Helicopter Bell 206L4
Helicopter Bell 206L4. Characteristics. A photo. History.

Bell 206L4

Bell 206L4 Long Ranger is a multipurpose helicopter developed by American firm Bell Helicopter. Bell 206L is the development of the helicopter JetRangerII large diameter rotor (11.28m, longer fuselage and GTE Allison250S20V power 313kVt.

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo

First flew 11.09.1974, 1975 with commercially produced in the United States and in Italy under license. Is produced in a subsequent year 1981 variation 206LLongRangerII, III with GTE Allison250S30 more takeoff power - 485kVt, most 1882kg takeoff weight and better performance properties. With mass production of 1986 LongRanger helicopters moved to Canada, where built more 600 helicopters.

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo salon

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo salon

Bell206L-4 is the latest Long Ranger helicopter family. An improved transmission is installed on the helicopter, the helicopter take-off mass is increased. The helicopter was first shown in March at 1992 at HeliExpo in Las Vegas.

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo booths

Helicopter Bell 206L4 photo booths

The production of the helicopter was placed in Canada, at the plants of the company Mirabel. By the end of 2000, more Bell300L-206 LongRangerIV helicopters were launched than 4.

Features helicopter Bell 206L4:

  • Range: 662km

  • Cruising speed: 206km / hour

  • The highest altitude: 6096m

  • The highest take-off weight: 2018kg

  • Cabin height: 1.20m

  • interior length: 1.50m

  • The greatest number of passengers: 5-6

  • Interior width: 1.20

  • Height: 10.56m

  • Length: 3.04m

Helicopter Bell 206L4. Gallery.

Helicopter Bell 206L4 side viewHelicopter Bell 206L4 after takeoffHelicopter Bell 206L4 model

Helicopter Bell 206L4 on grassHelicopter Bell 206L4 vessel layoutHelicopter Bell 206L4 before takeoff

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