Ka-115. A photo. Characteristics.

Ka-115. A photo. Characteristics.



Design of multi-purpose light helicopter Ka-115 began in 90-ies on JSC "Kamov"Observing the problem of the "State program of development of Russian civil aviation to 2000 years." The helicopter was due to a slight change of the Mi and Ka-2-26.


At the core is coaxial dual rotor scheme with ski gear and a gas turbine engine.

Fuselage Ka-115 different smooth contours and consists largely of composite materials, which are decorated with lights, the lower part, cabin doors, hatches of the cargo department. The cabin of the helicopter, which amounts 3 cube. m, equipped with seating for one pilot and four passengers.


The cargo compartment can pass through the side or the rear hatch hatches on the outside of the fuselage. Utility version of the Ka-115 capable of carrying loads in the cargo hold of a total weight of up to 700 kg, including lengthy to 4 m in length. To do this, add up easily removable seat passengers.

The medical version is able to place in the cockpit of a patient lying on a stretcher and two accompanying medical staff. By the electronics needed to connect the helicopter can be reanimated medical devices and instruments for emergency assistance to victims.

To perform the search and rescue helicopter is equipped with a winch, which can be boarded just two people in case of evacuation.

Landing variant Ka-115 can perform landing 4 people, using a system of rapid descent.

The helicopter has a ski type chassis on which you installed energy-absorbers, track chassis is 2 m.

The tail boom has a conical shape and is composed entirely of composite materials, the scope of the horizontal tail - 2 m.

The main rotor blades have a rectangular shape tapering ending. Their layout was developed in conjunction with TsAGI. It was possible to achieve optimum blade tip shape that minimized the variable load on the screws and vibration. The ends of the blades have a peripheral speed of up to 205 m / s, it is enough for the synchronous operation of the powerplant and screws, fully satisfying the requirements for the noise level of the terrain.


The design of the Ka-115 put the basic model Ka-50, it is composed mostly of composite materials. On the installed gas turbine engine helicopter of the Russian-Canadian company "Pratt-Utni." To optimize the technological, performance and ergonomic features, the layout was built in full size. TsAGI spent purge helicopter model in the wind tunnel, thereby checking the aerodynamic configuration and experienced air intakes with a dust device.

As it has been done considerable amount of work related to ensuring the survival of passengers and crew during an emergency landing. Layout Ka-115 presented to the public at the air show MAKS-95, which was held in Zhukovsky. Starting mass production planned to start in St. Petersburg in the North plant.

Ka-115 belongs to a class of coaxial helicopters. The fuselage is a skeleton, sheathed composite materials. Rotors are made up of three blades and rotate in opposite directions, fixed blades hingeless. Material composite blades, too. At the hub plate placed multilayer torsions, by means of fasteners which holds the blades to the hub shell.

Ka-115 picture

 An uncontrollable stabilizer was installed in the tail boom, which has two end vertical washers. The helicopter has a vertical arrow-shaped plumage. The power plant includes a gas turbine engine PW / K-206D, developed jointly by the Canadian company Prett-Whitney and the Russian Klimov. Dust protection device of inertial action, which is equipped with engine air intakes, is presented in a modular design. The engine compartment is equipped with a fire system.

GTE is equipped with a free turbine and centrifugal compressor, annular combustion chamber. The rotational speed of the original shaft - 6000 / min, the size of the engine - 1,04h0,5h0,63 m.

The front part of the fuselage takes cabin crew, which has an extensive glass area. Next is the cargo bay, which amounts 1,2 cube. m. On each side of the cabin is located at the two doors, one of them sliding. The cargo bay can enter either from the cockpit or from the rear and side hatches.

The equipment includes a helicopter to operate in conditions of poor visibility, thanks to the satellite navigation system, which was tested on the Ka-32. Depending on the location, you can install on a helicopter rotor icing system and cab heating system.


You can use the Ka-115 as:

  • passenger version (4 people);

  • Utility (4-5 700 passengers and kg of cargo);

  • Sanitary (1 injured on stretchers plus medsoprovozhdenie);

  • Patrolman (3-4 paratrooper with special equipment, is equipped with a fast descent);

  • Search and Rescue (equipped with a winch).


During the flight, the engine is able to produce power 550 hp Inside the fuselage can carry loads up to 700 kg, on the external load - up to 900 kg.

Ka-115 is a twin-screw coaxial helicopter, which has a single turbine engine takeoff power 550 hp


The composition of equipment Ka-115 includes anti-icing system of the blades, the device engine air intake systems, ventilation, air conditioning and heating of the cabin crew. They contribute to the operation of the helicopter in a wide temperature range from -45 ° C to + 50 ° C.

In the case of engine failure, rough landing of the helicopter on the ground at a speed of 8 m / s should relent. This contributes to skid chassis design, emergency-resistant fuel system design and fuselage, installing energy-absorbing seats of the pilot and passengers.

The Ka-115 can be planted on the water surface or marshy, thanks to the snap-in inflatable float, which gives the car buoyancy and stability in the aqueous medium.

Estimated seating capacity at the Ka-115 4-5 of people. Supervises a helicopter pilot. The maximum weight for thyself - 1950 kg. Fuel tanks have a volume 500 l additional tank is designed to 250 liters of fuel. The helicopter can reach speeds of up to 250 km / h. Static ceiling for this unit is 2300 m, dynamic - 5200 m. The maximum range of the projected unit - 780 km.

Despite the good performance, at the moment not released a single instance of Ka-115, funding for the project is frozen.


Ka-115 - project multipurpose light helicopter coaxial design with a huge number of composite materials.

Design helicopter Ka115 in JSC "Kamov" began in the early 1990-x. Model helicopter was shown for the first time at the exhibition MAKS in Zhukovsky 95. The helicopter was built on the coaxial scheme.


Ka-115 photo

Ka-115 photo


Features Ka-115:

  • The diameter of the rotor: 9,5m

  • Fuselage length: 9,2m

  • Height with rotating propellers: 3,6m

  • Normal takeoff weight: 1850kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 1970kg

  • Engine: 1 GTE Pratt Whitney / Klimov 206K / 2

  • Power: 1 x 355l.s.

  • Crew: 1chel.

  • The greatest number of passengers: up to 6 passazhirovchel.

  • The speed at FL: 235km / h

  • Max. speed: 250km / h

  • Range of flight: 780km

  • Ceiling: 5200m

  • Rate of climb: 690m / min


Ka-115. Gallery.

Ka-115 on aviastoyankeKa-115 prepares for flightKa-115 exhibition

Ka-115 photo SideKa-115 modelKa-115 model side view


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