Ka-126. A photo. Characteristics

Ka-126. A photo. Characteristics 


Because of the huge need for multipurpose helicopters in the USSR, the engineering organization OKB Kamov was given the task to develop such an air unit. For this, it was decided to create a modification of the new helicopter based on Ka-26. This modernized version was called Ka-126 (codification of NATO - "Hooligan"). The basis was laid gas turbine engine TV-0-100 with a power of 720 hp. The design of the helicopter began to be considered in 1984, and initially it was planned to create a helicopter with two GTEs. They wanted to place them in small gondolas on the sides of the fuselage. Experienced flight was made in October 1987 year, at the helm was a famous test pilot G. Isayev.

From the basic model have the best of everything. The main difference between the upgraded model from the previous Ka-26 was a modification of the power plant and the support system. Small changes have happened to the cockpit avionics. Improved maneuverability and control of the helicopter. Ka-126 planned to produce in Romania. The contract was signed in 1985 year.


In the course of work on the design of the helicopter were taken into account all the nuances and demands of both domestic and foreign consumers. Moment of inertia with respect to the helicopter axes decreased due to the absence of engine nacelles and installed close to the center of mass of the assembly. Due to this increased flexibility even more.

Simplified the technical operation of helicopters (changed to a piston engine turboprop), reducing the cost of the work performed. In the agricultural version of the Ka-126 increased load capacity of chemicals (due to an increase in theater). A maximum speed increased from 170 190 to km / h.

The experience gained in the Ka-26 useful for the new helicopter. Agricultural equipment improved and adjusted under the Ka-126. This simplified operation fertilizers and increase the total number of flight-chemical works. Truck cab is removable, which, unlike its predecessor, has allowed to establish emergency hatches on the side walls.


Follower Ka-126 was the export model Ka-128. Old engine was replaced by the French turbine "Ariel ID1» with a valid power 730 hp This model is characterized by high speed (up by ten kilometers per hour), the static ceiling (on 600 m) and flight range (in 50 km). These figures are consistent with the parameters of the engine.

For certified and factory testing OKB Kamov engineers have designed three prototypes. First 12 serial specimens collected on the territory of Romania. The flight of the first production cars held at the end of December 1988 years. Ten aircraft units got labeled IAR Ka-126, because they were designed in the factory in IAR Brasov. But because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the tragic events in Romania, further production of the helicopter was discontinued.

Among the distinctive aspects in addition to the improved aerodynamic properties and remote gondolas, was also changed the angle of the nozzle up to the transmission mechanism have built in energy storage with two flywheels (like counter-rotating). Maximum speed Mokhovikov 24 800 / min. They also provide additional flight time 40 seconds in the event of an emergency incident with the engine. The air filter is installed at the bow. A system protivoobledelitelnoy (antifreeze) protection does not allow the rotor blades icing.


Especially for this helicopter Omsk motostroitelny KB created Turbo Shaft engine GTD TVO-100 (free turbine). Takeoff power powerplant is 530 kW and cruising, respectively, 343 kW. The engine is designed for the type of module - one centrifugal and two axial compressor, annular combustion chamber and two-stage turbine. Shaft speed is 6000 rev / min, and the degree is equal to the height of the pressure 9,2. Engine parameters: length - 1,275 m, height - 0,735 m, width - 0,78 m, weight in the dry state - 160 kg.

BP Chief improved gear-drive ensures 126M bearing assemblies and screws. It developed in a two-stage creation, planetary geared units. Used models of helicopters Ka-126, Ka and Ka-128-226.


Ka-126. Photo.

Ka-126. Photo.


Modifications Ka-126

  1. Ka-126 - prototype. The first flight in 1987 year.
  2. IAR Ka-126 - serial helicopter Romanian assembly.
  3. Ka-128 - export-type helicopter with the presence of Turbomeca Engine "Ariel-ID1» French production.
  4. Ka-226 - a helicopter with two engines GTD AI-450. In some embodiments, set "Allison 250-S20V." The first prototype flight in early September 1997 years.

In the future, further development of the helicopter in the city of Ulan-Ude for FAA certification in the United States.

Ka-126 (NATO code: Hoodlum - «Hooligan") - a multi-purpose helicopter with a turbine engine.

The helicopter is constructively a development of the Ka-26 helicopter with one GTE instead of two PDs. The design of the Ka-126 multipurpose helicopter began in OKB. Kamov NK in 1984. The first flight of the serial Ka-126 19.10.1987 passed.

The first 10 helicopters, which were designated IAR Ka126, built in 1991 at the company «IAR» Brasov. On a helicopter main gearbox mounted improved VR126M, planetary, two-step, with the gears. Further development - twin-engine turbine helicopter Ka-226.


Ka-126. A photo. 2

Ka-126. Photo.


Features Ka-126:

  • The diameter of the rotor: 13,0m

  • Fuselage length: 7,75m

  • Height with rotating propellers: 4,15m

  • The highest take-off weight: 3000kg

  • Engine: 1 GTD TV-0-100 (OEDB Engineering)

  • Power: 1 x 710l.s.

  • Crew: 2

  • The greatest number of passengers: 6

  • The speed at FL: 170km / h

  • Max. speed: 190km / h

  • Range of flight: 660km

  • Ceiling: 4650m

  • Rate of climb: 480m / min



Ka-126. Gallery.

Ka-126 for repairsKa-126 after takeoffKa-126 on aviastoyanke

Ka-126 at air showKa-126 after take-off from runwayKa-126 runway

Ka-126 after take-off side viewKa-126 in flight side viewKa-126 runway photos Side

Ka-126 on aviastoyankeKa-126 circuit drawingKa-126 Aeroflot



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SV Mikheev dumped their shortcomings on a TV On-100 in 1991g. He said that the fast will make Ka-128 with Chinese Ariel, however, Turbomeca has not given its consent. Then he began to develop with old Allison, with Ukrainian engine Ka-226 2013g taken off at the end. Russia and Ukraine continue to break. New Ka-226 turned after the replacement of the main gearbox and the installation of French Arius.


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