Helicopter Sikorsky S-61R. Specifications. A photo.
Helicopter Sikorsky S-61R. Specifications. A photo.

Helicopter Sikorsky S-61R. Specifications. A photo.


Sikorsky S-61R - American multi-purpose transport helicopter, developed in 1959, the aircraft manufacturer «Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation».


Sikorsky S-61R photo


The helicopter model Sikorsky S-61R were developed by American aeronautical engineer in 1957 year, at the same time the design of the aircraft was carried out on the basis of the helicopter Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King, moreover, the development of two projects were carried out simultaneously, which is actually possible to create two full aircraft designed to be used for a variety of purposes.

The external similarity between the helicopters Sikorsky S-61R and Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King is clearly present, however, in terms of operational capabilities and flight performance, aircraft are radically different from each other. If the model Sikorsky SH-3 Sea king has been applied only in the military sphere, the helicopter Sikorsky S-61R was used in the military and in civilian areas that extend its functionality.

His first flight of the aircraft Sikorsky S-61R produced in 1959 year, however, aviarazrabotchikam took about a year to improve the structure of the aircraft, and about half a year to start the project into production, as a consequence, the official release of aircraft of this model began only 1961 year.


Photo Sikorsky S-61R


The main purpose of the helicopter model Sikorsky S-61R is transported on its board of various kinds of goods, and, in this regard, the helicopter found wide application in the armed forces of several countries, including the United States, and in the civil aviation sector. Among other things, the helicopter Sikorsky S-61R also used for search and rescue operations, which contributes to its high load capacity and long range flight.

Because of the relatively large size, the helicopter Sikorsky S-61R has low maneuverability, but despite this fact, can perform flights at very high speeds.

On board the helicopter model Sikorsky S-61R can accommodate up to 3950 kg of payload, however, the aircraft can also produce and transport people - on board can accommodate 31 people, including three crew members and 28 passengers (military or auxiliary members of the crew). In the military sphere of its operation, the helicopter Sikorsky S-61R also apply for the carriage on its board a large number of armed soldiers or ammunition.

The power plant of the Sikorsky S-61R helicopter consists of two General Electric T58-10 gas turbine aircraft engines, each of which has a thrust of 1500 hp, which in turn gives the aircraft a high payload and provides it with a high flight speed of up to 265 kmph. The maximum flight range of this aircraft is 1250 kilometers, which is quite a satisfactory indicator.


Helicopter Sikorsky S-61R


The production of helicopters of the Sikorsky S-61R model was carried out by American aircraft manufacturers in the following versions:

  • Sikorsky S-61R - The basic production version of the American transport helicopter;
  • Sikorsky HR3 S-1 - A draft version for US Marine Corps;
  • Sikorsky S-61R-10 - A pilot version of the helicopter;
  • Sikorsky S-61R -12 - Modification designed for the needs of the Air Force of Argentina;
  • Sikorsky CH-3C - Modification with increased flight range;
  • Sikorsky CH-3E - An improved version of the helicopter version of the Sikorsky CH-3E;
  • Sikorsky HH-3E Jolly Green Giant - An upgraded version used by the US Air Force to carry out search and rescue operations;
  • Sikorsky MH-3E - Modification for special operations related to the landing troops;
  • Sikorsky VH-3E - VIP-version aircraft;
  • Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican - Version of the search and rescue helicopter, used the US Coast Guard;
  • Sikorsky AS-61R - An analog version of the helicopter Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican.


Production of helicopters Sikorsky S-61R was officially discontinued in 70-ies of the last century, however, these aircraft continue to operate in the present time.


Specifications Sikorsky S-61R.


  • Crew: 3 person;
  • Capacity: 28 people (depending on version);
  • helicopter length: 22,3 m (depending on version).
  • The height of the helicopter: 5,51 m (depending on version).
  • The diameter of the rotor: 18,9 m (depending on version).
  • Weight of empty helicopter: 6050 kg. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 10000 kg .;
  • Cruising speed: 240 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight speed: 265 km \ h .;
  • Maximum flight distance: 1250 km. (Depending on version);
  • Maximum flight height: 6400 m (depending on version).
  • Powerplant: 2 × General Electric T58-10 (depending on version);
  • Power: 2 × 1500 hp (Depending on modification).



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