Helipad Samara. How to get there.
Helipad Samara. How to get there.

Helipad Samara


This helipad is located on the Volga River in the village of Management, which is located in the city of Samara. The population of the area called it as "Vertoletka." In 30-40-ies of the last century, there really exercised landing the helicopter, which belonged to the designer, who worked at the enterprise SNTK them. Kuznetsova. By virtue of his position and the difficulty of travel in this area, and the government has allocated a helicopter designer. Due to the rough terrain is suitable and equipped to maintain the helicopter pad.

At the beginning of XIX century in the territory carried out active deforestation, which floated on the Volga. But at that time already had this flat area, where there was no forest, it was called "Sanin Polyana". Due to the excellent service of the local forest ranger has received this territory in their possession, after which he cleared and cultivate it. After a few decades, the village was founded by Management, which settled the workers for the construction of the dam. But the dam was never built because of the outbreak of the war.

Active and large-scale construction was started only in 2000 year, and a helipad began to appear. Samara is a big enough city, so there were plenty of people willing to take up this project. But the announced tender could be won only by a large and responsible company, since there was a lot of work and the lines were rather short. As a result, the construction took the local company ViKiS. The management of this company did a great job of clearing the territory, from which over one hundred trucks with garbage were taken out and three hundred trucks with black soil were delivered, which formed the basis of this helipad. Samara and her management sent to these works the chief architect of the city, who was Zhukov, as well as the artist A.F. Temnikov. Due to the work of the professional team and coordinated actions, everything was completed in just a month and a half. At the moment, this helipad is a favorite place for tourists, because it offers a magnificent view of the Volga River and landscapes. Besides all this, a lot of historical and interesting events are connected with this place. 

Helipad Samara. How to get there.

It is a famous place in the city of Samara, a heliport or as it is called by the locals "Vertoletka." The history of this place begins from imperial times, when this territory was actively involved deforestation and its alloy on the Volga. During this period, the place where the helipad owned by local forester, who cultivate the clearing.

The name of the helicopter pad came from the 30-ies of the last century, when it was planned to build a hydroelectric station. It was the western part of the Zhiguli that became the choice of the designers. Due to this, a small settlement was built, where workers were working to build a dam. The helipad in Samara was actively used by the chief designer of the dam, which flew by helicopter. The hydroelectric power station was never created because of the outbreak of war, and the settlement remained to this day. At the moment it is a district of Samara. It is here in the Administrative and is a helipad. In Samara, almost every resident of the city can tell you how to get there. Because it is a very popular place among tourists and holidaymakers.

Popularity helipad depends not only on historical events, but also from the fact that from this place offers just a memorable view of the river and the surrounding landscape. Directions to the helipad at all is simple, in order not to be lost, you need a map of the city, where it is very clearly stated that the way to the helipad.


Not long ago, became aware of another interesting story, which is associated with 40-mi years of the last century. At that time, quite a successful designer, N.D. Kuznetsov actively worked on the creation of engines for missiles, which were needed for the lunar program. Namely, the engines of the NK-33 class, which were planned to be installed on the H-1 class rocket. But because of the restructuring, this program was not finished, and the developed engines decided to cut into metal. But Nikolai Kuznetsov regretted his creation and hid 37 engines in a helicopter glade in Samara. They were here for a very long time, and most importantly, it was that they were really of high quality so that in 2009 it was decided to set up the production of these systems.

At this time, the helipad is a cult place for recreation of residents and guests of the village Administrative. At the beginning of 2000's, this place was cleared and repaired at the expense of the local budget and the efforts of the citizens of the city. All this led to the fact that the helipad in Samara is very popular, and many people come to it.