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Transaero Airlines Jobs

Famous Russian Transaero Airlines (Transaero Airlines) was founded back in 1990, and became the first private aviation company in the USSR. Today Transaero has a presence in more than 80 aircraft. Park companies based at the airport DomodedovoBut also Transaero has two additional hub in Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg) and Pulkovo (St. Petersburg). Due to the large volume of domestic and international air transportation company Transaero constantly offers Vacancies flight attendants.

No modern passenger flight on airlines the world does not take place without the participation of the flight attendants or stewards and stewardesses. Flight attendants - is the rank and file employees are experts on water or aircraft. They are engaged in the processing of passengers, crew members and are responsible for their safety. In the event of an accident the stewards have to help the victims and other passengers.

Today, working in civil aviation is considered very prestigious occupation with decent pay. In company Transaero flight attendants job It is very popular and usually there is no vacant seats. Yet young people tend to take a position in Transaero is due not only interesting and exciting work, but decent earnings, career opportunities. Moreover, such Transaero job allow fans to travel to combine two things: the ability to earn and at the same time to visit many countries.

For all those who wish to obtain Vacancies company Transaero, Organized free training. Actually, after the successful passage of three-month course, everyone will be able to obtain such a desirable job. Along with the official employment stewards issued compulsory social insurance and guaranteed working conditions in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

To get the job of Transaero, Applicants must possess the appropriate qualities. Transaero flight attendants job presuppose the existence of post-secondary education, a good knowledge of spoken English (level Pre-Intermediate), the appropriate age (women - up to 30 years, boys - to 35 years), and the corresponding increase (girls - from 165 see guys - of 170 cm). And, of course, need to have a neat appearance as a candidate for Transaero job It becomes the face of the company.

Jobs Transaero

Jobs Transaero

International airline Transaero invites young dedicated people to work as a flight attendant. Anyone wishing to obtain Vacancies company Transaero encouraged to be totally free training or retraining in a profession, "the flight attendant." The duration of training courses amountedS THE 3 months. If you pass the training, the training will last 1,5 months. It is estimated learning outcomes Airlines Transaero offers Vacancies and subsequent employment.

The flight attendant duties will include ensuring the safety of the flight and passenger service on the airline's flights.
Transaero flight attendants job imply special requirements for candidates. Young people must have citizenship of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation. Age limits fluctuate between 19 and 30 years. If you have experience in a similar position, then age limits range from 20 to 35 years. Your education should be specialized secondary.

For girls exhibited the following requirements:

  • - An increase of up to 160 175 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 46-th.

Requirements for boys:

  • - An increase of up to 170 185 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 54-th.

And the girls, and young people should not have tattoos or scars in the open areas of the body.
Mandatory requirements on job Transaero apply excellent knowledge of English (level Pre-Intermediate), the ability to swim well. Vision candidates money had to be lower -2,5. All applicants must have a passport and valid flight attendants - evidence of a flight attendant.

Transaero Airlines vacancies performs flights from the international airports of Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. Your wages will sostavdyat from thousands to 50 60 thousand. Transaero flight attendants job when the design work is guided solely by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the mandatory benefits package available. Social package includes holiday pay, sick, insurance, flight personnel, as well as medical care. Transaero Airlines vacancies flight attendants involves the provision of additional social package that includes discounted tickets for current workers and their families, allowances for seniority, personal pensions. Airlines flight attendants offered lending programs, as well as health and fitness program. In addition, by submitting an application for Transaero jobYou have a real opportunity to get into a friendly and professional team to build a successful career.

Only here you can see the current vacancies:

Transaero (Transaero). Official site.

Good afternoon!
Once again, the flight attendants will set in St. Petersburg?
A few months always follow the vacancies in your company.

Hello! My name is Anna, I'm 24 years, growth 167, 42 clothing size, higher education. I have a great desire to work bortprovodnikom.Moya mail:

I would be grateful, if you can communicate month of recruitment of flight attendants in your company.

Hello, I work flight attendant, but I really wanted to cut and to continue to work in aviation, it can be arranged to the airline? Where can I go with this issue !!

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Good afternoon!
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Good afternoon!
I have a great desire to work stewardess! In 2006 year sent the company Transaero your CV with a photo, and even been invited, but due to the circumstances of the meeting did not take place. A desire and dream to fly still lives in my heart !!! I would be very glad if you respond back to my candidacy. Ready to send your resume and photo. My address

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Hello! I want to work a flight attendant. Age 21 year. Height 164sm. Clothing size 44.

I shall be grateful if inform month of the recruitment of flight attendants in your company

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If you do not know how to swim, then do you have any chances to get into your company as a flight attendant?

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and if you -5 in the case of an emergency, you will lose them as able to perform their evacuation and other direct charges are not distracted by the thrall of what you see? if God forbid do not damage their eyes by them. FLY glasses can be. to -2.5 (with dokorektsiey before to -5) read legislation requirements. not so scary. and the operation has not been canceled! Good luck!

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