Helipad on Riga
Helipad on Riga

Helipad on Riga


Heliport with a helipad located in 24 km from Moscow to New Riga. It is owned by Heliport.


Helicopter fleet


Company-organizer leases helicopters of foreign production: Bell, Eurocopter, Robinson R44. Construction sites and complex as a whole is based on application of modern technologies. Heliport located at the New Riga, the location of additional sites - Lyubertsy and Yasenevo.


Customers can take advantage of the most popular models of helicopters, among which stands out Eurocopter, Robinson and Bell.

The structure of the helicopter center at the New Riga include such items:

  • Flight School.
  • Parking.
  • Service center.
  • Restaurants, cafes and shops.
  • Specialized shops selling commercial aviation products: from equipment to helicopters.    

This infrastructure was able to expand thanks to a good choice of places under Heliport outside Moscow. The company owns indoor and outdoor parking area for helicopters. Helipad located in the vicinity of the limit from Moscow on the following areas: Leningradka, Dmitrovka, New Riga. Therefore, from any part of the city it is possible to easily and quickly reached.


Complex Heliport on Volokolamke


This complex was created to accelerate the development of commercial helicopter aviation in the metropolitan area and can offer a variety of services. First of all - a great place to own a helicopter guarded parking. Also, those people who have not got a personal means of rotary-wing movement can book helicopter taxi. It operates several service centers that have the highly qualified personnel.


The complex "Yasenevo" and "On Leningradke" offers services for the standard TO helicopters Robinson, which should be done every couple of months. Dimensions runways allow simultaneous reception of a large number of helicopters.

The Heliport at the New Riga, you can train your skills and spend pilotovozhdeniya practice 40 flight hours. Everyone who is interested in flying, it may take the theoretical and practical training courses for pilots. Educate pilot technique even in severe weather conditions.


We also offer the sale of helicopters from well-known manufacturers, spare parts, helicopter rental. Business people often use the air helicopter taxi service.