companies in Russia. Technical and financial support has been the company 'FastEyr ", which for many years cooperated with the" RusLine ". The biggest acquisition was Swedish firm AirlineSupport, which is located in Stockholm. She spends more heavy maintenance work on the fleet.

All this shows that a large number of planes and lines, which are carried out both permanent and charter transportation, need a lot of employees. That is why the airline "RusLine" constantly is recruiting workers for various jobs.

Dear All. I'm pilot with more than 12000 hours. 4000 hours PIC on CRJ200 (CL850).
I would like to know if you have any available Captain job in CL850.?

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