Helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse. Specifications. A photo.
Helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse. Specifications. A photo.

Helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse. Specifications. A photo.


Hughes OH-6 Cayuse - American military multipurpose helicopter developed in 1963, the aircraft manufacturer «Hughes Helicopters».


Hughes OH-6 Cayuse photo


Design helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse been deployed by US aircraft manufacturers in 1960 year, at the same time the command of the US armed forces offered aircraft company engaged in creation of combat aircraft, the ability to apply both as an independent combat unit, and as a tool for special operations, including carriage on board of persons and goods, as a patrol agents, and as a means of fire support.

Draft helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse was created in record time, and in 1963 year, this model aircraft was able to make its first flight, which ended very successfully, however, the project is still required improvements, and only 1965 year, air Ships came into production, which continues to be to this day thanks to the demand among potential customers, which is primarily due to high flight-technical and operational characteristics of the helicopter.

Helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse was officially presented in 1966 year, and from that moment began to actively exploit the armed forces of the United States as a full-fledged combat unit. In addition to its multi-purpose helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse can also be used as an air impact tool, including to combat manpower of the enemy, armored vehicles, etc.


Photo Hughes OH-6 Cayuse


Depending on its modification and the actual destination, the helicopter can be equipped or not equipped with weapons. Standard armament helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse includes:

  • 2 7,62 mm caliber machine gun, targeting unarmored combat equipment and manpower of the enemy.;
  • 2 12,7 mm caliber machine gun, used to fight lightly armored vehicles.;
  • Set of 14 unguided missiles to combat armored vehicles, and large clusters of enemy forces;
  • Includes guided missiles to destroy ground targets.

Depending on the modification Hughes OH-6 Cayuse aircraft can accommodate up to 6 people on board, including two crew members and four soldiers. As a rule, for the transport of people on your board the helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse does not apply, however, when performing special missions and participation in special operations, the helicopter can carry out delivery and evacuation of small groups of people. In addition, the helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse is also able to transport on its board, and small cargoes, however, probably caused by not limiting weight of the loads, and their dimensions.

The power plant of the American military helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse consists of one Allison T63-A-5A gas turbine aircraft engine (depending on the modification and version of the aircraft), which, with a thrust of 317 hp, is capable of accelerating the aircraft to a speed of 280 kmph (maximum rate). The maximum distance that the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse helicopter can fly varies, depending on the version of the aircraft, from 350 to 480 kilometers, which is a very acceptable indicator.


Helicopter Hughes OH-6 Cayuse


Between 1965 2015 on year, the American aircraft manufacturers of the company «Hughes Heliucopters» were presented the following variations and modifications of aircraft of this model:

  • Hughes YOH-6A Cayuse - A prototype of a military helicopter;
  • Hughes OH-6A Cayuse - The basic production version of the aircraft;
  • Hughes OH-6A NOTAR - A pilot version of the helicopter;
  • Hughes OH-6B Cayuse - A modernized version of the helicopter, aircraft engine equipped with brand Allison T63-A-720 (420 hp);
  • Hughes OH-6C Cayuse - Draft version of the helicopter, equipped with a new screw;
  • Hughes OH-6J Cayuse - Modification of the military, developed by request of Japan;
  • Hughes OH-6D Cayuse - A modernized version, created on the basis of a model helicopter Hughes Model 500D;
  • Hughes OH-6DA Cayuse - Trainer version of the helicopter;
  • Hughes EH-6B Cayuse - Version for electronic warfare;
  • Hughes MH-6B Cayuse - Version for special operations;
  • Hughes TH-6B Cayuse - Special design developed for the US Navy;
  • Hughes AH-6C Cayuse - Modification to be used as a light attack helicopters;
  • Hughes MH-6C Cayuse - Version for use in special operations, as well as a means of fire support.


Specifications Hughes OH-6 Cayuse.


  • Crew: 2 person;
  • Capacity: 4 people (depending on version);
  • helicopter length: 9,4 m (depending on version).
  • The height of the helicopter: 2,6 m (depending on version).
  • The diameter of the rotor: 8,34 m .;
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 896 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 1610 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Cruising speed: 250 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight speed: 280 km \ h. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight distance: 430 km. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight height: 4875 m .;
  • Powerplant: Allison T63-A-5A (depending on version);
  • Power: 317 hp (Depending on version).



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