Helipad Crocus
Helipad Crocus

Helipad Crocus


Helipad Crocus, which is owned by Heliexpress, located in 50 meters from the metro station "Myakinino" (Pokrovskaya line) within the trade fair complex "Crocus Expo" near Moscow.

In May 2013 year on the roof of the complex was opened the first airport for helicopters (Heliport). The airport building is divided into a reception area and examination and business lounge. Such establishments of this kind is no longer on the territory of Moscow.


Russia has many airports to take off and landing of helicopters. However, they all belong to government agencies: the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, or are owned by private sports clubs. Heliport Crocus is available to everyone.


Helicopter Robinson R44, Eurocopter AS 355 and other foreign-made vehicles fly from the helicopter pad "Crocus". At the present time, they carry passengers to the capital's international airports, to Kaluga, Ivanovo, Tver, to some yacht and golf clubs, country sanatoria. In other words, they fly to places where it is difficult to get by car due to traffic jams. Air taxi should be ordered at least 2 hours before departure. The international flights are very popular with passengers. Especially it concerns such destinations as Sergiev Posad, Zvenigorod and New Jerusalem. The flying hour by helicopter costs 30 000 rubles.

The helicopter platform "Crocus" is located in 15 min drive from the center of the capital. Here anyone can fly by helicopter and use the services of parking, guarding, refueling and servicing of their aircraft. The unique service is that for the first time guests of the capital can safely fly to the helicopter pad and leave their helicopter in safety. The size of the Crocus site allows you to place on it ten helicopters Robinson 44. There is a comfortable helicopter club on the territory, where passengers can wait for the arriving board and relax after the flight.

The airport's organizer company says that now regular helicopter flights are not yet open, because they are unprofitable. But people can order a charter. Three people can throw off and spend on the flight, for example, in Kolomna half an hour of time. It is prohibited by the safety regulations to disembark passengers in the center, but this will be done necessarily near civilization. 



67 km Ring Road, Bldg. 3