Helicopter Piasecki H-21
Helicopter Piasecki H-21

Helicopter Piasecki H-21



A type: Transport, assault and rescue helicopter

Capacity: A crew of two and up to twenty armed soldiers (on the modification of H-21V)

Helicopter HRP-2, are greatly improved by modifying the helicopter company "Piasecki" with metal airframe and fabric covering end 1940-ies HRP-1 «Flying Benane» (Flying Banana - Flying banana), became a Navy order result in 1948, the next helicopter all-metal fuselage. The new helicopter was different cabin to accommodate a crew of two people side by side and not one behind the other, and were significantly increased the diameter and length of the fuselage.

Smooth exterior finish, made possible by the metal sheathing, also improved the performance of the helicopter. Despite these improvements, the Navy ordered only a small amount of HRP-2, first giving it to the US Air Force, which purchased 18 helicopters UN-21, then 38 N-21 "Work Horse" and 163 helicopter H -21V (equipped with more powerful engines), and then the army, which bought 334 N-21S "Shawnee" (Shawnee). The Air Force widely used its N-21 vehicles as general-purpose helicopters over the frozen desert regions of Alaska to provide a variety of military bases and radar tracking points in the zone.

At the same time, the army sent 33 H 21S in South Vietnam in early December 1961 years, became one of the first US aircraft have arrived at the theater of war. More than 90 copies of these aging utility helicopters took part in the fighting in Vietnam sky until decommissioning in 1969 year. As in the case of a helicopter with a smaller HU, H-21 several have recently been restored to the state in US airworthiness.

Piasecki H-21 "Wark Horse" / "Shawnee" - US military transport helicopter, used by the armed forces of the USA and some other countries in 1950-1960-ies.


Piasecki H-21 photo

Piasecki H-21 photo


Basic data of the helicopter Piasecki H-21

  • Crew 2 people.

  • 190 Maximum speed km / h

  • Ceiling 3300 m

  • Flight range 750 km

  • Number X diameter rotors 2X13,5 m

  • Helicopter length 16,0 m

  • Appointment. Transportation of troops, cargo, rescue operations and evacuation of the wounded.


Maximum load:

  • passengers 20 people.

  • Takeoff weight 6 800 kg



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