Vega RAY Tactical UAV impact
Vega RAY Tactical UAV impact

Vega RAY Tactical UAV impact

The first sample of the UAV "Luch", created by JSC "Concern Vega", was presented at the MAKS-2011. Development was carried out on their own initiative with the company. Produced two samples drone, one of them equipped with a target load GOES-630 and on-board radio equipment.

Create UAV "Ray" was conducted on the basis of the aircraft "Sigma-5". The design uses a double-girder layout diagram of an air-pusher propeller. The device is equipped with a four-stroke engine Rotax-914UL (F) DCDI turbocharged car that runs on gasoline. Landing and take-off are carried out on an aircraft type on a wheeled tricycle landing gear, nose wheel which is removed during the flight.

For storage and convenient transportation UAV wings made foldable. Unfold and fold the machine can one person for a few minutes. folding unit is patented by the Russian state authorities. UAVs can be transported by air, rail and road.

The unmanned aircraft is made of high-tech materials with the use of radar absorbing coatings. Sheathing UAV made of composite materials which have a three-layer structure, and filled with a polymeric filler. The service life of the UAV "Ray" according to the calculations of 20 years.

Purpose UAV "Ray" is to solve the problems of radio, radar and optical-electronic reconnaissance and relay. Also, the unit can be equipped with shock weapons, which is installed in the pylons of wing consoles or in a container in the fuselage. UAVs can carry up to 150-170 kg shock weapons complex. The question about the possibility of mounting on the suspension of bombs, grenades and other high-precision weapons.

UAV can conduct exploration with data transmission in real time in an area with a radius of up to 250 km from the ground control station. When using a repeater, this figure increases to 350 km when using flight recorder information increases to 500 km.

If the aircraft is conducting exploration at a distance 250-500 km, information is recorded on-board computer, but immediately after entering the machine in the reception area you can send it to the ground control station.

Ceiling - m 7000, 250 top speed of km / h. The duration of the flight base case - 18 hours, with increased fuel and an increase in wing span - up to 30 hours. Maximum take-off weight of UAV 700 kg. The engine uses as fuel gasoline Ai-95.

Development of a new UAV for the Russian Federation was carried out in collaboration with leading aviation research institutions of the country. With TsAGI received a positive opinion on the manageability, strength and aerodynamics, SibNIA gave positive results for the duration of the flight, and CIAM - at the power plant.

All these companies have contributed to bringing to the level of the best UAV unmanned medium-range missiles, such as the Hanter, Searcher Mk III, Hermes 450 (Israel), "Predator" (USA).

The device is able to conduct takeoff and landing on an aircraft. For this, he needs a dirt track with a length from 130 m. Landing with the use of a parachute is possible. Depending on the task, the “Ray” UAV can carry a target load in the form of a modular design and impact weapons. The control of the device and the exchange of data occur over a secure digital radio link. The control system allows you to control from one point of action of several devices. 

Vega RAY Tactical UAV impact. Characteristics:

Modification   Ray
Wingspan, m   8.70
Length m   5.85
Height, m   2.40
Wing area, m2  
Weight, kg  
  maximum take-off   660
engine's type   1 PD Rotax-914UL (F)
Power, hp   X 1 115
Maximum speed km / h   250
Cruising speed, km / h   126-160
Radius of action, km   250-500
Flight duration, h   18
Practical ceiling, m   7000


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