Hill Heliport
Hill Heliport

Hill Heliport


Heliport "Gorka" is a modern transport infrastructure in the Moscow region for business aviation.

This heliport is capable of solving the following tasks:

  • Increasing the number of helipads in the region.
  • The development of passenger transport.
  • Expanding the geography of flights.
  • Construction of facilities for parking and service helicopter service.


The total area of ​​the heliport "Gorka" is 7 hectares. It is close to Nikolina Gora, Odintsovo district, Moscow region. Its location allows you to make landing and takeoff of helicopters, maximum take-off weight of which is up to 13 tons. Works around the clock.

This complex has warmed hangar for maintenance and storage of aircraft, the hangar can accommodate 40 helicopters AS-350, Bell-407 or 80 helicopters Robinson R-44, R-66. Also at the heliport it has a refueling complex. On it with the help of mobile phones carried out refueling aviation gasoline and aviation kerosene.


Comfortable service pilots and aircraft owners provides a multifunctional terminal. It is a detached building, which occupies the top of the tower control tower. In the terminal there is a client area, hotel, cafe, shop spetstovarov aircraft, restaurant, office and administrative part. There are also areas for seminars and themed events, a special place is allocated to training class flight and technical staff.

Near the terminal is located park, artificial lake and children's playground. Nearby there is a parking lot with capacity 100 cars.


It is safe to say that the heliport "Gorka" is a difficult subject for business aircraft owners and pilots of helicopters and multifunctional complex, receiving all aviation enthusiasts.


Features heliport "Gorka"


Huge potential for development of the complex is provided by professional staff and modern material and technical base. The main advantage of this object is in a convenient geographical location and developed infrastructure. This is confirmed by reviews of pilots who used the services of a heliport for the home, refueling, embarkation and disembarkation of passengers.

The following services are running on the basis of the heliport:

  • POL service;
  • certification department;
  • client department;
  • flight service;
  • Engineering Aviation Service.


The flight and technical staff of the company confirms their qualifications with appropriate certificates that allow them to work with Bell, Robinson, Mi helicopters. 


  • Heliport HILL

  • Odintsovo, SP Ershovo with. Aksinyino

  • Odintsovo

  • Moscow region.

  • 143031


It is normal for approaching the heliport on the suburban areas have to fly?