Helicopter Mosquito Swift. Specifications. A photo.
Helicopter Mosquito Swift. Specifications. A photo.

Helicopter Mosquito Swift. Specifications. A photo.


Mosquito Swift - Canadian Double ultra-light helicopter designed in 2016, the aircraft manufacturer «Mosquito Helicopter».


Mosquito Swift photo


Draft helicopter Mosquito Swift became established Canadian engineers and designers in the 2013 year, and, if the original experts intended to use as a base model helicopter Mosquito XE, then in the future, it was decided to abandon it and create a fundamentally new model of aircraft that is different from previous aircrafts manufactured by the company «Mosquito Helicopter».

Helicopter Mosquito Swift model has a modern design that is not only attractive, but also provides a good aircraft aerodynamics, which in turn reduces drag during flight, providing the minimum fuel consumption and a high travel speed. In addition, the helicopter Mosquito Swift also possesses excellent maneuverability, suggesting its use as a sports air tools.

His first flight of a helicopter Mosquito Swift has made in 2016 year, at the same time the test results were positive, which is why the process of preparation for mass production of these aircraft, which is expected to be able to surpass the popularity of models such as the Mosquito Air and Mosquito XE, the Moreover, in terms of its operational capabilities, the aircraft is more perfect.


Photo Mosquito Swift 


The cabin of the helicopter Mosquito Swift has small dimensions, however, unlike the rotorcraft manufactured by the company "Mosquito Helicopter" earlier, it allows to be placed on board two people, which provides the aircraft with great popularity and scope of applicability. Moreover, the Mosquito Swift aircraft is equipped with a dual control, which makes it possible to use it as a training tool for training future pilots. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the aircraft has a two-seater cabin, transportation of any goods on board is not possible due to the limited amount of free space.

The helicopter is equipped with a Mosquito Swift piston power plant consisting of a four-cylinder aircraft engine brand Lycoming IO-360, which has a towing capacity of 185 hp Maximum aircraft airspeed reaches 205 km \ h., While the maximum flight distance is limited distance in kilometers 565 that for ultra-light aircraft is quite acceptable.


Cabin Mosquito Swift 


Estimated date of start of production of the first aircrafts of this model is scheduled for mid-year 2016, in this case, the release of the aircraft will be carried out in an already completely assembled copies, and as self-assembly kits.


Specifications Mosquito Swift.


  • Crew: 1 people;
  • Capacity: 1 people;
  • helicopter length: 8,24 m .;
  • The height of the helicopter: 2,16 m .;
  • The diameter of the rotor: 7,82 m .;
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 270 kg .;
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 450 kg .;
  • Cruising speed: 180 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 205 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 565 km .;
  • Maximum flight height: 4260 m .;
  • Powerplant: Lycoming IO-360;
  • Power: 185 hp



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