Helicopter AK1-3
Helicopter AK1-3. A photo. Characteristics. History.



AK1-3 - Double Ukrainian helicopter manufactured by "CB Aerocopter" Poltava.
In June 2006 State Aviation Administration of Ukraine given TP0008 certificate, which allows to use AK1-3 amateur and commercial purposes in the territory of Ukraine. Helicopter meets AP27 and international noise standards.

Helicopter AK1-3 2131

Light helicopter designed for different types of work: lesopatrulirovaniya, agricultural, pozharotusheniyaonitoringa oil and pipelines.


Helicopter AK1-3 photo

Helicopter AK1-3 photo

Equipped with a petrol engine piston EJ25 «Subaru», power 156l.s. (110kVt), which operates in the automotive gasoline octane number 95. Power from the engine is transmitted to the drive shaft of the main gear through the belt drive and overrunning clutch. Main rotor has three blades. The blades are made of composite materials.


Helicopter AK1-3 photo booths

Helicopter AK1-3 photo booths



Features helicopter AK1-3:


  • Ceiling: 4700m

  • The greatest number of passengers: 2 + 50kg cargo.

  • Width: 1,2m.

  • Length: 8,09m

  • Engine: liquid-cooled piston, which operates in the automotive gasoline least A95.

  • Temperature range: -25 to + 35

  • Range: 350 km

  • Flight duration: 2ch20min

  • Fuel consumption: 24-32l / h, 17 / 100km.

  • Empty weight: 390 kg

  • Operating raid: 2000ch

  • Warranty resource units: 100ch or 12 months.


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