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Ka-50 helicopter is better than Ka-52

Ka-50 helicopter is better than Ka-52

Russian newspaper. “NI journalist Caleb Larsen praised the domestic Ka-50 Black Shark helicopter, calling it a“ flying tank ”

At first glance, the article is objective, but even here it is not without fraud, so I highlight some phrases separately.

“The Black Shark was faster and more progressive than the Alligator, but the military wanted a more familiar option.”

The fact that the Ka-50 is better than the Ka-52 is logical: the Alligator is 2-seater, which means it is heavier than the Black Shark and has greater frontal resistance, which is also known to the cadet of the flight school, not to mention those that forced General Designer S.V. Mikheev redesign single Ka-50 double. Designers of the Design Bureau of the MVZ were especially zealous in this, hiding behind the screen of competition with the Mi-28.

But the real military, who tested the "Black Shark" in Chechnya in combat conditions, were categorically against the "more familiar option" (19.09.2006/XNUMX/XNUMX. WORD ON THE “BLACK SHARK”).

Only V.V. Putin, on the opinion of military pilots, both then and today - “zero attention, a kilo of contempt” and, contrary to common sense, removed from service the world's best Ka-50, replacing it “with a killer Mi-28N” (expression of the former commander of the VKS B Bondarev), and then on the Mi-28NM.

“The Shark accelerated to a record speed of 390 km / h.”

Not certainly in that way. 390km / hour. - This is the permissible speed allowed for combat pilots during a gentle dive. Record speed "Sharks" = 460k / h, to which test pilots "accelerated", ie and today, such speeds are not available to other combat helicopters of the world, and first of all to the “ultramodern” Mi-28NM, and Mi-28UB, the last of which in the Krasnodar Territory already managed to crash on New Year’s, taking the lives of two more combatant, experienced pilots .

“The military decided that they were not yet ready to send helicopter pilots to missions alone, and two people were better, although the general designer of Kamov, Sergey Mikheev, believed that a single-seat layout was the future.”

And the “future” of single-seaters is still being conducted from the IL-2 attack aircraft - V.O.V recognized as the best aircraft, especially since the Ka-50 has the highest degree of control automation, then what can be the doubt? For our pilots - NO, "... because one person makes decisions faster in a critical situation than two who need to spend extra seconds to coordinate their actions with each other."

And I pay special attention to the phrase: “two people are better”. With two crew members on the Mi with outdated technology, it’s “better” for Americans who used the “black shark” “single” as a pretext to remove the outstanding helicopter from our Air Force armament. But it was especially “better” for Sikorsky: “The leading Soviet helicopter company Mil was under the control of the American company Sikorsky, which was not interested in equipping the Russian Armed Forces with modern models” (Rossiyskaya Gazeta - Federal Issue No. 3613 dated October 26, 2004).

“The military decided ...” These military are ex. Minister of Defense S. Ivanov and President V.V. Putin, who already did not wear epaulettes. So the first "military" reported to the second "military" the following:

“The first serial Mi-28-M Night Hunter helicopter has entered service with the Russian army,” Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov told the President. According to him, the combat and technical characteristics of the Mi-28-M are four to five times superior to our current massive Mi-24 helicopter. " ( 05.06.2006).

Report to him these far-fetched superiorities of I.V. To Stalin, he would have heard the question: “And due to what is the Mi-28N technically 4-5 times superior to the Mi-24 if it has the same engines and the same rotor?”, After which respected S. Ivanov would be sent for sabotage fraud in the Siberian taiga forest fell!

The military pilots with all their heart were for the more energy-armed and maneuverable Ka-50 helicopter, and even with ejection seats. Alas, all Mi combat helicopters are deprived of such seats, and the militants strive to hit the helicopter from behind and then the tail rotor control, which the coaxial circuit does not have, is interrupted. And if the helicopter received a rocket hit from behind, then the fire!

When viewing such shots, the soul freezes: how disgusting and disgusting the pilots feel in this helicopter from despair in these remaining seconds of life.

But if the MVZ continue to arm our Army with helicopter junk, it means that Mi's victims are warming someone's soul! Let me remind you that two Mi-28Ns crashed in Syria with the death of two pilots (and there were only "one, two, and there was nothing"); behind them, in old age, the Mi-24P crash occurs (2 airmen died); a rocket exploded near the tail rotor of the Mi-35 and again the crew dies; not counting the dead (3 crew members (commander, navigator, technician) and 2 officers of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria) in the damaged Mi-8. Unlike the Mi-35/28 crew, the Ka-50 pilot in such a situation presses a button - and in a moment he soars in the air on a parachute, and if he dies, then only one instead of two!

The commentary on the Ka-50 from a combat intelligence officer is very revealing:

“On duty, I am well acquainted with helicopter technology, including the capabilities of the Ka-50, Ka-52 and Mi-28,” says GRU Colonel Alexander Musienko, who fought in Afghanistan and Chechnya. - It so happened that since the time of the Afghan war our army has been fighting all the time in the mountains. And there is no better helicopter to support troops, including special forces operating in the highlands, than the Ka-50 and Ka-52. Thanks to the coaxial design, they are very maneuverable, have excellent rate of climb, can freeze at any height and are equipped with the most advanced avionics and precision weapon systems. If we had the support of Black Sharks in Chechnya, the losses of our troops would be reduced by several times, and the fight against illegal armed groups hiding in mountain forests would be much more effective ... ” (Russian newspaper - Week No. 0 (4744).

The combat work of the Ka-50 is well shown in the movie "Black Shark", which is "across the throat" to the Americans, which they successfully managed through Russian liberals, depriving our pilots of this SUPER-HELICOPTER.

And hefty "modern" Mi-28N in Syria continue to work the old fashioned way:

Having watched this populist video “Slaughter Carousel” - can you be sure that the helicopters worked just for the purpose? It is very doubtful, because neither the target nor the militants are visible!

Yes, our Il-2/10 attack aircraft in WWII really used the "roundabout" tactic, but their first planes went to anti-aircraft guns, knocking them out of work, and from behind, flying planes made approaches directly to the target, destroying accumulations of armored vehicles or warehouses. But "Ilys" are not helicopters, so they could not hover at a height, hence they have a "battle carousel", and modern helicopters require a completely different tactics of combat. In this particular case: hover in a pair at a height unattainable for large-caliber machine guns with anti-aircraft mounts of the 3u-23-2 type and from there work aimingly, using a variety of onboard weapons, and not launch all expensive missiles en masse: seemingly at the target. Information about the presence or absence of the enemy's air defense in the combat area, as well as the coordinates of the target, should be issued by reconnaissance, which today, unlike the Stone Age, is thoroughly reinforced by drones and satellites.

Only at such a height, and even with a full combat load, the tailed Mis are not capable of freezing, hence the tactics of conducting combat work: a merry-go-round, and away from militants. And for the effect, we shoot jamming cartridges that fool the American Stinger MANPADS missiles, which the militants in this case did not have, or the militants were too far away.

Let me remind you that the "Black Shark" with old TV3-117 engines with full combat load surely hangs at an altitude of 4000m, which is proved by combat work in the mountains of Chechnya! That's what a modern attack helicopter should be !!!

And if the American media began to give out characteristics close to objective for these helicopters, then we can safely assume that soon high-speed helicopters will be put into service in the USA,

and then, it seems to me, Vashobkom will allow V.V. Putin will restore serial production of the outstanding Ka-50, after which the liberals will routinely praise the Black Shark, chattering on modern high-speed projects by S.V. Mikheev.

And if for the removal of the Ka-50 from service, they simply launched a stupid single-seater, then the actions against the ultra-modern Ka-92 were "scientific": the chief designer of the cost center (at that time) NS Pavlenko drew a project of a supposedly hefty high-speed Mi-X1 helicopter, "superior" to the Ka-92 in all respects. Only from the first drawings did it become clear to aviators from cadets to high aviation specialists that this "project" was fake! But the government of V.V. Putin took the side of N.S. Pavlenko, apparently "at the request" from overseas to "strengthen" the defense capability of the State is not Russian!

Finance timely projects Ka-92 and Ka-102, then in Syria instead of the low-speed Mi-8, convenient for aiming small arms from the ground, in Syria was already able to work with the same peacekeeping tasks and high-speed Ka-92, which has a difference in cruising impressive speeds: 430k / h versus 230k / h. Mi-8. And if we add the absence of hv to the speed difference. beams of the Ka-92, then its safety in a combat situation is incommensurably higher than the eight. Press Secretary V.V. Putin expressed his condolences to the dead:

 "" You, unfortunately, already know the tragic news that came from Syria. A helicopter crashed there, which was shot down from the ground. Everyone who was in the helicopter, as far as we know, died, died heroically, because they tried to steal a car with to minimize casualties on earth, "the spokesman said. Peskov also added that the Kremlin "deeply condoles" with the families of the dead servicemen "

01.08.16/3/2. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, there were XNUMX crew members (commander, navigator, technician) and XNUMX officers of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria on board the helicopter. He was already halfway to the landing airfield when he was fired from the ground over Idlib province.

Let's hope that President V.V. Before the end of his term, Putin will be able to rectify the state of affairs in helicopter engineering by completely abandoning worn-out helicopter junk like the Mi and switching to the production of modern Ka-50s; Ka-32-10AG with high-speed Ka-92; Ka-102, and, of course, military-based warfare from the Kamov firm.

And he has plenty of time and opportunities! In addition, the government “Hens do not peck” the money: Alla Pugacheva under the New Year of 2019, the holding “Helicopters of Russia” jokingly allocated 40 million. rubles for an anniversary concert. It turned out to be more significant for them than for the State modern helicopters from the Kamov firm?

In the meantime, the liberals continue to sing the next praises of the Mi-28NM:

“According to a document signed last year by the Russian defense department and Rostec Corporation, 98 Super Night Hunters will receive the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Pilots of the Super Night Hunters will receive special flight helmets with elements of augmented reality. On the helmet’s transparent shield, the main flight parameters are displayed ....

It is not worth considering that helmets with augmented reality are Russian know-how. Such systems are already used by pilots of the European drums Tiger, transport NH-90, as well as the Italian A-129 Mangust. Pavel Ivanov ”(The newspaper“ Military-Industrial Courier ”, published in issue No. 18 (831) of May 19, 2020).

Only such equipment the Ka-50 already had 40 years ago, but then the liberals in the media admired the cheapness of the Mi-28 (due to the dilapidation of its equipment, as well as the design itself) and were lamented by the “high cost” of the “Black Shark”. But here's the interesting thing: the price of the Ka-52 after mass production fell from 20 million. up to 16,1 million dollars, while with the Mi-28N the opposite is true: the managers of V.V. Putin transferred the “Hunter” from the cheapest to the most expensive: as much as -18 million dollars (Wikipedia). The reason for the sky-high cost is known only to the managers themselves: after all, its weapons are from the middle of the last century, and from there its flight capabilities.

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

No one doubts that Mercedes is better than an analogue of Korea, because Mercedes is the first company to create a car and has vast experience. All combat helicopters of the Soviet Union were created by the Mil company. Mil's combat helicopters ensured the conduct of hostilities in all conflicts of the USSR and many countries of the Middle East and Africa. All combat experience was used to create the Mi-28N and NM. Kamov's firm has no experience in creating combat helicopters and combat experience, all of their helicopters were used in the Navy, Ka-50 and Ka-52 were the first combat helicopters. Comparing these two cars is like buying yourself an SUV, which was created by a company that previously created a car for "asphalt".
A helicopter is a vehicle that fights at altitudes of less than 50 meters, and at this altitude, all the pilot's attention is focused on piloting and he cannot conduct full-fledged combat operations, therefore, with the current development of a swarming helicopter, a single-seat helicopter cannot fully conduct combat operations. The author is simply wishful thinking based on the fables of the Kamov company.

Let me tell you my point of view ...
Judging by the performance characteristics of the Ka-50 helicopter and its evaluations of testers and pilots in combat conditions, this is the most perfect and in many ways innovative machine. The only "minus" of the Ka-50 is expressed in the overlap of the blades on bends, which was eliminated in the Ka-52. For the rest, I repeat, if it were my will, the Ka-50 would have been in service for a long time and have proven their qualities in practice.

“Let us turn again to the experience of the combat use of the Mi-24 with two crew members. The helicopter is piloted by one pilot, who also uses a cannon and unguided air missiles (NAR). An operator at low altitudes cannot help the pilot in any way. No problems with attacking ground targets. with the use of the specified weapons, including from extremely low altitudes, does not exist.On the Ka-50, a more power-equipped and maneuverable apparatus, which has aerobatic and targeting information on the windshield indicator, the pilot uses the cannon and the NAR with his head raised, which means and with less psychophysiological stress.
For particularly stubborn opponents of a single-seat helicopter, I report that the use of ATGMs on the Ka-50 from hovering and in translational motion up to 100 km / h at extremely low altitudes does not cause any particular difficulties. This is facilitated by the excellent controllability of the aerodynamically symmetrical device, the automatic scanning of the line of sight of the sighting and sighting system, the use of the helmet-mounted target designation system, the ejection seat, which ensures the rescue of the pilot in the entire range of altitudes and flight speeds.
And, finally, one more, unexpected comparison: the covert exit of the Ka-50 to the area of ​​search and attack of targets at altitudes of 15–20 m is more favorable in terms of psychophysiological load on the pilot than on two-seat Mi-24 and Mi-28 helicopters. "(Rambler Kamov Ka-50 | Military portal).

- The Ka-50 helicopter is better than the Ka-52!
- What's better?
- Than the Ka-52!

It feels like the author is not a specialist, but so ...

Therefore, they want to combine these two KBs, they can safely bury their competitors.

Well, of course! Cross a snake with a hedgehog and you will get seven meters of a barbed wire.

An article by another fanfare with a foil hat on his head. In my youth, I entered flight and remember how they made invitations to the newly opened flight specialty in a helicopter for these very KA-50s, of which there were a couple of pieces all over the country. It was a hard time - the mid-90s. For example, I refused without thinking, tk. the prospects were zero point zero, but there was no faith in the future - it was all sold for a sneaker, bottles of smirnovka and nylon panties (yak in khikhlov this hour). So: the question was WHO will control these KA-50, since people were recruited from extermination schools (maybe from others, but I don't know anymore) and only among those who have already passed all the honey. and prof. selections? Well who? Where to get the pilots - to pick them out of the nose, as the author of the article does? Not an option. That is why the two-headed version of the KA-52 was created. it is easier to find two good and suitable pilots than one prodigy, who is expensive to train and easy to lose in battle without the possibility of recovery from the ashes. Author, take your pills, because just one foil cap is not enough!

A bagel is a bagel.

And who will drive the two-seater? If, in your opinion, one pilot cannot be found, then where to get two? From the same nose, because there are two nostrils! A, Author !?

The author is illiterate and does not understand the issue at all.
First, and in the most important, the Ka-50 is not at all so "automated" - it does not have missiles of the "fire and forget" type. The pilot should be engaged in the search for the target, while trying not to fly into the landscape. Very comfortably! After launch, the helicopter must keep the target in the front hemisphere, or the crippled submachine gun will lose the target: it takes 10-20 seconds to prod the target. Cars with a second pilot-operator are deprived of this dubious pleasure.
Further, about the aerodynamics of the Ka-50, in particular about the drag: having an incredible hub of coaxial propellers, as well as non-retractable suspensions, it is generally silly to talk about the deterioration of aerodynamics due to the two-seater cockpit.
Further, what enemy of the people thrust the cannon from the BMP to the right of the longitudinal axis of the helicopter? Not only is the Ka-50/52 unable to fire from a cannon at targets located on the left side, but also because of the monstrous recoil, the helicopter turns on the spot, with which the pilot is forced to fight. This is especially pleasant in a single car. The Milians acted much more competently in this.
Further, what is the old IL-2 (double by the way) entangled with? Is there an elder in the garden, an uncle in Kiev?
And to evaluate the combat work of the "shark" on the FILM !! it is generally beyond the bounds. In this case, let's discuss transformers with aliens, too, many films have been shot about them. But they dragged along some liberals and Putin. Obviously, this article should get more views.

IL-2 single-seat aircraft, do not confuse with IL-10 and do not mislead the public.

IL-2 was originally and after taking into account the errors was a two-seater, do not weird ... IL-10 remember when it appeared?

Thank you, dear friend, for the expert analysis of this emotional fake.

I'm afraid you're twisting too much. The missiles fired and forgot, there were simply no available for use on the helicopter at the time of adoption, but the onboard complex was originally designed for expandability - according to the technical specification, the adaptation time for new types of weapons is no more than 12 months from the date of availability.
The gun is located on the NPPU-80 very close to the center of gravity (less than a meter) - the turning moment is compensated automatically from the 800 product. It is not necessary to deal with the turning moment even at the maximum firing rate - this can be confirmed by any pilot who fired on the Ka-50.
I will leave a note about aerodynamics on your conscience - colleagues from LII, VNTK, and also from the States have defended several dissertations, showing that the aerodynamics of the coaxial scheme, including drag, is much better than any aircraft of the classical scheme - simply because it is different (see how the drag of the aircraft in flight is calculated - then you will understand that the contribution of the coaxial propeller drive to the aerodynamics of the helicopter is scanty.
Shooting by turning the gun to the left - everything is very simple here - take the Mi-28N and fire a shot at an angle of 12 degrees or more to the helicopter axis - oh, calculate how to compensate for the rotation - everything is simple there - the recoil is 5000 kgf, the distance from the point of application of forces to the center of gravity is about 5 meters - this is where you really need to deal with the unfolding effect (on the Mi-28HM, this is partially automated).

Well, now where are these missiles "fire-forget?" The same vortices, the same machine gun on the Ka-50, the Mi-28 has the same operator.
Do you have good colleagues, since they are defending their dissertations comparing the aerodynamics of a helicopter to an airplane (!) Did they not compare it with a ship at the same time? And what kind of pearl is this: "aerodynamics are better, just because they are different?" No, I don’t argue, maybe the aerodynamics of the Kamov cars are better than that of some TB-3, for example ...
Further. If on the Mi-28 it is really "very simple" to shoot by turning the gun to the left, then on the Ka-50 (52) it is very difficult! It's impossible.

Everyone forgot that ex-Defense Minister Serdyukov is on the board of directors of the corporation for helicopters, hence all the problems

And why the author does not mention the loss of the Ka-52 equipped with ejection seats in Torzhok, with the death of 2 pilots. And without any fighting! And who trains pilots to use these seats and on what? And what will the use of the system of shooting blades lead to during ejection during flight in formation?
And on the possibilities of using a single-seater car - a controversial issue and has been debated for a long time. The author, well versed in technology, does not at all take into account the human factor and psychophysiological capabilities of the pilot, especially in conditions of combat use. And the abandonment of a single-seat vehicle in favor of the Mi-28 was, among other things, due to this very factor, which was confirmed in the process of joint tests by specialists from the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the RF Ministry of Defense.
And in general, reading the articles of a respected author, I have to note their some one-sidedness and bias
By the way, the Il-2 was, after all, a two-seater car, with a shooter providing protection to the rear hemisphere.

For 30 years, everything has been happening this way. Write, kind person. Better late than never.

In a dispute, truth is born. The former have agility in a pair of complexity, while the latter have economy and simplicity. Well, you see, "convetrovertos" are born.

What did you expect from corrupt puppets

The fish rots from the head. In Russia, from this rot, there is already such a stench that it’s not just that there’s nothing to breathe, but it hurts your eyes.

Why be surprised? Kursk with all the crew who still remained there was drained, and they did not blink an eye.

one word in the text, it became clear that the material was sprinkled with a sharovarnik .... of course Putin did not listen to anyone and undermined the country's defense ... we will figure it out ourselves.

Indeed, the K-50 helicopter is considered the best, but many military leaders do not want to produce the most powerful and modern combat helicopters. V.V. Putin gave instructions on the construction of new and modern high-speed helicopters, but so far they are not being carried out. It is necessary to do as in Soviet times 2 different aircraft were launched into production and which one turned out to be better launched into production. It is necessary to show the KA-62 and Mi-28/35 helicopters and which one will be better and faster to launch into production. It seems to me that this will not happen, because now everyone is making money.

Have you ever seen one of these types of equipment live? Ka-62 is a passenger helicopter of the fenestron system. Perhaps you wanted to write: Mi-24/35, because the Mi-28 is a completely different helicopter. The Mi-28 and Mi-35 have been in service for a long time

And there is an auxiliary, that is, a second tier !!!!!
That KA-50 is the first echelon !!!!!!!!!!!
MI-28/35 is the second !!!!!!!
But, see our military badly KNOW about this !!!!!!

Dear Egor! I believe that the military has nothing to do with it, for the Ka-50 was removed from service by V.V. Putin and the ex. Defense Minister S. Ivanov, and the military were "For"! And this time the President personally gave the command to supply 100 Mi-28NM helicopters to the Army, while leaving the outstanding Ka-52 "for later" and began to dismiss the workers of the "Progress" plant. After the rallies, they stopped dismissals and supposedly they will start producing the Ka-62 there?

By the way, we must not forget about the very successful KA-60 helicopter, which our leaders buried at the testing stage.

You have ridden the Ural bike of your older brother under the frame.
The same story with the Ka-52 and the mile that anticipated its appearance. The combat helicopter pilot has one option to be in the center of mass.

I doubt that the author (Swede?) Was able to understand the issue better than our experts. I am also an amateur and think differently. At least because the KA 50 can not take on board a wrecked comrade.

And how many "knocked out comrades" in Syria took the Mi-28N ???

Manturov and his friends have long been hurting in the domestic aircraft industry in favor of the enemy abroad, as well as in other industries. For such a fruitful work he is paid fabulous money, about 1.5 million rubles per day, like Komarov, who mastered AvtoVAZ, then Roscosmos, after which he was appointed the president's representative to the Volga Federal District for his “good” work. For 2018, he declared an income of 657 million rubles. Interesting thoughts evoke after such facts, the larger the sabotage, the larger the reward, at our expense. I am a regular reader of the NA newspaper. For a long time I have been following their "fruitful" work and similar high-ranking officials. Correspondents of this newspaper constantly cover these topics. I have come to the firm conviction that many high-ranking officials have been conducting long-term sabotage activities against our state, in favor of the enemy abroad, for which they receive suspiciously large sums of money and are not prosecuted.

And who will be involved? The same traitors?

That's right !!!

The Black Shark is a great helicopter. I was also surprised when it was discontinued. In general, when such things happen, for some reason I immediately have a question about wrecking.

"The record speed of the" Shark "= 460k / h," - well, if only in free fall. The officially registered record is 390 km / h. Well, the Mi 24 in 1978 accelerated to 370 km / h. The article is not objective. And learn the difference between combat effectiveness and performance. Suddenly it will come in handy.

for the fact that the best helicopter in the world has been driven into the corner of Ivanov — I write with a lowercase letter and I must put the Tinpu as traitors for sabotaging and removing the best helicopter in the world from production.

Ka-50 is good. But .... Automation level - mid 80s. It is unrealistic to take out one pilot. Therefore, they added a second to the ka-52. In modern conditions, with normal avionics and a fire control system, it could be the best. I saw them at 96m above Grozny. One Ka-50 is working, 2 Mi-24 crocodiles are covering. Run in. Milevskie cars were supposed to destroy the Shark in the event of a fall.

Order an upgrade - we will do it, no question. There would be money.
By the way, now there is a chance - if now in the united design bureau from the management they trample the Milev protégés (and everything is going towards this now), then there is a chance that something will be done on the basis of the Ka-92 - at least the technical specification for R&D is being prepared.

Vitaly, thanks for another good article! I myself have always been an ardent adherent of the coaxial scheme. But with regard to the Ka-50, I still cannot understand how a pilot should detect, escort and attack targets, while performing a low-altitude flight "between the trees". The Ka-50 is often compared to the Su-25. But the comparison is incorrect: the main weapon of the Su-25 is uncontrollable (fixed gun and NARs); missiles with PALGSN and TVGSN are used relatively rarely and against large and, as a rule, stationary targets. The Su-25T and TM never went into production, so we have no experience of using the Shkval / Vortex from a single attack aircraft against tank-type targets. At the same time, the typical altitudes of the combat use of an attack aircraft are, as a rule, significantly higher than that of a helicopter.
Therefore, it seems to me from my sofa that a single-seat helicopter in the early 80s was definitely a utopia. Today, of course, with the development of electronics that can help the pilot both in low-altitude piloting and in target recognition, the situation may be different ...

Dear Vladislav! Firstly, no helicopter "between the waves" flies, but flies over them, including the Ka-50.
Comparing Ka-50 and Su-25. Correct, because it is not uncommon for the Su-25 and combat helicopters to perform the same tasks, so I recommend that you view my article from 2020-04-10 "Towards positive air programs", where Zvezda is trying to take away the merits of the destruction of tanks from the Su-25 in favor of the Mi-28N helicopter.
As for the "PURPOSE", the pilot knows the location even before departure, or may have information transmitted in flight from various reconnaissance agents.
A digital terrain map helps the Ka-50 pilot to orientate himself on the terrain. This is what Colonel A. Rudykh, who fought on this helicopter in Chechnya, writes: "The technique showed itself from the best side. Most of all, I personally liked the digital map of the area installed on the Kamov machine. It allows you to use the electronic map in the form of During the flight, the pilot can switch to any convenient and necessary scale; at the same time, a mark indicating the location of the helicopter is displayed on the monitor. Designations without using the GLONASS system with an accuracy of +50 meters allow landing approach in adverse weather conditions. "

Do not listen to these pseudo-experts who criticize the Ka-50. If it is finalized and new technologies are introduced, it will become head and shoulders above all the helicopters in the world!

what can I say Ukhtomsky helicopter plant has already been demolished and houses built

I live nearby. The plant works, even helicopters fly.

Where is the factory? Ukhtomsky (Lyubertsy) NO more!

The plant does not work - the design bureau has moved to Panki, LIK - the devil knows where. On the site of the plant, PIK is building a residential complex Lyubertsy-Park. The remains of VCI are being actively liquidated - from January 2021, PIK should start building there as well.

Vitaliy, great, be sure to write more about the Black Shark! By the way, her view from the cockpit is much better than that of the Ka-52, which was not conceived as a battlefield machine, but rather as a target indicator for Shark groups.


Best in the world of aviation