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Jobs airlines Saratov Airlines

Jobs airlines Saratov airlines 


In the city of Saratov is based another domestic airline called "Saratov airlines"Sometimes it is abbreviated as" Saravia ". Its main task is the passenger and cargo transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Enterprise to 2011 years was a branch of "Aeroflot".

The first steps the enterprise made back in 1931, when a department for rural aviation was established. The first vehicles of this enterprise were airplanes of the type U-2, and for today the airline uses new modern passenger aircraft, such as Embraer 195. They can be effectively used for flights to different distances. At the end of 2014, the aircraft fleet of "Saratov Airlines" consisted of ten aircraft, of which 2 foreign Embraer 195 and 8 domestic aircraft, such as Yak-42. Aircraft type Embraer 195 company rented and ordered two more. According to statistics, it can be seen that this airline has recently been gaining momentum in its development, as the number of passengers it transports is steadily growing.

Saratov airlines

Due to the large number of aircraft and sets the direction of flight "Saratov Airlines" takes a lot of professional staff. The company almost always is recruiting staff for a large number of vacancies. All jobs involve the collection of a casting, which win the best resume.

Job advertisements in airline "Saratov Airlines" and the requirements for candidates

Navigator for ground support missions. It requires the candidate to higher education in a technical field. Requires experience work as a navigator at least 3 years. In turn, the company provides a stable and decent wages, full benefits package in accordance with the Code of the Russian Federation.

The vacancy of the manager of logistics and customs clearance of documents is also open. For this position you need to have a college education and a high level of proficiency in English, not below the level of upper-intermediate. Necessary is also the knowledge of customs, taking into account all the nuances and foreign trade. This position requires work experience of at least one year. This manager must work with the PC confidently. Since the work involves working with people, then the candidate must possess communication skills and stress tolerance. The employee is obliged to conduct full customs support of orders and execution of documents. The manager conducts full support and delivery of goods to the warehouse. The airline "Saratov Airlines" provides all its employees with a decent salary and a social package.

In order to obtain a flight attendant position in the company, the candidate must have the following documents: a flight attendant's certificate and the relevant flight permits for the aircraft the airline uses. With regard to education, it has no special advantages, the most important is a good knowledge of English at a conversational level. All young men and women who want to take this vacancy must have a pleasant appearance and not have injuries, scars or tattoos on open areas of the body. Flight attendants "Saratov Airlines" must first ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during the flight.

Saratov airlines

There are vacancies for the post of the pilot in the airliners of type E-190. Requirements: have the nationality of our country must be secondary or higher education in the field of flight, pilot certificate with a mark or qualification EMV179 190 type as an instructor. The candidate must provide a medical certificate of the first class. Also important is the knowledge of the English language is not lower than the fourth level of the ICAO international scale. In turn, the company provides employees with a stable salary and social security in accordance with state standards.

"Saratov Airlines" is often carried out recruitment and other vacancies. Selection of professional and responsible employees allows the company provide quality service to passengers. It should be noted that all the jobs provided by the company, provide for further career growth.

Good morning
I worke before officer operations air way and logistic with Halliburton co now looking for job
alaa Naseuif
Iraq00964 07811595571

• Attractive appearance;
• The ability to find common language with all the passengers and the high level of stress;
• A responsibility;
• The ability to withdraw from conflict situations;
• High level of self-organization.
• Growth 175
• Weight 62
• ot42-44 Size
tel 89045950206 mail.
2015 - 2016
Company: Teleperformans
Specialist in working with customers
• Solving conflicts remotely.
• Passenger service on the phone
• Booking of tickets, moditsikatsiya.
• Special Order service, food, location, etc.
• Check hotel, reservations
• Negotiating with other terrestrial services to ensure flight
• Providing complex services on board

Good day! Tell me, please, phone the personnel department.

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Good day! I would like to get a job as a flight attendant Yak-42 - April 15.04.77, 2004 I have been working in aviation since 42. I have admission to the Yak-42, admission of a flight attendant-instructor Yak-2021, certificate of a new type of flight attendant, international passport until 2021, VLEK until 2017, ASP "water" until September 4699, admission to international flights, total flight time 00 hours XNUMX minutes ...