Helipad is a structure on the land or in any suitable building, which is designed to take off and landing of helicopters. This object also has all the necessary services for helicopters.

In large cities helicopter platforms are located closer to the city center, which allows passengers to get much faster and more convenient than on airplanes, since the airports are located outside the city zone. Helipad sites have their own infrastructure, which is represented by signs for landing, refueling and lighting for night landings and take-offs. Customs offices are also possible in capitals or border towns. It should be noted that recently the construction of helipads near hospitals and medical centers has become more relevant, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the path to the hospital. The construction of such sites allows transportation of very serious patients from the most remote regions.


In recent years a platform for helicopter landing in the city equips on rooftops or industrial facilities. Needless to say, the active construction of helipads were observed in the USSR, as a rule, they were built near the state border. This allows the transfer of soldiers and equipment, even in remote corners of the country.

Appearance of heliports nearly identical, although there is no standard, and approved by the international mark for airports. Yet they all have a large circle in the center of the letter "H" (in English. Heliport). Sometimes the site itself can be specified the maximum weight of the helicopter, which can land on it. Weight indicated mainly in pounds. Such designations are found in US cities.


For night flights, helicopter platforms have a lighting system, which allows pilots to better navigate in the approach approach. In most cases, the lighting system is a luminous square or circle. The light itself should be green, although there are old areas with yellow lighting systems. Although in our time, lighting can have a different color depending on the jurisdiction and wishes of the site owner. In addition, for night flights must have a backlight and a direction indicator of the wind, so that pilots can safely take off or plant the car. Sometimes heliports can have additional illumination of the site in the form of wide bands of light.

Helipads have these types:

  • Constant - they are used to service the helicopters certain weight category, in addition, they can provide the helicopters taking off from a small distance running start.
  • Timing - small prepared sites that allow only vertical takeoff and landing of helicopters.
  • Transport platforms - providing temporary accommodation aerial vehicles, in addition, they have all the necessary infrastructure for passengers or cargo on local air transport mission.
  • Venues for special purposes - usually they are used by physicians, geologists, and other public services.

As for the size of helipads, here it must be said that certain limitations exist, because they are designed for different uses in the light of those cars to be serviced. Yet all sites must have the safe take-off in their operation.