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Helicopters Ukraine

Helicopters Ukraine 


The only company, which in Soviet times was engaged in manufacturing of helicopters in Ukraine, was a factory, located in Oaks Transcarpathian region. It is this plant was chosen for the serial production of advanced Mi-34, and not the enterprise of the Far East. However, this project was not implemented.




In 1990, due to the difficult economic situation, many qualified aviation engineers left state enterprises and changed their line of business. However, some designers remained true to their profession and continued to work developing aircraft. Surprisingly, it is a fact: recently in the open spaces of Ukraine new KBs have been created that are engaged in the development of helicopters. In times of independence, the staff of the Design Bureau in the field of helicopter construction is not only from local qualified personnel, but also from specialists from neighboring Russia.

CT-112 «Cadets." A photo. Characteristics.


Notable success has been achieved only two production companies:

  1. Kyiv Design Bureau "Vertical" - the development of a light helicopter CT-112.
  2. Poltava company "Aerocopter" - the creation of a double AK1-3.

The base of the design bureau "Vertical" held in 1999 year. In 2003 year made the first flight of the prototype helicopter "Angel", developed by the office. On completion of the project took five years, and a series of car has got a new name - CT-112 «Cadet".


Helicopter CT-112 has riveted metal structure. It is designed for single-rotor scheme with suspension and steering three-blade propeller two-bladed. Helicopters, the manufacturer has a version of its implementation:

  • Passenger - for transportation 3-x passengers and baggage.
  • Sanitary - to carry one patient with a paramedic on board.
  • Training - to train pilots pilot technique.
  • Agriculture.
  • Patrol.


At the present time, the helicopter is at the stage of factory testing, where it is preparing for certification. In the city of Borodyanka, three experimental cars were manufactured. The beginning of the tests is July this year. By the end of the year the manufacturer plans to receive a certificate for production start-up. Production facilities of the company allow to annually produce up to 300 helicopters. The plant is entrusted only with assembly, the manufacture of parts and assemblies - the work of related enterprises. Although serial production has not yet begun, applications from potential buyers are already being received. They are state structures, private companies and individuals.


Besides CT-112 in the design office "Vertical" busy designing a five-seater helicopter "Skif". Development is at the stage of preliminary design, the engines are tested. "Skif" plans to equip two piston engines, fuel consumed in common gasoline A-95.


CT-112 «Cadet" equipped with engines Rotax-912, but in the near future of Ukrainian layout engines. According to the certification document, the two helicopters belong to the category "A", it means the possibility of take-off after failure of one engine. They can also be operated without restriction over populated areas.


Development of the "Cadet" is conducted under the patronage of the state. Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the company will receive financial support for testing and launch of the helicopter. Also, the state is obliged to purchase CT-112 in various ministries and departments.


The second creation of Ukrainian helicopter - AK1-3 from the manufacturer "Aerocopter." The device is made of a single-rotor scheme. The design of tubular folded form. In her cabin installed, made of composites, powerplant, braced tail boom with feathers and rotor gearbox. Using the navigation equipment allows flights only in normal weather conditions of daylight.


Fastening three-bladed main rotor blades - elastic. The blades are made of composite materials with non-linear twist along the radius and varying the relative thickness of the profile. Two-bladed tail rotor is equipped with a horizontal hinge. Its blades are made of composite materials. The structure of the power plant includes a piston engine EJ-25 Subaru with a liquid cooling system that runs on gasoline A-95.


Raising the first prototype AK1-3 took place in 2001 year. It was used for the passage of the main stages of factory ground and flight tests. Certification of this device was completed only in July 2006 year. However, two years after receiving the permissive documentation, the certificate was withdrawn to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. The reason for this decision were three flight accidents, which occurred on these helicopters in 2007-2008 years. Representatives of the State Aviation Administration say that the request to return the certificate to the manufacturer AK1-3 is now being considered and can be satisfied.


In total, Aerocopter has launched 28 helicopters of this model, another 10 are at various stages of production. 


In service of the Air Force of Ukraine is only a certain amount of multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8 and some qty Mi-24.

Mi-8 Ukraine



The helicopter fleet in Ukraine


According to data released by helicopter club "autopilot", private Ukrainian helicopters are about 60-five. Among them - RotorWay EXEC-162f; SCHWEIZER 300C4 Robinson R-22-44; Alouette-3; Aerospatiale SA-341; Eurocopter EC-120 Colibri, AS-350, -355 Ecureuil; Bell-206, -407, -430; Agusta-109, Ukrainian AK1-3 and Soviet / Russian Mi, Ka.


From the above models of the certification procedure in Ukraine successfully passed the Agusta-109, SCHWEIZER 300C, Bell-407, -430, Mi, Ka. It is worth noting that the private operation of helicopters on the territory of Ukraine is permitted even without a certificate. Formation of the private park of small aircraft in the vast state inhibits the weak development of the necessary infrastructure (small number of helipads and heliports, hangars for helicopters, lack of conditions for maintenance). Nevertheless, steps towards the development of this sector are being made, and it is only a matter of time.

R-44 Ukraine


Regarding the use of helicopters, state institutions of Ukraine the situation is worse. Only three organizations have at their disposal a helicopter Mi-2: Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Simferopol flying club. In total, they exploit 20 machines of this type. The problem is that the life of the Mi-2 expired, and replace them with nothing.


The bulk of the fighting and civilian helicopters Ukrainian Ministry of Defence operates. In total, the location of the Ministry are about 60-minute Mi-8, but only one third of them is in flying condition. Soon, all the models have to be written off, because this model is designed to 26 years of service and the latest Mi-8, an employee in the Ministry of Defense, released back in 1989 city


Of course, there are programs extension of flight hours of helicopters Mi-8, but their implementation will require major investments. Although the Ministry and can afford to hold a series of activities to return to operation by helicopter gunships, anything like this is not.

E-8 Ukraine


In 2003 year a tender was held for the rental of helicopters supported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which requires a major overhaul and is not used army. The tender was awarded Ukrainian airline "Ukrainian helicopters". According to the agreement, the company received a 16-8 Mi in a state unfit for flying. At their own expense, the company "Ukrainian helicopters" repaired 12 machines 4 still are in the process of repair and modernization.


The lease contract contains the following aspects:

  • The helicopters returned to the Ukrainian army in a suitable condition for flight.
  • Flight resource refurbished helicopters must be at least 300 flight hours after the repair.

Cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine airline "Ukrainian helicopters" would help extend the life of the Mi-8 26 up to 32 years. However, this did not happen. Contract terminated repeatedly, signed again as soon as a change of leadership of the Ministry of Defence.


At the moment, the air carrier "Ukrainian helicopters" - the largest helicopter operator in the country; Air fleet of the company consists of the Mi-16 8 MVT1. This is the only Ukrainian carrier of international organizations accredited by the United Nations and the Red Cross.

E-24 Ukraine


Repair and modernization of helicopters engaged in "Sevastopol aircraft repair enterprise" - the Ministry of Defense state structure. But all the costs borne by the airline.


In addition to civilian helicopters, about 80 units of helicopter equipment, registered with the Ministry of Defense of the country, are combat helicopters, mainly Ka-27, Ka-29 and Mi-24. The air fleet of military equipment is decreasing every year. The reason is the same - the development of the flying resource. For the Ukrainian army, little is known about the prospects for the development of active use of helicopters. Only one institution in Ukraine produces professional military helicopter specialists - the Ivan Kozhedub Air Force University in Kharkov. In connection with the lack of finance at the end of the 90-ies, the Air Force of Ukraine was replenished by pilots who did not even fly on helicopters. There was no necessary equipment and fuel for training.


In 2003, the joint forces of the Air Force and the DOSAAF aero club in Kharkiv began to carry out flight instruction in helicopters Mi-2. For the year here to let 15-minute fliers with the common touch 15 hours. During this time it is impossible to thoroughly examine all the nuances of piloting the helicopter, but it is enough for independent flight. Currently Kharkov flying club operates Mi 6-2: three helicopters used for training cadets, three more - for hozrabot.

E-2 Ukraine


On updating the fleet of training helicopters, while silent. Theoretically, the current cars are still able to serve for five years, and then they will be looking for a replacement. High hopes for the order of a training helicopter are laid by Russian aircraft manufacturers. Given the high likelihood of accidents Ukrainian AK1-3, this machine seems very "raw" for piloting her inexperienced guys. 

Very weak analysis of the state of helicopter technology, as the author is not an expert.


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