Helicopter communication. The helicopter as a means of communication.
Helicopter communication. The helicopter as a means of communication.

Helicopter communication. The helicopter as a means of communication.


It is difficult today to imagine how it was possible to live in a time when there was no radio, telephone, telegraph, planes, railways, automobiles. Distance in any 20 miles is in this case an obstacle difficult to overcome.

In our time, means of communication and transport enormously stepped forward. A dense network of railways and roads, endless lines of telegraph and telephone wires traverse the globe in all directions. Finally, if neither one nor the other, at the disposal of a person there is radio, which does not need no roads, no wires.

However, in our time, you can meet many examples of how the lack of adequate means of communication or the inability to use them prevents people communicate with each other. It is virtually impossible to link all parts of the country's railway lines, motorways and highways, telegraph and telephone wires, all built near airports. In addition, no radio, no telephone, telegraph or can not send a few hundred kilometers produced by newspapers and magazines, letters, books, medicines and T. d.

There are still areas far from the railways where there are no telegraph and other communications.

Helicopter communication. The helicopter as a means of communication. 2

In this case, comes to the rescue helicopter. With an average speed of 150-200 km / hour, the helicopter will fly to the target in any situation, in the absence of visibility, u make a landing anywhere.

Almost the helicopter can sit anywhere. If at last it is impossible to make a landing, it can hang over the water, above the ground or a mountain top, drop the mail, the parcel, the person, and then return with the return mail and other cargo. For liaison purposes, a light helicopter can be used, designed for one or two people and a small amount of luggage. For such a helicopter you need an engine with a power of not more than 50-100 l. from. Depending on the need, the helicopter can be equipped with wheels, like a car, with skis or floats (balloons), which will ensure that it lands on hard ground, as well as on plowing, swamp, snow, ice, water.

The expeditions helicopter can provide a link to the database search group, members of the expedition that eliminates the need to carry food, tents and tools for yourself, can provide a link to the mountain station.

Securities and only means of communication may be a helicopter during the war. The helicopter can provide off-road link between the staffs of military units, communication with the besieged city, surrounded with troops "to guerrilla groups in the enemy rear. Lighting, navigation and radar equipment will enable the helicopter to fly day and night, in fog and clouds.

The helicopter, just as a car can always be found in the command.

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