Helicopter Bell V-280 Valor
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Helicopter Bell V-280 Valor

Helicopter Bell V-280 Valor. Photo. Characteristics.



Bell Helicopter company was launching a new prototype V-280 Valor

Bell Helicopter Company signed a contract for the supply of components and assemblies for aircraft Bell V-280 Valor, test flights, which are scheduled for 2017 year.

One of the suppliers of equipment will be the company Israel Aerospace Industries. Unlike the previous generation of devices Bell Boeing V-22 Scopa, V-280 has fixed propulsion wingtip - located in nacelles in the vertical position. All the actions of the crew management apparatus will be largely similar to the control system of the helicopter.

Bell V-280 Valor

Bell V-280 Valor

By the project involved the company Textron, to create a simulator training of flight personnel management skills unit.

Compared with the V-22, V-280 Valor will be easier to manage and easier with less stress on the engines and the control system.

Bell V-280 Valor is the prototype of the third generation of inclined rotor aircraft, developed by Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin for the US Armed Forces. Official information on the model of the aircraft came to the media in 2013, when the company's administration announced the decision of the US Army representatives to include the device in the JMR program, designed to coordinate the development and construction of aircraft with vertical take-off. The combination of Bell and Lockheed Martin 2 will accelerate the V-280 project, where Lockheed will create avionics, sensor detection and arming systems.
Brought to the project, as the company Moog Inc., to create the flight control systems, GE Aviation for the adaptation of engines, GKN to develop the design of the tail control, Spirit AeroSystems to create a fuselage made of composite materials. Eaton has to design a hydraulic system and sources of energy supply, the Israeli Aerospace Industries nacelles for engines.


Bell V-280 Valor 23

Bell V-280 Valor

The representative of the United States Army 2.10.2013 years with Bell signed an investment agreement for the development and creation of models of Bell V-280.

Bell V-280 Valor - is an aircraft fuselage with the wings of which are installed with engine nacelle.


Bell V-280 Valor

The device is designed to fly at a cruising speed 520 km / h, flight range 3900 km and an effective combat range 930-1480 km. Landing and taking off will be possible with retractable landing gear. The crew of the aircraft pilot is 4, 11 interior accommodates passengers. Capacity is 4500 kg. To reduce weight, the fuselage is completely made of carbon fiber. The power plant consists of two engines GE T 64-419, 5000 power hp

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