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Helicopters of the USSR - high flight

Helicopters of the USSR - high flight

"Shoigu drives military helicopters to Elbrus" (Military Review December 13).

In December, the two new helicopters will be tested in difficult mountain conditions at low temperatures. Why the attack helicopter Mi-28NM "Night Hunter" and the heavy transport and landing rotorcraft Mi-26T2 B will be temporarily relocated to the Elbrus region, to Nalchik, Izvestia reported, citing sources in the defense department. The tests will continue until the end of the year. "

Needless to say: “pride” is bursting with the “progress” of our helicopters! But the essence of updating our helicopter technology is shown more clearly in the article "Russian helicopter engineering: Why are we lagging behind the Americans?":

“… Russia now has 620 legendary Mi-24 helicopters. There was an association with how the facades of dilapidated houses are covered with a film with painted windows! Yes, this "legendary helicopter" made its first flight in 1969. ... But what about the speed of Russian combat helicopters? Heavenly slugs! The Americans presented a helicopter flying at a speed of 500 km / h, and ours are crawling under 300. And in a few years, state machines will be mass-produced, and WHAT will we answer? " ( Military Chronicle).

Well, how WHAT? We already have the "newest" Mi-28NM in service with our Army! Let the slowest helicopters in the world, but the newest: straight from the factory!

However, with the safety of the "newest" everything is the same: without ejection seats, capable of saving the lives of pilots in a critical situation. For example, the pilots of the Mi-28N and Mi-35, if the tail rotor failed in flight, could eject and save their lives, and they fell, rotating with the helicopters and trying to somehow soften the impact when meeting the ground.

Maneuverability is also from there: from the past. In helicopters, it is determined not by the "barrels" and "Nesterov's loops", which are demonstrated at parades by the pilots - aces from Torzhok, but by the ability of the helicopter to quickly turn around at speed around the vertical axis:

 “Here I am flying to carry out a task somewhere, but for example, the enemy caught up with me from behind, I turn around and wait for him. So I would have to catch up with him, but then he came himself "... (Honored Test Pilot of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union N. Bezdetnov).

Another interesting tip from this outstanding pilot:

“There were many discoveries in the Ka-50. The technique is simple. I was counting on this, that the company ("Kamov" - Approx. TASS) will be able to make such a type of pterodactyl, and the pilot will be like a brain there. The steel robot will choose a target according to its importance and priority, and will work it out. The main thing is to give a sanction to the robot that it should do this. The pilot gives any work to the robot.

If you fly in a single-rotor machine, you, as a ship's captain, must take into account everything: wind, turns, etc., but this is not the case with a coaxial helicopter. At any time you can make a maneuver up to hovering. On it, both hands are untied, and the head. The coaxial helicopter allows you to fly as you walk on the ground. Don't you think how you walk?

The absence of the co-pilot was compensated by an innovative automated sighting and navigation system. Great attention was paid to the safety of the pilot: the Ka-50 cockpit was reinforced with combined armor. Protection was guaranteed against bullets with a caliber of 12,7 mm and fragments of 20 mm shells. "

Do not believe what is written (Kozma Prutkov)

A modern combat helicopter must be able to hover with full combat load at an altitude beyond the reach of a large-caliber machine gun and anti-aircraft gun such as Zu-23-2. Alas, this is not about the Mi-28NM and Mi-35. Explaining!

According to the descriptions, the static ceiling of the Mi-28N = 3600m, i.e. close to Art. ceiling Ka-50 = 4000m.

But in life, "Night Hunter" with a full combat load, if it will master 1600m, then with great difficulty in the winter. The fact is that the thrust of the helicopter depends not only on the power of the engines, but also on the diameter of the main rotor. Now let's compare the diameters of N.V. and static ceilings of the Mi-28 and Mi-8 with the characteristics of these helicopters in the Big Aviation Encyclopedia "Corner of the Sky" (

Mi-8MTSh - rotor diameter, = 21.29m; static ceiling, = 1900m "

Mi-28N - main rotor diameter = 17.20m; static ceiling = 3600m.

The formula of the main rotor thrust of the helicopter shows that the thrust of the Mi-28N main rotor cannot be greater than that of the Mi-8, which are given in the descriptions for the Mi-28 ("3600" versus 1900m), but in fact it is simply inaccessible to the Mi-8 -28MTSh with the same engines and it is easy to guess that Art. the ceiling of the Mi-3600N is not inflated 1900m, but less than 28m, which fully applies to the Mi-XNUMXNM.

These false indicators in the descriptions of the Mi-28NM and Mi-35 (3150m) resemble one saying:

“Decompose all the good that is in the camp of your enemy (smear mud on the best Russian helicopters of the Ka-50 type; and instead of the real project of the high-speed Ka-92 helicopter - promise to surpass it with the false Mi-X1 project. Author's note). Involve prominent representatives of your opponent in criminal enterprises. Incite quarrels and clashes among the citizens of the enemy country. Incite the youth against the old. Do not save on money or on promises, as they bring rich dividends "

These words in the epigraph to Konstantin Semin's film "The Biochemistry of Betrayal" ("Russia 1") do not belong to the notorious Allen Dulles, ... but to the ancient Chinese commander Sun Tzu. (

And the static ceiling is the paramount parameter for a helicopter:

The high speed characteristics of the Mi-24 were achieved at the cost of the load on the main rotor, one and a half times greater than that of the "eight". In everyday extreme conditions (heat, high mountains, increased dustiness), this significantly affected the management. Moreover, the habitual piloting skills were often even harmful and could lead to an accident. On takeoff and landing with an overloaded propeller, a sharp movement of the handle caused a drawdown, ...

The pilots preferred the conventional Mi-24T to the clumsy "iron" (Mi-8), which could also carry quite powerful weapons - bombs and C-5 missiles in 16-charge blocks UB-16-57UMVP on four hardpoints "(Hot sky of Afghanistan . Mi-24 in Afghanistan Markovsky).

Alas, for today's Mi-28/24, modern helicopter maneuvers continue to remain inaccessible, hence the aircraft carousel attacks, which is clearly demonstrated in this video, where helicopters are slowly making attacks. The commands of the guiding one are well listened to, but the results after the attacks are not visible.

Such staged attacks are possible when there is no opposition from the ground, but at the same time:

Excessive consumption of ammunition, because it is not the pilot who is "aiming", but the one who is directing from the ground: add cannons, add cannons, to the left or to the left!

Gusko one after another with two pilots in a helicopter - an anachronism from the inability of gene. cost center designers create modern helicopters! With the modern electronic stuffing of aircraft, it is time to forget about two-seater combat helicopters in general, and even more so when flying "Guskoy"!

To this it must be added that today there is not enough flight personnel and there is a real opportunity to transfer pilots from two-seat Mi helicopters to highly maneuverable single Ka-50 helicopters, a pair of which in this case could work on this object aiming from the hover mode and it is quite possible that instead of expensive missiles at the target, there would be enough guns that shoot them with high accuracy!             

"Tactical technique" Spinner "

(What was the “turntable” for in the Afghan war and how was it performed?)

“It was used when striking strong points in mountainous and desert areas. The strike group consists of two or three pairs of Mi-24s. Combat loading NAR type C-8 and machine gun (cannon).

The exit to the target area was carried out at an altitude of 1200–1500 m. Having detected and identified the target, at the command of the leading strike group, the helicopters stood in a circle with a radius of 2000–3000 m so that the target was in the center of the circle. The battle formation of the strike group when attacking the target is a "column of helicopters" at a distance of 2000-2500 m.

The peculiarity of this technique was that it provided continuous fire action on the enemy and constant cover in the group. The crews delivered strikes on the target from an altitude of 1200-1500 m with dive angles up to 30 degrees. When withdrawing from the attack, the helicopter became the most vulnerable, therefore it was important that when the leader was withdrawn from the attack at an angle of at least 30 degrees, the wingman struck at the target, not allowing the enemy to conduct aimed fire at the leader. The wingman of the first pair was covered by the leader of the second pair, etc. With a circle radius of 3000 m, six helicopters were required to close it. The withdrawal from the attack was carried out by turning from the target with a set of initial height for a repeated attack. The strike ended with an imitation of the attack of the leader of the group, which provided cover for the follower, closing the battle formation ”(Dangerous sky of Afghanistan [Experience of combat use of Soviet aviation in a local war, 1979-1989]).

Since then, a lot of water has flown under the bridge and instead of the outdated Mi-24s, the outstanding Ka-50 Black Shark attack helicopters have been put into service. But B.N. Yeltsin left the presidency and appointed V.V. Putin, who replaced the world's best Ka-50 helicopters with the mediocre and unreliable Mi-28 in our Air Force. The designers of the cost center praised this helicopter very much, and the test pilot G. Karapetyan even visited the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union to raise their significance! Of course, the "night hunter" did not get any better from this and, having started his service, fell from overdoing it after firing the first rocket at the Gorokhovets training ground on June 19.06.2009, XNUMX. But these are "trifles": the crew is alive, the helicopter has been restored. But his next falls were tragic: for example, both of the most experienced pilots were killed in the crash in Syria.

But our Supreme is a firm man and when M.O. to abandon the Mi-28NM gave a clear instruction that by 2027, 100 of these helicopters were delivered to our aerospace forces. By the way, one of them (Mi-28UB) managed to fall in Korenovsk just before the New Year 2019, taking the lives of two high-class pilots this time too! But such cases are foreseen in advance, and since 2017, girls have already been admitted to flight schools: "The decision on admitting girls to flying specialties at the school was made by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu in 2017" ( It's only the beginning!!!

 As for the material damage from the destroyed Mi-28s, Russia is a rich and generous country: the US sanctions us, and we give them a titanium for Boeings! We buy from them the Honeywell TPE331-12UAN engines for the future An-2 Baikal aircraft, which will not be “born” in SibNiA to this day.

Again, we are purchasing the American Pratt & Whitney PW-207K theaters for the Ansat helicopters, and all because the government has long ago put an end to the production of its engines! Instead of our own Be-30 aircraft, we are assembling the Czechoslovak L-410, which in Soviet times took the last third place in the competition after the Be-30 and An-28! But for the government "effective" managers it sounds proudly: Made in "Not Russian"!

TANTK them. G.M.Berieva - Be-32 aircraft

Let's return to the Mi-28NM, which the government decided to raise the status of "high-altitude", intending to demonstrate its "superpowers" in the mountains, where in winter on an empty helicopter it will be possible to ascend to the Moon, while the general designer V. R." N.S. Pavlenko triumphantly exclaims: "Know ours!"

And because of my darkness, I just can't understand: for what good is the Mi-28, built according to the obsolete classical scheme, when the whole world is switching to helicopters without a tail rotor, for many years and with fanatical stubbornness.

And this despite the fact that for a long time we have finished projects of the world's best coaxial helicopters! Moreover, the Mi-28NM was built according to the "latest" technology - but for some reason without ejection seats, but which genetically inherited the unreliability of its Mi-28N ancestor. After all, unthinkable amounts of state money are spent on it, slowly and surely emptying the treasury of M.O. The question is not idle and directly related to both DEFENSE and the economy of the STATE! In Syria alone, six experienced pilots died on Mi combat helicopters, not counting two more in Korenovsk, and if these helicopters had catapults, these pilots would still be in good health, and their families would be happy with their fathers and husbands!

But only liberal journalists and bloggers rejoice, avidly and without measure exaggerating the capabilities of the Mi-28:

** Mi-28NM: "Super Night Hunter" for the army (

** THE NIGHT HUNTER will be faster, more maneuverable thanks to the new engine, and also safer. The Mi-28 is one of the successful developments of the Soviet and Russian attack helicopter. This helicopter is produced by PJSC Rosvertol, which is part of the Russian Helicopters holding.

Especially for the Mi-28: “… aerobatics. Such figures include such as:

1. Loop Nesterov;

2. The coup of Immelman;

3. Barrel;

4. Flying sideways, flying backward, sideways at a speed of 100 km / h;

5. Turn with angular speed up to 117 degrees / s;

6. The maximum angular rate of roll is more than 100 deg / s. "

(November 9, 2020 ›... Economy and Innovation).

Those who are not familiar with helicopter technology may think that the pilot of this helicopter admires the "Night Hunter". And after reading this crap, my eyes became "square" in surprise: Baa, a familiar author! The designer of the cost center under the nicknames Sergey Semenov, aka Vadim Samsonov from the AviaPort website, conference: "What kind of combat helicopter do we need?"

An early comment by this author on the AviaPort website is not much different from today:

 “06.06.2011 Vadim Samsonov writes.

The second idiotic complaint of illiterate d ***** v (a pebble addressed to me) is the lack of agility of the Mi-28 in comparison with either the Mi-24 or the Ka-50.

Officially, the hovering angular speed of the Mi-28 / A / H is 90 degrees, the roll speed is up to 100 degrees. The helicopter turns 180 degrees in 3 seconds, and with a negative pitch it can be done in two. And this is actually the case. Well, where is it cooler?

Indeed: hefty cool! It is somewhat reminiscent of the parrot Keshu: "After such a rain - expect a good calving."

So, let's compare these findings with the even greater "steepness" of November 9, 2020. (

Turn with an angular speed of up to 117 degrees / s. (last time: 90 deg / s.).

> Dear Vadim Samsonov, did you detect the angular velocity yourself or who suggested? According to the "Flight Operations Manual" = 30 hail / lies "Manual"?

Flying sideways, flying backward, sideways at a speed of 100 km / h.

 > Yes, really! Vadim, are you not afraid that due to the reactive torque your helicopter will twist so much that it will not seem a little, but this is because the tail rotor, when flying sideways, will be in the vortex ring much earlier than you think.

The maximum angular rate of roll is more than 100 deg / s.

 > There is quite a blockage !!! Only the roll is measured not by the speed in degrees / sec., But by the value: a turn with a roll of 15 degrees; bend with a roll of 30 degrees. etc, and on the other hand, uv. V. Samsonov: your Mi-28 will collapse due to overload long before the 90 degree roll. And with a roll "100 degrees". in V.O.V. on Junkers Ju-87, German pilots entered into a dive for bombing, but their permissible overload = 10, and for the Mi-28 = 3. And one more thing: after 90 degrees. the roll will not be 100 degrees, but minus 10 degrees.

For reference. Mi-24 (read Mi-28NM): Power plant: 2 TV3-117V engines (TV3-117VMA, VK-2500); Power: 2 x 2500 hp with. Static ceiling: 1400 m; Maximum operational overload: -1,3 / + 3; Allowable roll angle: 50 degrees. (From Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia).

And the operational reliability, more precisely - the unreliability of the Mi-28NM helicopter was shown by the disaster of the Mi-28UB helicopter in Korenovsk, Krasnodar Territory: as it was, the Mi-28, it remained so!

Today our VKS should be armed not with Mi-28NM, but with more power-equipped and maneuverable helicopters: Ka-52 and Ka-50.

And they should be replaced by real promising helicopters (PBV) of the project of the ingenious designer of our time Sergey Viktorovich Mikheev!

Here, at first glance, you understand that this is a real high-speed combat helicopter!

But instead, on the horizon again looms the same Mi-24LL, which has set the teeth on edge, with which the liberals from the Kremlin government are actually blocking the development of real projects of modern coaxial helicopters!

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

People correctly write the KA-50 and KA-52 helicopters much better than the MI-28 and MI-35. Remember the movie black shark as the KA-50 helicopter flew sideways and roll. Personally, I liked this combat vehicle. What can you do, officials do not want to create combat high-speed helicopters. It is profitable for them to buy what to do themselves, they put a lot of money into their pockets for this.

It is clear that the article is ordered! Ka-50 is a car for air shows. How many Ka-50 aviation accidents happened, they don't write about it. The loudest, when Major General Vorobyev B.A., the head of the PPI and PLC (AA) at the Torzhok airfield, died. It's funny to read about a dynamic ceiling for a combat helicopter, why should it hang at 4000m, it has a different task. A 4000m. - for transport and landing helicopters, such as Mi-8MTSh, or Mi-17.

You yourself are funny in your spitting on the best attack helicopter in the world! And your Mi helicopters are not strong enough to hover at 4000m.

want the best for the country ... and the Aligarhs spend money on the development of other countries, but not Russia. Again, in the USSR, as now, we are stepping on the same rake ... If the country is a stronger capitalist, it is not profitable ... they will sell everything and spoil ... having money over the hill, why invest in Russia.

I didn't understand why the Ministry of Defense does not need modern technology. After all, even to me, a mere mortal, it is clear that it is already useless to modify the Milyavsky technique when the devices of tomorrow have been developed. Faster, more maneuverable, more reliable.


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