Eternal race: the struggle between Russia and the US for primacy in the sky
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Eternal race: the struggle between Russia and the US for primacy in the sky

Eternal race: the struggle between Russia and the US for primacy in the sky


The arms race between Russia and the United States has always been, is and will continue until a clear advantage is achieved in this area. On the emergence of new Russian combat aircraft, aircraft manufacturers from the US respond to the development of their own, capable, if not exceed, then at least not to lag behind in the effectiveness of the application. In fact, even independent specialists find it difficult to name who has achieved better results at the moment, which is primarily due to the fact that aircraft are constantly being improved.



To date, we are talking about improving the potential of combat aircraft, in particular, if an American F-22 fighter is adapted, mainly to remain as invisible to the enemy as possible, for which a special technology is used, the creators of the Russian Su-35 have used counteraction to this, creating an infrared airspace control system, as a result, when the enemy approaches, the Su-35 pilot will know and anticipate the maneuvers of the crew of the American F-22.

Nevertheless, it is important to take into account the fact that during the last few years, the combat systems of combat aircraft practically have not changed, therefore it is logical to state that in the near future attention will be paid to this particular component.



Not so long ago the resource already reported that American aircraft builders intend to equip their combat aircraft with laser turrets and hypersonic missiles in the future, and even if we imagine that it will be effective enough, which, however, the experts strongly doubt, what can to answer this challenge Russian aircraft designers.

To date, equipping aircraft with laser combat systems is inefficient, which is primarily due to the large amount of energy, and the resulting vibrations will lead to the recalibration of lasers, which can make them completely useless in combat, while the technology itself costly and requires for its implementation of billions of dollars.



According to experts, Russian scientists and engineers will bet on the creation of non-lethal weapons, in particular, they are devices that can create a directed electromagnetic pulse that will not cause the enemy aircraft visible damage, but at the same time, completely disable it.

What is the advantage of using this technology? First, rather high efficiency, since aircraft builders of all countries rely on the use of electronic devices, which are output by an electromagnetic impulse from the system. Secondly, much less energy costs than in the case of using laser weapons. Thirdly, in the simple implementation of this technology, including, including and bypassing the defense, which the enemy is likely to decide to use against electromagnetic radiation. The radius of effective target destruction, according to preliminary experts' calculations, may be up to two kilometers, while placing something like that on missiles, it is possible to shoot down enemy aircraft long before it is dangerous.


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