Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.
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Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.

Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.



The experience of war in Korea, opened a huge potential in military helicopters. One aspect of such use of helicopters was an opportunity to use them as stormtroopers. The Americans have been an option UH-1, which is installed on a machine-gun armament and NAR. However, the designers and the military to understand that the army is needed not only an armed commando, but also an attack helicopter.


Creating a helicopter.


In the early 60s, a number of US aviation firms began developing a combat rotorcraft. The most impressed military YAH-56 "Cheyenne" firm "Lockheed", but due to the high cost and complexity of the design, its serial production was postponed indefinitely. There was a war in Vietnam, the American command decided not to drag out for time and in December 1964 ordered Bell to develop an attack helicopter as soon as possible. The order was completed and in September of the same year flight tests of the UH-1H began, the helicopter was put into service under the designation AH-1G "Hugh Cobra".

Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.


The components of the helicopter.


In the development of the helicopter designers went the shortest way: "Cobra" is a deep modernization of the UH-1, coupled with some features of experienced helicopter design model 207 "Sioux Scout." Location of the engine, tail boom, transmission and rotor (with minor modifications) is completely borrowed from the UH-1. At the same time it becomes much narrower fuselage, which contributed to an increase in speed.

Significant changes were the front part. cockpit (rear) and the arrow (front) are arranged in tandem. lamp design ensures good visibility. After some doubts on the helicopter decided to leave ski gear, because thanks to the fuselage structure he had desired speed. Successful was the location of weapons. Sextuple M134 «Minigun" was placed in the turret under the cabin, and on the sides of the fuselage had four pylons on which it was possible to install additional machine guns, 20-mm guns, grenade launchers, ATGM and NAR.

Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.

Sextuple M134 «Minigun."


Combat application.


In August, the first 1967 "Cobra" were taken in Vietnam. Their combat use started in October and was very productive. This recognition in the US military, they have received during the offensive Vietcong in January 1968 The main objectives of these helicopters was to destroy the enemy's manpower, combat boats, bunkers and light equipment.

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Cobra painting options

The Cobras also escorted the UH-1 amphibious assault. Possessing greater firepower, they destroyed air defense weapons if found. Faced with heavy Soviet-made armored vehicles, American pilots felt the lack of effectiveness of the NAR and aircraft guns. To remedy the situation, the helicopters equipped the Tou ATGM.

Unpleasant surprise from the Viet Cong began Soviet MANPADS "Strela". Among the "Cobras", to distinguish good survivability, there were losses. To eliminate this threat, the designers have changed the design of the hot gas system. Now the bent pipe takes them up into the rotor strontium, where the strong airflow immediately dispelled them.

Helicopter AH-1G Huey Cobra. Description. Characteristics. A photo.

Soviet MANPADS "Strela".




Maximum takeoff weight 4536 kg. The maximum speed is 315 km / h. Maximum rate of climb 8,22 m / s. Static ceiling 3720 m. 


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