Helicopter Hospital Playground
Helicopter Hospital Playground

Helicopter Hospital Playground


In the near future the hospital will be equipped suburbs helipads. The first such site 10 get major cities in the region. It is also planned to start the work of a single aviatsentr coordinating the delivery of the victims, the wounded and sick in the air.

The use of aviation for medical purposes is one of the points of the program "Improving road safety in Russia". Calling a helicopter with a medical brigade and special resuscitation equipment will be carried out if a person needs emergency help, which for some reason can not be provided on the spot. The top ten cities that will receive sites for sanitary versions of helicopters have already been identified. Three sites currently operate in Pushkino, Naro-Fominsk and Kolomna. By the end of October, this infrastructure element should appear on the territory of burn centers in Podolsk and Krasnogorsk. Klin and Zhukovsky will receive full-fledged heliports that will provide mobile movement of rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and medical service in the Moscow region.


According to statistics from the Ministry of Transport, at the present time on the territory of the Moscow Region works 80 23 helipads and heliports. Before 2015 planned coverage helicopter flights throughout the area.

Each helicopter pad to attach to a specific area: M5 route, which takes place in Moscow, has long divided into sections. Helicopters, based in Kolomna, service area with 81-124-th to th km. Victims are sent to one of two travmtsentrov - Lukhovitsy in hospital or Kolomna. It is also possible the transport of patients in serious condition from Kolomna in Moscow. The distance by road can be overcome and a half hours, a helicopter - in 3 times faster.


Mortality on Russian roads in a car accident many times higher than in developed countries. Receiving quality medical care in the early 60 minutes, severely wounded increases your chances to save lives in times 2.

Movements of road accident victims will be engaged in using the elite of Italian helicopters Agusta-139 and Agusta-109. One unit of this aircraft have to pay to local budgets from the 400 600 million before. Rubles.


"To save the lives of people affected in a serious accident every minute. Therefore, the maximum fast transportation of the wounded by helicopter - an ideal option, contributing to the rescue of human life. In our country, the financing of Medicine conducted the last few years as a residual, and is very good that the government is now changing the situation for the better, "- commented the deputy chief doctor CRH Kolomna Dmitry Chechens.

In order to raise the bar for life expectancy in the country, it is necessary to provide qualified medical assistance. The creation of helicopter pads on the basis of hospitals, to which victims will be promptly delivered in an accident, is only the beginning. Availability of equipment, necessary infrastructure and personnel will help to extend this practice to patients with other serious diseases.