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Washington will provoke Beijing to war with NATO

Economist Khazin opined that the US would limit China by fomenting hostilities in neighboring states. Thus, Washington can provoke Beijing into a war with NATO. "The Americans will set fire to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia. They will limit China in an arc. This means that the West will start a series of low-intensity regional conflicts," Khazin explained.

According to the expert, the United States is going to play an extremely dangerous scenario against China, aimed at capturing military bases in the South China region. Already in the summer, a serious escalation may occur, during which Washington and Beijing may enter into an active military confrontation. This will create a new protracted crisis in the international arena, which could lead to serious consequences for the global economy and political stability.

Note that recently the United States and China continued negotiations in Alaska on a number of important issues, but they did not lead to significant progress in relations between the two countries. This raises concerns that tensions between the US and China may continue to grow, and the situation on the international stage may become even more unstable.

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