Mi-34S1. Photo. Story. Characteristics.
Mi-34S1. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


Mi-34S1. Photo. Story. Characteristics.


The Mi-34 helicopter was originally designed by order of DOSAAF and the Ministry of Defense for helicopter sports and pilot training. The variation of the Mi-34C1 has more 100 improvements compared to its predecessor - the Mi-34С. 

The new modern Mi-34S1 helicopter has the highest international standards of maneuverability, safety, ease of maintenance, pilot comfort and operating costs. The operational and flight characteristics of the Mi-34S1 helicopter enable it to work effectively as a helicopter for initial training and increasing flight skills, for private and corporate transportation, all types of monitoring (including monitoring fire hazardous areas, performing police functions and monitoring gas and oil pipelines ), use in agricultural aviation, training civil pilots, use in extinguishing fires, as well as use as a sports helicopter. 


Description: Mi-34С1 photo

Mi-34S1 photo


Main helicopter functions:

  • Training 
  • Transport
  • Agriculture 
  • Monitoring (including pipeline monitoring and police functions)
  • Sport 
  • Firefighting 


Description: mi-34

Mi-34S1 photo


Characteristics of the Mi-34S1:



  • Range: 450km 
  • Cruising speed: 180km / hour 
  • The highest altitude: 3000m 
  • The highest take-off weight: 1450kg 
  • Cabin height: 1,3m 
  • interior length: 3,1m 
  • The greatest number of passengers: 1 / 3 (4) 
  • Interior width: 1,27 m 
  • Height: 2,75 (with screw)  
  • Length: 11,48 (with screw) 


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