The importance of health insurance during flights.
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The importance of health insurance during flights.

The importance of health Insurance during flights.


If you are planning a flight abroad, one of the most important moments will be the health insurance!

It often happens that people in the absence of an insurance policy simply cannot get a visa, no excuses will help you, which is good to some extent. Why is this good? All because life goes on as it should, and no one can get around it.

Even if you are a healthy and hardened person, there is always the possibility of getting a common cold, since your body may not be prepared for the climate of the country where you are going. It is also worth considering the most common option when people eat food that is unfamiliar to them, which can end up rather badly. Any of the options can ruin your trip and your holiday enjoyment.

The importance of health insurance during flights.


If you have a chronic disease, check with your doctor, not whether this trip aggravate your condition. Not a small probability that could happen and appendicitis.

Even the most impressionable and fascinating sports can lead to unexpected injury, because quite dangerous and are considered at the same time fairly common sports there diving and skiing.

The importance of health insurance during flights.


Of course, at home you will quickly find a solution, perhaps you will self-medicate, but abroad? You can contact pharmacies abroad, but you need to correctly explain what you need. The second problem is that you don't have a prescription. In the overseas pharmacy business, you will not be sold an antibiotic without a prescription.

The importance of health insurance during flights.


Due to possible difficulties arising, you will eventually have to seek medical attention. Prices abroad are not the cheapest, because if you stocked up money, the hospital treatment you receive. But if you are a tourist, which does not provide money for treatment, it will save you a medical insurance.

The importance of health insurance during flights.


As a rule, a person is rather frivolous about insurance contracts, the attitude can be equated with the attitude towards a receipt for payment of something. Such an attitude very often "crawls out sideways", therefore it is worthwhile to read the contract in detail, and not frivolously, but thoughtfully, and if questions arise, do not hesitate to ask questions. This is not a package of documents, but a contract!

There are also cases of sad character. There was a rather sad story about a tourist who registered in one of the insurance companies and received a heart attack, right on the train. Man, like anyone else, needed immediate and rather expensive treatment. Upon arrival, he applied to an insurance company, which he refused. The thing is that during this time the company raised the patient's history (the insurance company had permission for this), which indicated that the person had a sick heart before that, which he did not specify in the contract. In payment, it was refused, according to the specified points in insurance. The tourist signed the agreement quite frivolously, which was the reason for the situation.

The importance of health insurance during flights.


One can not complain to anyone, because he is guilty. But if there was a more serious, then certainly read carefully and have the disease in the contract. Insurance would have been several times cheaper and certainly has paid off several times.

Few people know that the contract contains a spelled out clause called "franchise". Franchise is a certain condition, which is also called "own participation". The essence of the franchise is that either the amount is drawn in the same amount or as a percentage of the amount and the insured person is exempt from retribution for various types of losses. An example would be the following situation: When resting on one of the seas, you go to the doctor, who, in turn, prescribes medicines for you in the amount of $ 50. When you return, and when you contact the insurance company, you receive $ 20 and, accordingly, a deductible of $ 30.

Also, on the beaches of most countries, there is a rule according to which you can swim or not. That rule has specified flags, example: Yellow indicates that swimming is dangerous, which can be green, and red is forbidden. But are all mastered that bathing under a red flag may not only get hurt but will lose the insurance?

The importance of health insurance during flights.


So do not skimp on health abroad, where things are not free.

A few tips:

  1. Before reading, read several times.
  2. Do not forget to write down the numbers of the insurance company, and the number of which is to call in the case of insurance needs
  3. If unforeseen circumstances should call on these numbers and follow the instructions.
  4. In all doctor visits is to maintain checks on the treatment of spent, as well as all attached documents.


Good luck in your travels and to Your holiday remained without "adventure"!

Many people have limited insurance included in the tour. ticket (which should be), there is no true test. AT
If you have problems to get help, or at least compensation for the cost of treatment, do not get. The insurance is often included on the ticket once payment is received on the harm caused by the organization providing recreation and wine turogenstva. Household trauma, colds ID in such insurance are not included. So really it is better to conclude a contract for honey. insurance, but before that read it carefully.

Article I worried, I first thought about the seriousness of the situation with insurance. But not even in every country can carry out their medicines, and in flight can start an asthma attack, heart failure or allergy to drink. And apparently, the older we get, or us little kids would be better to be engaged in the insurance professional. Now my insurance will look at not only the insurer but also a lawyer, and my treating doctor
We always want to control the situation, and especially on holiday, so maybe you should insure and buy the best for your health insurance!