Sochi Heliport
Sochi Heliport

Sochi Heliport


Heliport "Sochi" is located in Krasnaya Polyana, ul. Defenders of the Caucasus, d. 60. The complex offers owners of helicopters guarded parking space for their aircraft.

The advantage of a helipad for this type of aircraft is that helicopters do not require a special runway. It is enough to equip the platform in place permitted to fly. Cost of construction of helipads depends on the individual case, the important factor is infrastructure.

At the heliport customers can benefit from the maintenance of aeronautical equipment, which is performed strictly according to regulations. Check on the technical suitability of the helicopter - a mandatory procedure in the event of outage of more than one calendar month. To carry out certain types of work during the cold season here have arranged a warm hangar.

Heliport is licensed to 80 places. In its structure there is a tower and filling with mobile means. You can hold all kinds of maintenance work - from preflight overhaul. Heliport has two heated hangars. The box hangar for vehicles with gas turbine engines. There is the possibility of basing aircraft in the open air.

On the territory of the heliport round the clock security; platforms and hangars are equipped with modern video surveillance systems. It is possible to order a helicopter to fly in the form of preliminary call. Experts check the suitability of the car, warm as the engine to fuel. If necessary, staff will take your helicopter pilot in the specified location. Also operates Aero Club, where you can learn the technique of piloting from professional instructors.

The Organising Company heliport in Krasnaya Polyana conducts air tours over the surrounding territories. We offer a variety of programs and services in Sochi and the surrounding city. Tours are held at expert level on the basis of a high degree of crew training and knowledge of the region.

For this purpose helicopters with a capacity of Aérospatiale 4 passenger. Before boarding the helicopter necessarily spent coaching and formalized insurance. Especially popular this service is enjoyed among tourists during the Olympic Winter Games in 2014 year.


Address: Krasnaya Polyana Str. Defenders of the Caucasus, d.60