Ka-52. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Armament.
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Ka-52. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Armament.

Helicopter Ka-52. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Armament.



"Alligator" - is the second name of the attack helicopter Ka-52, which is designed and manufactured in Russia. The main objective of this type of helicopter is to destroy enemy armored vehicles and manpower. In addition, the machine can maintain an effective air combat. Ka-52 is a deeper and more advanced modification of the Ka-50. The main difference between these devices is that Ka-52 has one pilot and two. It should also be noted that the layout of the on-board equipment in the car is much better and more perfect.

The history of the combat helicopter Ka-52

Since the Ka-52 helicopter is a modification of the Ka-50 type of vehicle, the first prototype was launched into the air only in the summer of 1997. After tests and modifications, the helicopter entered mass production, the first production car broke away from the launch site in the summer of 2008 at the Arsenyev airport. The "Progress" aircraft factory was engaged in the manufacture of the helicopter from the autumn of the year 2008. The industrial capacity of this enterprise allows to produce two Ka-52 each month. All state tests of the helicopter were completed at the beginning of 2011. The first car entered service in the spring of 2011 on the 575 aviation base.

ka-52 photo

With regard to production, there should be noted the following historical facts. Also created in 2008, the two test vehicles a year were made for three pre-series machines that were used for testing and development. Only at the end of the year 2010 were prepared four full model helicopter Ka-52. In summer Kamov Design Bureau has received an order for the manufacture of "Alligator", which could be equipped with the type of ships "Mistral", which are purchased in France.

Chief designer of the Kamov design bureau said that they will start to develop and manufacture the party deck modifications Ka-52. Start of production of the ship's helicopters began in late summer and 2012 has received the designation of Ka-52K. The main difference between the Ka-52K from the basic version is that it has the ability to fold the blades and is equipped with a reinforced chassis. In addition, the machine casing is treated with anticorrosive agents to counter the aggressive environment. According to unofficial data, the modification has the additional title of "Katran".

General description: Ka-52

Apparatus Ka-52 - is a helicopter that can perform almost all combat missions on land. In addition, it is used as a training machine. Ka-52 is the development of combat Ka-50, but the new model is significantly modified and improved. Yet 85% of all units taken from the previous model.

Ka-52 is equipped with an armored cabin for two pilots, the pilots' seats are equipped as catapults for evacuation. When designing, it was decided to use two pilots for more effective combat at night. Armor cabin allows you to ensure the safety of pilots, even if hit an 23-millimeter shell. In the cockpit of the pilots there are 3 monitors, on which all information about the state of the apparatus and equipment is displayed. Each crew member has a helmet with a special sight and a helmet display system. The control of the car is completely duplicated in both pilots, due to this each crew member can operate a car or a weapon.

ka-52 cabinka-52 cabin

For the transmission of information to a group of military helicopters are equipped with a closed communications system, in which it is possible to transmit intelligence. As for weapons, then it is the same as in the previous version of the helicopter, but there is the idea of ​​designers plans to improve the system of anti-missile named "Flurry". It will produce shots at the enemy from a distance technique to 15 kilometers.

To find purpose helicopter is equipped with a whole set of equipment, this includes PPP sight, which consists of multi-channel systems such as GOES-451. This equipment is installed on top of the cockpit. This same system applies thermal imager, laser designator and the detection system and the laser spot.

The helicopter of this model is highly reliable piloting. Even if one of the systems fails, the automatic system of the helicopter reacts instantly and informs the pilots about it. And most importantly, it will do everything possible to eliminate the problems that have arisen. Built-in monitoring and diagnostic systems can reduce the human factor in troubleshooting. Preparation of the helicopter for the flight takes a minimum amount of time, and it is not required to use the ladders, as it was before. All systems and their condition can be checked from the cockpit. Shock helicopter model Ka-52 can be used in combat conditions continuously for 12 days, and while it needs minimal maintenance.

Benefits Ka-52

The main advantages of "Alligator" is that it can conduct military operations at any time and under any weather conditions. It can detect enemy targets from long distances and to transmit this information to their intelligence forces. He alone can conduct an effective destruction of the enemy from long distance due to the latest equipment and high firepower.

Ka-52 has a system for reducing the visibility of enemy vehicles, it is equipped with electronic protection systems and combat. This combat unit fully complies with all international quality and safety standards. He has excellent flight qualities and high maneuverability. This was mainly obtained by using a coaxial rotor system. This allows quick movement and have low vulnerability to enemy fire.


Helicopter flights can produce at an altitude of more than 5 kilometers above sea level. These figures are made possible by using a powerful propulsion system that consists of two gas-turbine engines of a total capacity of 5 thousand horsepower. In addition, helicopter flights is highly reliable in hot climates or in polar regions.

Helicopter "Alligator" is equipped with the most new avionics, armament machine can be changed depending on the tasks.

Accidents Ka-52

The first accident involving a helicopter Ka-52 2012 occurred in March, during a training flight near the town of Torzhok. The wreckage of the helicopter found only ten hours after the crash. In this accident killed the navigator and the pilot died from multiple wounds.

The second accident occurred in the autumn of the year 2013 the complex design Kamov bureau. This accident occurred because of the failure of thrust helicopter rotor. As a result, the car fell, and started a fire, the helicopter was completely destroyed. When the accident pilots suffered burns, but retained their life.

Ka-52 characteristics:

  • Modification of the Ka-52

  • Main rotor diameter, m 14.50

  • Length, m 13.50

  • Height, m ​​4.90     

  • Weight, kg empty 7800

  • Weight, kg normal takeoff 9800

  • Weight, kg maximum take-off 10400

  • Engine type 2 GTD Klimov TV3-117VMA

  • Power, kW 2 х 1638

  • Maximum speed, km / h 300

  • Cruising speed, km / h 270

  • Practical range, km 1160

  • Range of action, km 520

  • Rate of climb, m / min 600

  • Practical ceiling, m 5500

  • Static ceiling, m 3600

  • Crew, people 1

  • Armament: one 30-mm cannon 2A42 with 460 rounds

  •  The combat load - 2000 4 kg hardpoints

  •  4х3 ATGM Whirlwind or 4 UR Needle-In air-to-air or

  •  80 80-mm NUR or 10 122-mm NUR

  •  or containers with guns or machine guns




27.06.2008 - in Arsenyev (Primorye) first takeoff Ka-52 was committed.


Serially produced attack helicopter began in late October 2008, the plant "Progress". Sazykina. This company is able to produce up to two "Alligator" copies a month.


In December 2008, the first stage of flight tests of the Ka-52, after which it was given the green light to production of an experimental batch to complete the GLI.


Since 2008 2010 helicopters were fired on, the 9.


Flight tests of the helicopter to be completed in the year 2011.


Since May, the 2011, 52 Ka-operated Russian Air Force.


20.06.2011 head of Rosoboronexport Mr. Isaykin during a briefing at the air show in Le Bourget told about plans to place combat helicopters Ka-52 on the ships of the French production of "Mistral".


The total value of derivative aircraft Ka-52 «Alligator» in 2011 9,5 billion was reached. Rubles. In four instances installed modern airborne radar "Crossbow" system.

Ka-52 shot

During 2012, the production of "Alligator" has increased 2,2 2011 times compared with the year.


7.08.2012 representative of the company "Helicopters of Russia" Roman Kirilov announced the beginning of production of the first prototypes for the Ka-52 helicopter "Mistral".


23.10.2012 were completed tests of navigation and location system attack helicopter Ka-52.


Features Ka-52 «Alligator»


• Ka-52 is equipped with devices that reduce its visibility, active countermeasures and electronic protection. Its design fully complies with the requirements of domestic and international standards for the technical operation of attack helicopters.

• The Alligator has a double cabin. Any of the pilots can control the helicopter. Thanks to the coaxial propeller positioning system, the Ka-52 received unprecedented maneuverability, which can be used in battle to take a more advantageous position.

• The helicopter is equipped with two VK-2500 gas turbine engines. Their operation is possible at altitudes above 5000 m. For the Ka-52, the static height limit is 4000 m, so it can be operated in mountainous areas. The peculiarities of the Alligator composition allow its use in any weather conditions, even in cold climates and icing conditions.

• The Ka-52 combat helicopter is equipped with modern avionics and powerful offensive weapons that can be used to perform various combat missions.

• The helicopter cockpit is very ergonomic and contains many automated control systems that allow pilots to navigate the aircraft comfortably.






31.08.2011 between Oboronprom and the company "Helicopters of Russia" signed a contract to manufacture and supply units Ka 140-52, 120 total cost bln. to 2020 years. The contract does not specify what kind of helicopter modifications will be released for the Russian Defense Ministry.


8.04.2014 Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the purchase of helicopters Ka decked 32-52. They are planned to be installed on two ships, the helicopter carrier "Mistral", that advance bookings were made in France for Russia. In connection with the events of the past year strained relations between Russia and France may prevent implementation of the agreements.


From the words of Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Yury Borisov, it has to 2020 years 146 order to supply attack helicopters Ka-52 «Alligator», 32 of them - deck version.


Ka-52 cabin


Armament Ka-52


Ka-52 can be equipped with the following types of weapons:

• 2A42 30 mm cannon with 460 rounds of ammunition;

• NAR blocks of 80 mm caliber;

• ATGM "Whirlwind" (laser control beam);

• ATGM guided missiles "Attack" with a laser guidance system;

• aerial bombs, other weapons with a total weight of up to 2 tons;

• unguided and guided air-to-air missiles;

• unguided air-to-ground missiles.


Systems are being developed that allowed used in the arsenal of weapons to use Ka-52 guided missiles "air - ground".

Launching mass ATGM "Whirlwind" is 42 kg, its use allows you to hit the armored equipment of the enemy at a distance of up to 8 km. Punches to your 90 cm thick.


Weight missiles "Igla-V" is 10,7 kg, the cumulative part - 1,27 kg. They are used to engage targets at 10-3500 m altitude. Enjoy a homing mechanism. The hanging "Igla-1» helicopter missiles able to reach the speed of up to 1440 km / h, range of release - 800-5000 m, recharging - 5-6 seconds.


An important factor in the preparation of the Ka-52 to sortie and ammunition replacement under operating conditions is to use it on various types of weapons the Russian Air Force. Weapon Class "Whirlwind" attack aircraft equipped with the Su-27, and on military vehicles and infantry landing BMD-2 and BMP-2 installed 2A4A gun.


Ka-52 23 photo


In the future, plans to strengthen the armory snap "Alligator". In addition to the military and intelligence functions, Ka-52 can act as a training helicopter.


On striker Ka-52 installed modern radar "Crossbow." Cab armored helicopter. Bailout crew can be carried out at heights of up to 0 4000 m. Siege can guide the operator to arm and crew commander.


Modifications Ka-52


  • • Ka-52 "Alligator" - basic model.

  • • Ka-52K - the designed version of the helicopter, designed to be placed on helicopter carriers. It differs from the base model by modern anti-corrosion treatment and reinforced chassis struts. In the fall of 2001, tests were carried out in

Barents Sea, during which Ka-52 helicopter was able to successfully land on the deck of a large aircraft carrier. Presumably, it is the Ka-52 become the main striking power of newly acquired "Mistral". Negotiations on the purchase of these vehicles are now on the verge of collapse due to the imposition of economic sanctions on the countries of Western Europe against Russia.

8.04.2014 has been contracted to manufacture 32 deck versions Ka-52K. The first of them were transferred to the operation of the Russian Air Force by the end of 2014


Accidents and Disasters


12.03.2012. Carrying out a planned training flight crashed helicopter Ka-52 (tail number - 99). Wreckage - Torzhok district of Tver region. The remains of the helicopter were found for 10 km from the airport, near the village of Great Kiselyovka. As a result of the fall of the navigator died on the spot, the pilot was unconscious and received numerous injuries. A few hours after admission he too died.

ka-52 343 photo

29.10.2013 - Test Ka-52 caught fire at the complex, where carried out flight tests in Zhulebino. The helicopter burned down completely. The crew of two pilots managed to be hospitalized. This Ka-52 test carried out planned work on the verification of the helicopter systems, developed by JSC "Kamov". The investigation showed that the cause of the accident was the failure of the screw rod rideable.


Operators on 2015 year.


In total there are 72 instance Ka-52 «Alligator» in service in the Russian Air Force. Among them:

  • • 8 pcs. - Torzhok (used for flight tests and pilot training);

  • • 20 pcs. - Chernigovka (575th air base);

  • • 16 pcs. - Korenovsk (393rd air base);

  • • 16 pcs. - Ostrov (15th air base);

  • • 12 pcs. - Khabarovsk (573rd air base).


In 80-ies OKB. NI Kamov It puts forward the idea of ​​establishing a helicopter equipped with the latest radar devices that would allow it to effectively explore and control the actions of groups of helicopter on the battlefield. Such a machine planned to create on the basis of a helicopter in-60 (later Ka-60). After the collapse of the USSR work on the project was suspended. In the middle of 90-x, it was decided to resume the development of the complex on the basis of Ka-50. The new helicopter was designated Ka-52.


In 1996, the first prototype Ka-52 "Alligator" appeared. In June 1997, flight tests began. From Ka-50 he was distinguished by the structure of the front part of the fuselage (the lantern of the new two-seater cabin got more streamlined outlines). As a survey-sighting system, several complexes were used at once. In the upper part of the fuselage, the GosPES "Samshit-E" was placed in a spherical shell. This complex consists of a thermal imager, a daytime television system, a laser range finder-target designator and a laser spot finder. In the nose cone was originally mounted OPS "Rotor". Subsequently, it was decided to replace the radar complex "Arbalet", which includes systems for detecting ground and air targets. Armament of the helicopter is similar to Ka-50.

New equipment and double cab led to an increase in the mass of the machine, which negatively affected the flight characteristics. Solve developers plan by installing a new engine VK-2500 (2500 hp) this problem.

Ka-52. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Armament.


In modern armed conflicts require a helicopter that could quickly detect and attack a target without risking to get within range of enemy air defense systems. Nowadays, military affairs are inextricably linked to the development and introduction of high technologies. Ka-52 project is an attempt to create modern weapons, which could compete with foreign counterparts.

In 2011, the Russian Ministry of Defence has signed a long term contract for the supply of helicopters 140. It is also planned to place them on the type of "Mistral" helicopter carrier. In this regard, in August 2012, the sea began to develop modifications Ka-52K.


Ka-52. A photo. Video. Characteristics. Armament.

Mistral-class helicopter carrier


Ka-52. Gallery.

Ka-52 in flightKa-52 after flightKa-52 in flight side view

Ka-52 before plantingKa-52 during flightKa-52 prepares for landing

Ka-52 before landing on the runwayKa-52 combat modelKa-52 preparing to land on runway

Ka-52 before landing on the runwayKa-52 in flight photo SideKa-52 series helicopters




Ka-52. Crew - 2 people. in performance - 1.


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