Helicopter Aero HC-3. Specifications. A photo.
Helicopter Aero HC-3. Specifications. A photo.

Helicopter Aero HC-3. Specifications. A photo.


Aero HC-3 - Czechoslovak multipurpose helicopter developed in 1960, the aircraft manufacturing company «Aero Vodochody».


Aero HC-3 a photo


The design of the Aero HC-3 multipurpose aircraft was started by Czechoslovak engineers in the second half of the 50-ies of the last century. The main reason for the commencement of work on the design of the aircraft was the need for aircraft of this type. Able to carry on board both people and small cargoes, however, the main advantage of the widely functional use of helicopters should have been preserved, which in fact would allow the model to be used both for patrol or observation flights, as a medical air etc.

Despite the fact that the design of the aircraft Aero HC-3 carried out by Czechoslovak designers from the very beginning, aircraft manufacturers have also been used and achievements realized in the previous models of the aircraft, in particular, refers to such helicopters as the Aero HC-2 Heli Baby and Aero Z -35 Heli Trener, were widely used in military aviation.


Photo Aero HC-3 


The first test, flight test helicopter Aero HC-3 1969 began in the middle of the year, and due to the fact that the aircraft has passed them successfully, the project was sent to the serial production. However, due to the virtual absence of demand in the Armed Forces of Czechoslovakia, the model was produced only rarely and for the entire period, the company «Aero Vodochody» was built only 4 aircraft of this model.

The main disadvantage of the helicopter Aero HC-3 is its low maneuverability, due primarily to a number of technical omissions committed during the design stage

The aircraft cabin can accommodate up to 6 people, in particular, we are talking about the two pilots and four passengers, with, in addition to the transport of persons, aircraft Aero HC-3 can also be used for transportation of small loads, the only condition which is to comply with the maximum load capacity index of the aircraft.


scheme Aero HC-3 


The Aero HC-3 helicopter is equipped with a power plant consisting of one Walter М 108DHK piston aircraft engine, which has its own thrust of 240 hp, which allows the aircraft to fly at a speed of 160 km / h. (maximum flight speed), covering distances at distances of 380 kilometers. Later, Walter M 360 aircraft engines, which have a higher lifting thrust, began to be used as a power plant, which accordingly increased the flight speed, but did not lead to the popularization of this aircraft.

As an independent combat unit helicopter Aero HC-3 not positioned.


Specifications Aero HC-3.


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Capacity: 4 person;
  • helicopter length: 9,94 m .;
  • The height of the helicopter: 3,24 m .;
  • The diameter of the rotor: 11,58 m .;
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 810 kg. (Depending on configuration);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 1425 kg. (Depending on configuration);
  • Cruising speed: 130 km \ h. (Depending on configuration);
  • Maximum flight speed: 160 km \ h. (Depending on configuration);
  • Maximum flight distance: 380 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 3050 m .;
  • Powerplant: Walter M 108DHK (depending on configuration);
  • Power: 240 hp (Depending on configuration).



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