Jobs airline Vladivostok Avia
Jobs airline Vladivostok Avia

Jobs airline Vladivostok Avia 


Airline "Vladivostok Air"Works in the territory of our country, the main airport and is based Vladivostok, there are also hubs in the city of Khabarovsk. Most of the shares owned by the company "Sakhalin Airlines".

In addition to working on the territory of the Russian Federation, the company carries out flights to other countries. For this purpose, six aircraft types Airbus A330, which make up the fleet of the company. "Vladivostok Avia" also owns three helicopters type Mi-8. This can be considered as the airline is rightfully one of the oldest, as its history dates back to 1932 years.

To serve fairly large fleet of aircraft, the company has a sufficient number of permanent employees. It is constantly being improved by the opening of new flight destinations, and they require more staff. For high-quality service to its passengers the company is recruiting staff. Open positions from the airline "Vladivostok Avia" provide for the selection of professional and responsible employees with the appropriate level of training.

Jobs airline Vladivostok Avia

Jobs - it's mostly cabin crew set to work in the city of Khabarovsk and Moscow. The basic requirements for those who take this position are the availability of higher education, or at least secondary special license steward, which corresponds to state standards. It is also one of the main requirements is a good knowledge of the English language, namely, the candidate must be fluent in it. Make sure the candidate must provide access to fly on jets Tu-204 и A320.

"Vladivostok Air" almost constantly, like any other airline, conducts a set of flight attendants. The staff in this position should be young, educated and active. That's why many flight attendants leave the post because of age. Often flight attendants after getting married or marrying pass to a land way of life and part with the profession. It should be noted that in recent years, the number of guys in this profession has increased significantly, because on board the liner requires and male power. In addition, the company "Vladivostok Air" adequately pays for the work of its flight attendants.

Basic requirements and conditions of adoption of the airline "Vladivostok Avia" in the cabin attendant job

Initially, before the selection of employees, the company's management conducts a full analysis of the questionnaires submitted. After that, the staff is selected for further testing of the English language, as knowledge of languages ​​is the key to quality passenger service on various routes. In addition, attention is also paid to the physical data of the candidate. So, the stewardess's growth should not be more than 175 centimeters and not less than 160 centimeters. These parameters are not just a whim of leadership, but are related to the features of work in the cabin of the aircraft. Also, the appearance of the flight attendant remains important, namely, there should be no physical defects and a tendency to fullness.

Upon completion of all the above mentioned all still waiting and psychological testing as a flight attendant on the shoulders rests a lot of problems. Sometimes there may be non-standard situations, of which the employee must leave alone. Sociability steward provides a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere during the flight, but the flight attendant airline "Vladivostok Avia" in the first place is the safety of all passengers during the flight.

Selected candidates will undergo further training in the company "Vladivostok Avia", after which they are sent to the city of Khabarovsk for the end of the training. All training takes up to two months, in addition, still have almost two months to a qualitative study of the English language. Also, great attention is paid to the service rate, which creates a comfort to passengers during flights.

The next step is to move to the internship on routes in the middle of the country, these flights should make 30 hours. After this a special commission, which determines whether the trainee is ready to go to work independently. It must be remembered that the requirements for employees is very high. This profession requires continuous improvement and professional development. Young professionals in the industry can not be from the first day to start work on international flights because it requires skills and experience.

Borovkov Danil Dmitrievich, the desired position of logistics logistics
Citizenship: Uzbekistan
Date of birth: 1 December 1985 year
Marital status: married, two children
Contact: + 998946385471
Education: Kiev Aviation University
Specialty: management of foreign economic activity, second diploma of a specialist in foreign economic activity

Borovkov Danil Dmitrievich, the desired position of logistics logistics
Citizenship: Uzbekistan
Date of birth: 1 December 1985 year
Marital status: married, two children
Contact: + 998946385471
Education: Kiev Aviation University
Specialty: management of foreign economic activity, second diploma of a specialist in foreign economic activity

Desired position: flight attendant
Height: 168 cm, weight: 57 kg

Телефон: +7(984)156-37-96

Date of birth: 25 October 1994
Relationship status: Single
Children: no

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Far Eastern Federal University" School of Education
Orientation (profile) of the educational program: Foreign Language (Chinese) and Foreign Language (English)
Additional education:
2005 2012
English language school «Linguist Plus»
The certificate of learning English as a second language
Experience: 1 year
September 2017 to date
МБОУ ВСОШ №1 Teacher of English and Chinese languages
From March to April 2017 years
MCDEU "Child Development Center" kindergarten №67 Ussuriysk UGO, Additional Education Teacher
 Certificate of the participant of the webinar "Modern pedagogical and web technologies in preparation for the Unified State Examination in English", Usnurisk, 15-16 March 2018
 Certificate of the listener of the Regional Pedagogical Forum of Teachers of Foreign Languages ​​in Ussuriysk, 20-21 March 2018
 Letter of thanks for assistance in the conduct of the All-Russian monitoring of Checkpoint and contribution to the development of control and quality of education, Moscow, 2018
 Diploma of successful passing of testing for knowledge of psychological and pedagogical bases of education and training, Moscow, 23 October 2017
 Diploma of successful passing of testing for knowledge of the basics of computer literacy, Moscow, 23 October 2017
 Diploma of successful completion of a competitive job. All-Russian competition of professional skills of pedagogical workers, timed to the 130 anniversary of the birth of A.S. Makarenko. City of Moscow, 2018. Document number: 14yfdefe
 Diploma of successful passing of testing on the subject "Foreign language". All-Russian testing of teachers. City of Moscow, 2018
 Certificate of acceptance of participation in the All-Russian study "Assessment of teachers' satisfaction with the quality of the used training products" Corporation "Russian textbook", May 2018

Kozyarsky Anastasia Vladislavovna. Desired position: flight attendant. The second pilot of the plane. A citizen of the Russian Federation. Date of birth: 19.01.1997. Not married, no children. Education: DVIU RANHiGS, specialty: state and municipal service. Work experience: businessman, educator of a children's camp. English at Intermediate level, Chinese-initial.
Contact Information:
8 (924) 202-90-94,

Desired position: Co-pilot of the aircraft.
Citizenship: Russian Federation.
Date of birth: 6 February 1996 year.
Marital status: Single, no children.
Contact Information:
8 (999) 442-49-17

Krasnoyarsk Branch of the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation".
Specialty: Flight operation of aircraft.
Evidence of a commercial pilot of a new model with the mark "multi-engine aircraft".
Year of graduation: 2018. The diploma is scheduled to be received on 30 July.

Experience: None.
The types studied during the training period: Cessna-172 "Skyhawk" NAVIII, Diamond DA-42NG Twin Star.
Total plaque: 157 hours, 16 minutes.

Professional skills:
- IV level of the English language on the ICAO scale.
- Courses of International Air Lines.
- Training in the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "CPA SAP" for "Additional Professional Development Program for General English". Evaluation is excellent.
- Valid certificate of VLEK: 1 category.

Extra charges:
- Experience in piloting the airframe L-13 Blaník and the Yak-52 aircraft during the study at the Siberian Cadet Corps of the Siberian Military School. AI Pokryshkina (2011-2014 years).
- 3 grade in parachuting.
- Service in the army: 242 Airborne Training Center (2014-2015), driving instructor BMD-2 (military ticket No.5111770).

Personal qualities:
Purposefulness, a high degree of responsibility and organization, the desire for new knowledge. Lead a healthy lifestyle.
I am ready to consider any of your proposals, and I am also ready to retrain to any type of aircraft. The place of basing is not important.

Good afternoon,
Ya-Sigitova Tatyana, is very interested in mastering a new profession for the flight attendant. I do not have the appropriate education, but there is a great desire to learn (ready at my own expense) and be realized in this field. I have a higher education of an English translator, 26 years, a city of residence-Khabarovsk.

I, Belousov Denis Albertovich, was born 18 April 1996 g. Growth 190 weight 90. Not married, no children. There are no bad habits. Registered and live at the address Omsk ul. Kirov 20-59. Education average 11 grades, graduated from school in 2014 year. Immediately after school I was called up for the RF Armed Forces 2014-2015. I entered the Omsk Flying Technical Civic College of Civil Aviation, but was discharged from the faculty due to my mother's illness.
No convictions. Certificate of criminal record and certificate of absence of administrative violations in the manufacturing process. Worked as an instructor in the water park. There is experience and skill in carrying out the resuscitation of the victims. Knowledge of first aid. Have experience working with children. He graduated from the School of Personnel Management, issued a corresponding diploma on graduation, was awarded with a certificate of honor from the City Hall of Omsk.
Contacts - 89139737255
@ mail-

Hello, I would like to work in your company as a flight attendant.
G. Sochi, 23 year, the growth of 170, the weight of 50, the size of 42.
Not married, no children.
Education College Degree
Experience in this area is not, but quickly trained
I will be happy if you respond
Contact Us-89053320433

Good afternoon, I ask you to consider my candidacy for vacancy flight attendant (initial training).
Sincerely, Olga A.

Hello, I ask you to consider my candidacy for the flight attendant.
22 years, growth: 160, weight: 43
Not married, no children
Higher Education, Vladivostok Branch Russian Customs Academy
Certificate at the end of the course Interpersonal relations, Institute of Economics and Service
Registration of the city of Vladivostok, I live at the moment is proud of St. Petersburg, I am ready to move there where there will be a set
English intermediate level
There is an experience of working with people in sales and government agencies
Contacts: phone: 79241343181,
Sincerely, Shiyan Violetta

Hello ! I would like to leave an application for the flight attendant position. Place of residence in Khabarovsk, age -26 years, height 175 cm, weight -55kg, clothing size 42, education - higher. There is a diploma of the teacher of foreign languages ​​(Chinese, English) Multi-entry training in China with 2010 g, level of the language -5 (HSK), English - intermediate. During my studies at the university, I started teaching, which is what I'm currently doing. Married, has a child. E-mail:

Hello! I ask you to consider my candidacy for vacancy flight attendant.

Sincerely Shamanaev Denis.

Hello! Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant. Work is a dream. I have a lot of experience working with people, because I work in trade, but I want to change the field of activity. About yourself: 28 years, growth 164, weight 56, 42-44 size. I do not have any health problems, I go in for sports. Higher pedagogical education. English has not been practiced for a long time, but the level of knowledge is quite high. Ready to move anywhere in the country. Stress-resistant, sociable, easily learnable. I want and am ready to develop. Phone for 89146173444 communication

Good day!
Maybe you are looking for employees in St. Petersburg?)
My name is Shepalova Veronica Yuryevna. Phone: 89178418868, e-mail: I am 22 years old (18.06.1995 date of birth). My height is 164 cm, weight 60 kg. Unmarried, no children. I have no bad habits. Registration: Volgograd, item Veselaya Balka 1a-13. There is also a temporary registration in St. Petersburg: st. Tankist Khrustitsky, 62-171. In fact, I live where registration is. Higher education in the direction of "international relations" was received at the Volgograd State University in 2016. English is spoken (I am actively improving my knowledge). She started working from the 1st year of study at the university. The only company where it was possible to do this in Volgograd is McDonald's LLC. She worked as a kitchen worker. A year later, she was promoted to a "cashier". The work consisted of recalculating funds, accepting cashiers, issuing an exchange, handing over cash, filling out housing and communal services. After a couple of months of work in a new position, I decided to develop further, namely, to make a lot of money in order to acquire housing. Since 2014 she worked in a large company selling equipment by a seller. A year later, I was entrusted with the development of a new store from scratch. Responsibilities included: recruiting and training personnel, displaying goods, maintaining a cash register, document flow, resolving disputes. After a year and a half, I quit my job and started traveling. Traveled to Germany and Austria. At the moment I am looking for a job with the aim of earning money and building my career. I would like to have an interesting job with a good income.

Hello my name is Denis, I'm 22 of the year, the growth is 176 68 kg. He graduated from trade and economic technical school, a technician technologist of catering organization, worked as a barman, waiters, experience of communication with guests, clients there. Flying on airplanes and looking at the flight attendants, I realized that I want to fly, service, help, prompt, talk and smile on the plane. I want to learn and develop, always and everywhere, hardworking, sociable. 8909 875 77 62

Good afternoon! I'm 32 years old. Trying to change jobs, plunged into the search. And I came across an announcement about a set of flight attendants. What was my disappointment - I realized that I was looking for something, here it is - the work of my dream! I love to fly, I like to communicate with people, to help them, I like to travel. And how important it is when work brings moral satisfaction. But I was waiting for the disagreement - a set of flight attendants from 18 to 30 years! Is it everywhere like this? I'm shocked, like that. The dream does not come true (I really want to become a flight attendant, I am ready to receive training at my own expense, but with job placement through your company. Do not ruin a dream-help her come true).
I 32 year, the growth of 168, the weight of 60, the size of 44.
Conversational level of English, is ready to improve. With two higher educations, one of them is medical.
I am ready to answer all your questions. Tel. 89502803663.
Electr. mail

Please consider my candidacy for flight attendant 27 years. Height 171 cm, clothing size 42_44. Secondary special education. Married. Ready to move. Knowledge of English is good spoken. Stress-resistant, friendly, sociable, do not respond rudeness nahamstvo, I show interest in the work. Contact details: 89243326449 E-mail:

Мобильный телефон: 8-924-235-48-43
Address of the actual residence: *
Vladivostok city
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Date of birth: 20.09.1986
Age (s) of the year: 30
Height: 172
Weight: 72
Dress size: 48
Education and work experience
Knowledge of English: Basic
Education: *
Full name of the educational institution: Vladivostok Humanitarian-Commercial College
Specialty / Profession: Technology of public catering products
Year started: September 2001
Year of graduation: February 2005
Full-time form of education
Do you have any experience as a flight attendant? : No
Do you have any other professional experience? : Yes
Work period:
1. Since: May 2012 by: May 2013
2. Since: May 2013 by: Today's Day
Company name:
1. Information service "516"
2. Head Office of Khoz
1. Operator-dispatcher
2. The watchdog-dispatcher

Your strengths
1: Responsibility, sociability, non-conflict, responsiveness, diligence
2: Conscientiousness, diligence, modesty, stress-resistance, decency
3: Honesty, discipline, politeness, flexibility, friendliness
Your weaknesses
1: Reliability, modesty, inability to respond rudeness to rudeness
2: I'm annoyed by the disorder, I do not always express my thoughts accurately
3: Often I analyze past mistakes, focusing on them excessive attention, the love of shopping
Your interests / hobbies
1: Travel, Psychology, the Internet
2: Sports: Skates, sledges, rollers, volleyball, table tennis, bicycle, pool
3: Music, Dancing, Billiards
Why do you want to work as a flight attendant ?: *
Of course, primarily because I like to travel, I want to visit different cities and countries, to see the world, especially since this profession can give me this, which can not but rejoice))) Secondly, simply because I love to fly on airplanes, especially I love take-off and landing))) This is an inexpressible feeling of some kind of extreme that :))) Well, thirdly, I like the salary, because not all works can get such :))

Do you have medical problems? : No
If you receive a job offer when you can start ?: I can start immediately

Contact us
+7 914 672-52-46
Height: 174 Weight: 55 Brunette

Desired area of ​​work: central and first river area
Year of birth: 1991
Female gender
Relationship status: Single
Have children: no

Career objective
flight attendant

Income level
From 40 000 руб. per month

Additional requirements
Official employment, career growth

Education - higher in specialty

Additional courses and trainings
Numerous trainings in the training centers of Sberbank in Surgut and Vladivostok. The main areas: management of emotions, tactics of sales and calls, the psychology of finding a common language with each person.

Foreign languages

Experience - 1 year 10 months

Since April 2017 - to the present day, PJSC SBERBANK, Corporate Account Manager
The opening of a r / c and the preparation of a complete trade split individually for each organization. Maintenance and support.

Since May 2014 - to October 2014, Sberbank of Russia, Client manager for work with high-status clients
Having worked as an expert in private clients for several months, I was offered the position of a client manager. Work with status clients, selection and optimization of the financial basket, sale of banking and insurance products. In the first month, she was awarded and awarded with the diploma, as the best employee for the sale of insurance products in the Surgut OSB. Successfully rose and sought new heights and then had to go to the deputy head of the department, but wrote an application for dismissal in connection with the departure.

From March 2014 - to May 2014, Sberbank of Russia, Specialist for servicing individuals
Direct sale of banking products, consulting and selection of the best conditions for each client

January 2014 - March 2014, Dolly LLC, Legal Adviser
Legal support of contracts of purchase and sale and a contract in the retail network of salons of upholstered furniture

August 2012 - July 2013, Dolly LLC, Legal Adviser
Legal support of contracts of purchase and sale and a contract in the retail network of salons of upholstered furniture

Extra skills
Office equipment, MS Office, Internet, driving license

About Me
I have a higher legal education. (Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation). Without bad habbits.
Earlier in the official work did not need, because All the time I was devoted to the development of their own family business, namely, more than ten years-the development of furniture business and distribution throughout the central, northern and southern sides of Russia. From there, the ability to manage, train and communicate, and rotate in the circles of high-yielding clients is inherent in me.
I do not plan to sit still and test the basics of learned "phrases". Aims at development, self-improvement and high goals to get a decent income.
Ready to move.

Date of birth: 10 February 1995
Place of birth: Russia. Primorsky Krai. Vladivostok
Marital status: single, have no children
Place of residence: Vladivostok. Ul. Vatutin 16-77
Moving is possible.
Height: 174. Weight: 58
Brown-haired woman.
Phone: 89841959550;

2013-2016. Higher education. «Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service».
Specialty: Economics
Qualification: Accountant
2010-2013. Secondary special education. Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Far Eastern Federal University", Vladivostok
Specialty: Banking
Qualification: Banking Specialist

12.2016-н.в.: PJSC "Sberbank". Manager for work with corporate clients micro, small business.
10.2016-12.2016: PJSC "Sberbank". Sales Manager.
09.2015 - 10.2016: PJSC "Sberbank". Specialist of direct sales of a group of specialists in direct sales of the retail sales sector.
10.2014 - 09.2015: JSC Russian Railways. Telephone operator of the telephone and telegraph station of the Vladivostok Regional Communication Center.
10.2013 - 05.2014: Home Credit and Finance Bank LLC. Manager on collection of arrears;

Additional skills: possession of software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, Outlook, basic knowledge of 1, CRM, IBM Notes). Language - English (intermediate level). Numerous trainings in PJSC "Sberbank" and PJSC "PromsvyazBank" on the management of personal emotions, public appearances and managerial duels.

Personal qualities: Responsible, purposeful, with an active life position, aimed at the result. Desire for the realization of personality and career development.

Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
I live in Vladivostok
Higher education.
English level pre-intermediate.
I have the skills of PMP, Orienting, Psychology and Conflictology, I swim well!
I know 2 foreign language (English and French).
Ready to move.
22 age
Contact details: 8902-553-73-08

Please consider my candidacy for a job as a conductor.
I live in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
Higher education.
Single. no children.
English level pre-intermediate.
Ready to learn and move.
There is a certificate issued by the VLEC.
Growth 174cm.
Weight 60 kg.
Age 26 years.
Contact details: 8-924-118-31-31

Hello, I am a flight attendant job. About: higher linguistic formation (Eng-free, Japanese- base) 167 growth, 55 weight, clothing size 42-44. Experience of working with children. Contact information: 8-914-175-17-28

I am a flight attendant job. I have the certificate of initial training of flight attendants for domestic and international flights
on aircraft BC Boeing 737 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900
Tel: 89140940575

I am a flight attendant job. I have the certificate of initial training of flight attendants for domestic and international flights on aircraft BC Boeing 737 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900

Find a job pilota.nalet 4500. On A320 2700.4 ICAO level. Tel 8-905-764-87-83

And where you can find out about the availability of jobs?

Hello! I really want to become a flight attendant. I love to fly! I live in Khabarovsk. Options:. Growth 170 cm, weight kg 60, 25 years. English - razgovornyy.Obrazovanie higher, currently working ekonomistom.89148185859

Hello! I really want to become a flight attendant because I love to travel and a lifetime dream of a work related to the sky. My phone 8 914 545 26 27, Growth 171, 55 kg

Hello. A great desire and dream to work flight attendant. My germ 163 cm Education -. Higher, linguist and translator. Specialty-English translator
Contact: + 79141916603

Hello! Anastasia M. Shmakov 33 goda.Prozhivayu in Habarovske.Obrazovanie: Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law
Profession: Economist; Department: Business Economics (incomplete higher). Experience: 01.11.2005 - at the moment, in a managerial dolzhnosti.V more 30 subordinate employees. Height cm 168, 50 kg weight, clothing size 42. About me: sociable, executive, able to work in a team, punctuality, initiative, ability to handle stress. Languages: Japanese and English (average). Email
Regards, Anastasia.

Dear Irina Lozovaya 30 years.
Experience assistant manager over 6 years, it was a lot of negotiation, meeting guests, etc., the second work-vocalist (experience with great people) .Po specialty-social anthropologist (diploma), English height 166 cm 51 kg, clothing size 42, there is a great desire to try his hand at a new specialty, the ability to work with large amounts of information, teamwork, communication skills. 89025054655
Sincerely, Irina.

Kind time of day! I live in Moscow. I found out about the vacancy in your airline on the website, I want to apply for the flight attendant's position, unfortunately I do not have any work experience, but I'm ready to learn if there is such an opportunity! My height 160, the weight of 48, the size of 40-42! I have a passport abroad, I fly a lot! Birthday 19.06.1986gr, I have no health problems! I have a higher administrative education! Huge experience of communication with people, since worked 11 years stylist hairdresser. Stress-resistant, friendly, sociable, punctual, able to work in a team! With pleasure I will accept the offer to meet with you and tell you more about myself! You can contact me by tel. + 7 (926) 325-80-92 and by e-mail!
With deepest respect, Julia!

Hello. My name is Angelina, 27 years. I live in the city of Khabarovsk. Education: Legal. Experience: 8 years. Place of work: police. Height: 165 cm, weight: 53. Physical data are good, in the past engaged in professional sports! Knowledge of English-medium. About me: sociable, responsible, purposeful! Phone: 89147735030, e. mail:

Hello I 27let.imeyu higher obrazovanie.turizm and hotel biznes.svidetelstvo board provodnika.rost: 163sm weight: 51kg,

I 22 years.
Location: Khabarovsk
Higher education
Occupation: Tourism and Hospitality Management.
Experience: 1,5 years.
Height: 165 cm, weight: 55 kg. Healthcare is excellent, there is a desire to work in this area.
Excellent knowledge of English language.
Legkovoobuchaemaya and purposeful.

Hello, I'm 24 years 164 cm height, weight 55 kg, not married. But most importantly, there is a desire to work flight attendant. Education College, I have experience of working with clients in the field of sales, and the decision of problem situatsiy.Znanie English-language srednee.Prozhivayu г.Комсомольске-на-Амуре,коммуникабельная,ответственная I can easily trained to work in hazardous komande.bez privychek.Moya

Hello dear employer!
Applying for flight attendant.
Complies with the requirements listed above.
Additional information about yourself:
Legkoobuchaemy, able to work in a team.
It is easy to find common language with people.
I have experience working with clients in the field of sales, in the field of work in dealing with problem situations.
Higher education, knowledge of the English language is the average.
Outside a nice growth 163 cm, weight 50 kg.
I will be glad to answer your questions

Hello! My name is Julia, I live in the city of Vladivostok. In 2014 I graduated from the Far Eastern Federal University, specializing in personnel management. I worked in beauty salons as an administrator, sales consultant for Thai cosmetics. I love flying and have long dreamed of making my dream come true. My height is 160 cm, weight is 48 kg, clothing size s, xs. Good learner and quickly find common contact with people. Ready to move. Not married, no children. My contact phone number is 89644482913. My email Sincerely, Julia.

Good afternoon. My name is Darya, 21 god.Mesyats ago graduated paths University posts in Khabarovsk, an engineer Industrial safety / environmental engineer. About the dream flight attendant with 11 class. Growth 160, 46 kg weight, clothing size S. English at the secondary level. I live in Khabarovsk, transfer is not a problem. Experience working as a waiter in a cafe, restaurant manager and medical tsentre.Ne married children net.Kontaktny phone: 89141823068,

Hello my name is Maria. I 30 years. My 177 growth. For a long time I worked as a model in zagraniue. I know conversational English. I live in the city of Vladivostok. Phone 89147246392. Email.

Hello! My name is Olga, I 21 years old, not married, no children, live in the city of Khabarovsk! In 2015 graduated faculty of air communications degree in marketing, I have a law degree. Currently I am working as an office manager in a large company. Sociability, responsibility, without bad habits, stress, patient! I very much want you to work. My height 160 cm, weight 45 kg. Phone: 8-914-422-82-16) I would be very glad to your call)))

My age: 18 years
Height: 160
Languages: English and Russian.
Education: High School graduate.

Hello! My name is Alain, I 21 year growth 165 cm, weight 56 kg. I live in Vladivostok. For a long time dream to become borprovodnikom, July 2016 years getting higher education and want to fulfill their dream. I know English at a basic level. Responsibility, communication, strussouystoychiva e have bad habits. My mail:

Zdravstvuyte.Mne year 21, 165 see growth, 54 kg.Ne married children net.Prozhivayu in g.Habarovsk.Znanie English-bazovoe.Obrazovanie unfinished vysshee.v 2016, the finish air communications faculty, specialty Comprehensive transport security .Imeetsya experience in obsluzhivaniya.Ogromnoe desire to work in this area and it is in your airline. email ,тел. 8-924-414-59-19

Hello! I 22 years 165 see growth, 52 kg. I live in the city of Nakhodka. Always interested in the profession of flight attendant, I have experience in the service sector. Education Secondary special economic and incomplete higher education economist. English-Intermediate level ability to read, write and have hearing. Mob. tel: + 7 924 232 3883; El. mail:; Skype: nesterova-ekaterina1508.

Hello. I 22 years. 168 height, weight kg 50, 42 size. Single, no children. The dream of a lifetime to work flight attendant. English average. I have experience working with people. I live in Vladivostok. Sociable, purposeful. Phone 8984 144 01 15. e-mail:

Hello, I am 24 years old, height 169 cm, weight 55 kg, not married, no children. But the most important thing is the desire to work as a flight attendant in your company. I have a higher pedagogical education ("Teacher of a foreign language"), fluent in English. I have experience in the field of education (1.5 years). I live in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
Contacts + 79141762884

Good afternoon! I am 28 years old, height 167 cm, weight 60 kg. Knowledge of English is average. I want to work in your company as a flight attendant. I live in Khabarovsk. I have a secondary specialized education "Banking", higher education "Personnel management". Has experience of working with people (6 years). Tel. 89141581128, e-mail:

Hello, I live in Khabarovsk have sredne_spetsialnoe education (hospitality and tourism management), higher education (GiMU manager), learning ability, the average knowledge of English, 23 years, have a baby _In the decree is no longer planned. Growth 172, 55 weight. I would like to work in your company. Tel + 79242002815.; mail