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Ka-226T - the new workhorse of the Russian aviation.


In 2008, the employees of the company "Kamov"We began work on the creation Ka-226T. He is a deep modernization of the light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226, which has shown to be an extremely reliable and easy to operate machine. In 2011 the city at various exhibitions as an exhibit, a new creation, "Kamov".


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Ka-226T is a multi-purpose helicopter of modular design, intended for carrying out works of a wide spectrum in various hard-to-reach areas, as well as in high-altitude, arctic, desert climate and at sea. Modular system involves the use of plug-in modules for various purposes or the transport of goods on an external suspension. The helicopter operation area includes cargo transportation tasks (up to 1500 kg), passenger transportation (7 person), carrying out landing and rescue operations, search operations. Install a module is capable of a small group of people for an hour.


According to its characteristics Ka-226T surpasses all foreign counterparts.


It is worth noting the attention of designers to the medical version of the helicopter. In 2011, at the air show MAKS-HeliRussia and 2011 company demonstrated Ka-226T with a special medical unit. This helicopter is able to quickly deliver the doctors in remote places and to evacuate the victims. Special equipment allows to provide medical assistance at the moment of transportation. For the Ka-226T need a relatively small landing area (15x15 meters), which also gives him an advantage in rescue operations.


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Ka-226T surpasses all foreign counterparts.


The main difference from the basic model are the two gas turbine engines Arrius 2G1 (2x500 hp), the French company Turbomeca, excess capacity which positively affected the flight characteristics of the car, especially in high mountains and deserts. When one of the engines of the helicopter can take off and land without loss of capacity. The coaxial scheme screws for conventional Kamov machines, provides excellent maneuverability and ease of piloting.


 Ka-226T characteristics

Ka-226T characteristics



The maximum speed is 200 km / h, the cruising speed is 190 km / h. Service ceiling - 5200 m (with modification, the flight height can be increased to 7000 m). The flight range reaches 600 km, and with outboard tanks - up to 750 km. The helicopter can carry a load of up to 1200 kg in a transport module and about 1500 kg using an external sling. The crew can include one or two people.


According to its characteristics Ka-226T surpasses all foreign counterparts. In addition to domestic customers interested in a helicopter and abroad. The possibility of the license production of cars in India and Venezuela.


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