Helipad Nizhny Novgorod
Helipad Nizhny Novgorod

Helipad Nizhny Novgorod


Helipad or "geliport" - is a small airport, which is especially designed for helicopters. In such heliports usually settling one or more sites with the presence of the necessary infrastructure: filling, windsock, lighting and hangars. In very large cities in the territory geliporta can settle customs control. As a rule, unlike airports, such sites are located close to the downtown area. Often helipads are located near hospitals or large buildings (business centers).

Naturally, as and for planes and helicopters have to settle for the corresponding parking space. In Russia, this technique considering the harsh climate requires special storage. Helipads in Nizhny Novgorod more. City Industrial and quite large.


"Helicopter HH" for private helicopter company provides special services for the basing and deployment of helicopters. To do this, we have equipped outdoor area and hangars. Several of them are heated. The company provides everything needed for maintenance.

Other companies involved in the training and excursions. "NEC" - is one of such companies, it is part of a group of "Autopilot" and represents the new trend in this area. Design and construction of helipads began in 2010 year, and today it provides services for the helicopter flight, training and retraining. In addition, the company offers the possibility to take advantage of maintenance and purchasing of parts.


As the "pleasure" of the helicopter provides foreign Robinson R44, and for the owners of the company in addition to the air birds home supplies applications for flights, registration, selection and training of private pilots. In addition, there is the opportunity to purchase the helicopter himself personally.

There are no helipads on the territory of the city itself, but they are equipped outside the city. There are several of them. One is located near the industrial zone and consists of four hangars and five sites. It has a hard coating and is great for helicopters. The other is much smaller. Presented 2-I hangars and 2-I platforms. Located between the forest belt and the private sector.    



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Address: Nizhny Novgorod, st. Uglov 1v (stop. "Batumskaya" on Gagarin Avenue)


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